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So I just posted a list of popular Dramione authors and their most popular fics for a new ship member, and mentioned that I would make a separate post for few popular fics with authors who are not as popular. The problem with recommending fics that are popular is that when DramioneAsks recommends any fic, people go read it, and like it, and favorite/follow/review it, and then it only increases the fic’s popularity, causing us to recommend the same “Most Popular” fics over-and-over again.

So here I am adding a list of authors who may not be current in the fandom anymore, but who wrote some popular fics (that are at least 5 years old) that we love to read and share. I encourage you to check out the other fics of these authors. 

Also, make sure to check out new fics regularly (we post them from our queue daily), and remember to favorite, follow and review fics as your read them, so that you can help your favorite new authors join the “popular club.” You can also help by submitting recommendations of newer fanfiction for us to share with others.


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Author of Fight Club (Chuck Palahniuk) first came up with the idea for the novel after being beaten up on a camping trip when he complained to some nearby campers about the noise of their radio. When he returned to work, he was fascinated to find that nobody would mention or acknowledge his injuries, instead saying such commonplace things as “How was your weekend?” Palahniuk concluded that the reason people reacted this way was because if they asked him what had happened, a degree of personal interaction would be necessary, and his workmates simply didn’t care enough to connect with him on a personal level. It was his fascination with this societal ‘blocking’ which became the foundation for the novel.

Pre-Fight Club Author’s Note/Rant

Once again we have an episode that doesn’t fit, timewise, within the confines of the season. Mulder has his jaw wired shut at the end. Y’all, I have broken my jaw. It was wired shut for six freaking weeks. There is just no way this episode happens mid-May of 2000 if Requiem is set at the end of May or early June. (Doggett actually says “Agent Mulder disappeared last May” in The Gift but that’s a whole other can of worms.) Never mind how effed up both their faces were. Those injuries would have taken a good long while to heal. So yeah, this one’s going to have to be another “in-episode context only” scene-in-between. Because Chris Carter is the worst. (And of course this was one of the episodes he wrote himself. Because of course it was.)

Actually, though, I just had a thought. What if the episodes that are the most egregious timeline-continuity offenders (I’m looking at you, Firewalker, The Rain King, Brand X, and possibly Rush) exist in some sort of parallel universe? Or multiple parallel universes? Maybe in this one, because Mulder and Scully are still rehabilitating, they don’t end up going to Oregon, and Mulder doesn’t get abducted, and Scully doesn’t have to go through the majority of her pregnancy alone. Maybe Mulder doesn’t even have a Stupid Brain Disease™ in this universe!

(Crap, did I just trick myself into finding a reason to have even the slightest bit of positive emotion regarding Fight Club? That’s… unexpected.)

Anyway, yeah. At the very least, this sucker’s getting the Rain King/Brand X treatment, but if you want to go ahead and pretend it’s not an in-universe ep at all, you should feel free to do that. ;)

Gencio Day 1

First Meeting/Date (I went with meeting)

The first time Genji sees Lùcio, he’s at one of the raves in the Rio underground scene, right after he had been cleared by Angela and Zenyatta to go back into the normal populace. The people around him- a mix of omnics and humans and the occasional cybernetic being- didn’t care for his robotic body or his looks, and instead welcomed him with smiles and a few flirtatious glances, even with his mask gone.

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yihagathe  asked:

Hello Amber! I just wanted to drop by to say i finally started listening to the podcast you made with your two fellow webcomic friends about making webcomics, and frankly, this is a great podcast to listen to. Useful tips, entertaining commentaries, very fun, and you're all adorable. Now i have even more things to watch / read, but thanks for the inspiration. I hope to join the webcomic author club pretty soon, and you guys are probably helping me out at the moment! Many thanks!

AH HEY thank you so much for listening! :D I’m glad you’re enjoying it, haha, we’re having a lot of fun making it and just, being super goofy and talking about webcomics. Hopefully it’s been somewhat informative???? Webcomics are hard and we want to be kinda Honest about what goes into them as an endeavor for people wanting to also get into Webcomics. (Nobody tells you what’ll happen when you make webcomics!!! There isn’t a book about it anywhere!!!!)

Strip Club

Originally posted by our-maybe-someday

Authors Note: brace yourselves for some bucky smuuuut. This is my first time ever writing smut so feedback would be gladly appreciated!!!

“Come on, Buck. Just this once, come with me to the strip club.” Steve told his best friend.

“I said, no.” Bucky gave Steve a straight face as he crossed his arms across his chest. Steve groaned knowing it was going to take a lot to get Bucky to go to the strip club with him.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: AU/canon-compliant ‘verse where Bokuto and Kuroo join a Jane Austen + other women authors’ book club. Them attending meetings in sports gear and discussing avidly the books they’re reading, and their favorite and least favorite characters, the latest plot developments, etc. Bokuto and Kuroo shocked at how much they enjoy these stories. The women in the group being nonplussed that these two sporty doods, a bro and a provocateur, are so genuinely into this stuff, but accepting of them anyway. Bokuto and Kuroo becoming friends with the other members of the book group and hanging out with some of them outside group times.

