Jane Crocker is very dangerous!

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A friend pointed something out to me just now:

  • all the symbolism with horuss and rufioh and dirk and jake, right
  • like all the stuff that is the same
  • and then
  • rufioh wants to break up with horuss
  • this is incredibly clear foreshadowing to dirkjake not being endgame
  • blastyoboots: yeah i gue-
  • blastyoboots: …..
  • blastyoboots: oh shit

You can probably connect the dots from there.  Not regarding Dirk and Jake, whose relationship was doomed due to a wholly different relationship’s inevitability, but more importantly regarding the girl in the equation.

Of course, for those not following, let’s have a little recap?

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Tiara!  Subtle.

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Meek as can be, Damara Jane shared romantic leanings with Rufioh Jake.  However…

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Rufioh Jake ran off with Horuss Dirk.  A relationship where Rufioh Jake was taught to fight, taught to fly, to enjoy a measure of confidence in himself… but one that wasn’t a perfect match, which Rufioh Jake (may or may not have) wanted to end at some point, but would find himself without the courage to do so, as it was difficult to stand against the imperturbable Horuss Dirk.

GT: Well im more than a little sure he likes me in that way if you catch my drift. 
GT: And what with how he is… 
GT: Just so relentless and aggressive about everything you know? 
GG: Yeaaah. 
GT: So i just start to wonder deep down if maybe its inevitable. 
GG: What’s inevitable? 
GT: Him and me. As more than just best buddies. 
GG: Uhhhhh… 
GT: I know if he has his heart set on something he will never let up. 
GT: So maybe its just going to happen and things will be easier that way and i should just try to come to terms with it? 

Damara Jane was obviously distraught about losing her one true love to another, but that alone wasn’t enough to transform her personality.  What pushed her off of a cliff…

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Was Meenah’s intervention and antagonization!  (In Jane’s case, this would likely apply to the Condesce, or possibly also to the Auto Responder.)

I always wondered why Andrew made the particular romantic subplot between those pre-Scratch trolls so unnecessarily complicated.  Why was so much detail warranted, I wondered?  Now we know: He was carefully phrasing their situation to mirror how Jane’s will unfold!

So, just how disastrous was Damara’s turn?  It shouldn’t be understated:

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For multiple separate ghosts of an individual to show up in the afterlife, they must be killed within doomed timelines.  And in the ministrife, as well as from Damara’s word, we can see that there are thousands of duplicates… so much so, because Damara kept killing her friends and dooming the timeline whenever they got closer to success!

In the link at the top, I showed you how dangerous an inverted Jane Crocker could be; now, you have another enormous canon hint to how dangerous she will be.

And just one more closing note:

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EDIT:  Reblogged with a shocking additional development!!!


So in the new update, Caliborn goes on about how Dirk banished his soul into Lil Cal, and how ARquiusprite showed up out of nowhere and ended up getting pulled along for the ride.  And if you notice, HALF OF GAMZEE TOO.

This explains so much.

Why the game read Scratch’s sudden death as an opportunity to revive him into Lord English. (Caliborn)
Why Lord English is so muscular. (Equius)
Why Doc Scratch is so shrouded in mystery. (Equius)
Why Doc Scratch and Lord English are so vastly intelligent, unlike Caliborn. (AR, a splinter of Dirk’s soul)
Why Lord English is so mirthful and angry. (Gamzee)
Why Lord English can destroy souls. (AR, a splinter of Dirk’s soul)

Lord English even stole his name from Jake English, who in turn got his name from his Grandma Jade English, who in turn stole it from Lord English.  Paradox.

It all makes sense now.