THIS DREAM I HAD THOUGH. It was an AU where all the kids were the same and and Sburb never happened, and Davesprite and Lil Hal are these genetically mutated Strider twins that exist for some reason

Lil Hal is albino so he spent most of his time indoors and contacted Dirk and the other alphas only through text. At some point, he started feeling left out, or craving attention or something, and he started impersonating Dirk when talking to his friends. This obviously pissed Dirk off and eventually they just broke off contact with Hal

Then he was sort of found by Davesprite, who took him in as a roommate. And it was interesting because usually Dirk would be seen as the protective older brother, but in this case Davesprite was definitely protective of Lil Hal, which is understandable given the kid’s myriad of personal issues. And Rose was the only one of the “real kids” they really kept contact with. She’d drop in and hang out occasionally and AUGH FAMILY FEELINGS

(EDIT: I was going through some old files and realized I’d apparently left out a panel so I dug this thing up and stuck it in.)

Jane Crocker is very dangerous!

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A friend pointed something out to me just now:

  • all the symbolism with horuss and rufioh and dirk and jake, right
  • like all the stuff that is the same
  • and then
  • rufioh wants to break up with horuss
  • this is incredibly clear foreshadowing to dirkjake not being endgame
  • blastyoboots: yeah i gue-
  • blastyoboots: …..
  • blastyoboots: oh shit

You can probably connect the dots from there.  Not regarding Dirk and Jake, whose relationship was doomed due to a wholly different relationship’s inevitability, but more importantly regarding the girl in the equation.

Of course, for those not following, let’s have a little recap?

Tiara!  Subtle.

Meek as can be, Damara Jane shared romantic leanings with Rufioh Jake.  However…

Rufioh Jake ran off with Horuss Dirk.  A relationship where Rufioh Jake was taught to fight, taught to fly, to enjoy a measure of confidence in himself… but one that wasn’t a perfect match, which Rufioh Jake (may or may not have) wanted to end at some point, but would find himself without the courage to do so, as it was difficult to stand against the imperturbable Horuss Dirk.

GT: Well im more than a little sure he likes me in that way if you catch my drift. 
GT: And what with how he is… 
GT: Just so relentless and aggressive about everything you know? 
GG: Yeaaah. 
GT: So i just start to wonder deep down if maybe its inevitable. 
GG: What’s inevitable? 
GT: Him and me. As more than just best buddies. 
GG: Uhhhhh… 
GT: I know if he has his heart set on something he will never let up. 
GT: So maybe its just going to happen and things will be easier that way and i should just try to come to terms with it? 

Damara Jane was obviously distraught about losing her one true love to another, but that alone wasn’t enough to transform her personality.  What pushed her off of a cliff…

Was Meenah’s intervention and antagonization!  (In Jane’s case, this would likely apply to the Condesce, or possibly also to the Auto Responder.)

I always wondered why Andrew made the particular romantic subplot between those pre-Scratch trolls so unnecessarily complicated.  Why was so much detail warranted, I wondered?  Now we know: He was carefully phrasing their situation to mirror how Jane’s will unfold!

So, just how disastrous was Damara’s turn?  It shouldn’t be understated:

For multiple separate ghosts of an individual to show up in the afterlife, they must be killed within doomed timelines.  And in the ministrife, as well as from Damara’s word, we can see that there are thousands of duplicates… so much so, because Damara kept killing her friends and dooming the timeline whenever they got closer to success!

In the link at the top, I showed you how dangerous an inverted Jane Crocker could be; now, you have another enormous canon hint to how dangerous she will be.

And just one more closing note:

EDIT:  Reblogged with a shocking additional development!!!

Anonymous asked:

*sobs* Nooo, why Dirk why, sacrificing your own sense of self just for ‘happiness’ is never worth it :C This is the wrong kind of ‘destroyer of heart’! (plus this is going to wreck non-Trickster Roxy<>Dirk, thank you so much peer pressure and half-hearted surrender to romance, but that’s almost irrelevant at this point) Oh Dirk, I’d rather they’d hit you with a large blunt object than you giving up like this D:

The reason Dirk did this was very telling, and you might have been able to understand in retrospect. He isn’t just leaping recklessly into an “ooh, let’s just be deliriously happy idiots” line of thought lightly. Hell, Dirk is even perfectly aware that everyone’s drinking and insane, and in serious danger of “giving up” in this session once and for all, in the state they’re in. He knows that giving in might get everyone killed.

What you need to understand is this:

Dirk Strider is fucking miserable.

His relationships were falling apart. He’s been trapped in a session doing nothing but embarrassing himself in front of Jake, reining in his Auto Responder (doing a shit job of it at that), and generally becoming more and more irritated with who he is - as a Prince of Heart might suffer, becoming disillusioned with his individual uniqueness - to the extent that he hates himself enough to nearly commit suicide.

He almost murdered his Auto Responder for being a copy of himself, just earlier! That’s how miserable he is! He literally feels he has to be “too fucking cool” to be happy, and it’s killing him.

So, when the choice was between actively attempting to beat the crazy out of his friends - when not only can he not explain the crazy, but he thinks more highly of all the friends he’d be hurting than he does himself, and doesn’t see sparing himself as worth their pain - and accepting an invitation to be inexplicably and deliriously happy for once in his life, he unfortunately chose the latter.

It helped that Arquiusprite persuaded him into it. Not only are both of them part Destroyer of Heart, willing to erode the effect of individual inclination and uniqueness over reality, as you mention… but Equius is an Heir of Void, one who invites change in Void particularly in the sense of ‘submission’. He invited Dirk to submit to the others!