IV. The Emperor (Artist: Aryll)

  • ▲ Authority, leadership, plotting and planning, assuming responsibility and protection over others
  • ▼ Obsession with maintaining control, manipulation of others, cold detachment, heartlessness

    V. The Hierophant (Artist: Arosoup)

    • ▲ Keeping with tradition and status quo, conformity, order and balance
    • ▼ Faulty and distorted values, corruption, an upset of balance between the conscious and subconscious mind

      VI. The Lovers (Artist: City)

      • ▲ Newfound love, bonding and companionship, fervent passion, idealization, unity
      • ▼ A toxic relationship, fragility, obsession, a lack of regard for boundaries or feelings, an inability to communicate with one another

        VII. The Chariot (Artist: Gelasticat)

        • ▲ Advancement and victory, confidence, determination, a sense of direction or a goal in mind
        • ▼ Arrogance, aggression, halted progress as a result of major obstacles, a battle against increasing odds

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          I’ve been reading M.C. Escher that’s my favorite MC lately, which is a really great fanfic by @undanewneon​ !  If you like soulmate AUs, DaveKat, and the StriLonde kids looking out for each other and having each others’ backs, I highly recommend it!


          i dont always drop everything else i should be working on and draw a complicated fucking background but when i do it’s @curlicuecal‘s fault

          this scene stabbed me in the heart and then stomped all over my body so

          in related news, i’m totally dying to see how group dynamics shift now that A team and B team have collided.  aksdjflaskdjf the dynamic between ar and kankri is so great, with them both sort of antagonistic but taking each other seriously in a way they aren’t used to other people doing, and calling each other out on their bullshit.  given the horrifyingly awkward canon interaction between latula, kankri and mituna,,,,, like i can’t begin to speculate on what ar and mituna will get on like, but i’m p sure ar *observing* the dynamic between kankri and mituna is going to be amazing and hellish.

          AR/Lil Hal and Kankri in cal’s fic Let’s be Outcasts