Bokuto and Kuroo trying to drag their friends to club meetings, and succeeding in initiating Konoha and Komi after much effort. Komi coming to the meetings not expecting much but open-minded, Konoho reluctantly and very grumpily. Konoha discovering, to his horror, that he actually enjoys the stories as much as Bokuto and Kuroo do, and can’t put them down. (Konoha eventually starts trying to write his own stories, and becomes an author several years down the line, maybe?)

i really like the number of people on that fight club post asking if op knows that the author is fight club is gay it’s very well-meaning i think. i do know because i’m a weirdo who’s hyperfixated on a book from the 90s

Strange Love

Prompt #1: “Why are we at a strip club?”

Author: Caitsy

Warnings: strip club, fluff, and knives.

Disclaimer: I do not own marvel or characters. I also do not own any gifs, images or songs.

Summary: It’s Bucky’s birthday and while you are dating you want to surprise him and Steve. You decided to officially welcome them to the twenty-first century with a nice trip to a strip club where your friend is a well known exotic dancer. How flustered with the 40s men be at this place?

Requested: Yes. Anonymous

A/N: I was waiting for someone to request this haha!

Originally posted by stansons

It was Bucky’s birthday where Tony wanted to throw themed party with a large ice sculpture resembling Bucky. You had put your foot down on that because it was an asshole move. Instead you had a plan to take both Steve and Bucky out. It was something you were excited for because you had a camera to capture their faces when you out to the place. You should be jealous since Bucky was your boyfriend but you wanted to do this and see his reaction and you have a strange love.

“Tony! We are not doing that!”

“What? I thought he would like a twin!” Tony smirked, “I still think it would be good!”

“No.” You glared. He groaned annoyed at you.

Tony didn’t think it mattered to celebrate a birthday for a guy that should be dead by now…well for a normal person. Besides Tony wasn’t fond of the super soldier as much as everyone else was. Hell even Sam had become good friends with the winter soldier.


“You just want to have a party to get drunk at without being called an alcoholic.”


You rolled your eyes as you walked off to find Nat and Wanda to talk about your plan. You were the only one that knew where you were talking the boys and you thought they would get a kick out of it. They were each in the sparring room with Wanda practicing her powers while Nat was sharpening a few of her knives.

The ones you got her for her birthday that was an intricate design that she had fallen in love with. She would deny that as much she could but her old knives had been unused since she got the new ones. Nat didn’t like flowers but if you got a bouquet knives she would be very happy.

“Nat and Wanda I have a plan.” You said, “It’s Bucky’s birthday and I’m surprising them by taking them to a strip club.”

The girls stopped what they were doing as the words were processed in their minds. They went wide eyes looking at you before they began to laugh.
“Are you sure that’s what you should do?” Nat snorted.

“Yeah.” You smirked, “A flustered pair of manly super soldiers? Hell yeah.”

“I want to watch that.” Nat chuckled shaking her head, “Please get a picture of them. Wanda and I have a mission in a could hours to go on.”

“That’s why I’m having my phone at the most charged amount.” You laughed before you all sobered up when Steve came into the room, “Hey Cap.”

“Ladies.” Steve nodded as he came closer up to you guys, “Y/N what are we going for Bucky’s birthday?”

“It’s a surprise for Bucky and you.” You winked. Steve sighed not comfortable with not knowing what you were dragging Bucky to.

The poor man was still getting used to a new arm and life without being tied to HYDRA now. Steve was almost like a father to Bucky with how protective he was and you could tell it was now getting annoying to everyone. Bucky had appreciated it at first but not it was getting out of hand but he didn’t want you to bring it up with Steve. Bucky wanted to stop being babied.

“Can you tell me please?” Steve asked crossing his arms, “I want to know so I can be prepared for anything that could happen.”

“No.” You coldly said, “You do not need to know every detail of the mans life. You better go check if took a shit at the time you like.”

“Excuse me?” Steve tensed up. He was agitated with how you talking to him. He would appreciate having respect from everyone on the team.

“You heard me.” You glared, “I will come get you and Bucky when it’s time to go but until then drop it.”

Without another word you stormed out of the sparring room to the elevator, the doors closed just as Steve was storming over to it. You knew that he would have words with you but you were going to avoid it. Slamming your bedroom door you ordered FRIDAY to lock the door and not let anyone into the room.

“Y/N open the door!” Steve exclaimed slamming his hand on your door.

You plugged earphones in and leaned back yawning as you decided to take a much needed nap. Your eyes fluttered a few hours later when your stomach let out a growl so you dressed up in better clothing and walking to the kitchen. Nat and Wanda were putting food on the table while everyone was lounging around the common room.

“Smells good.” You sighed walking over to the girls.

“It’s ready!” Nat exclaimed sitting at the table waiting for everyone to show up, “Happy birthday Bucky.”

With some small toasts you dug into the food extremely hungry from sleeping through lunch. Glares from Steve ended when Bucky had some sharps words with his best friend.


Steve and Bucky were following you as you walked down the street where it was getting more and more seedy. The building had a raunchy name that confused the boys but you smirked. You had respect for this place because of your friends worked here.

“What is this place?” Steve frowned confused.

“You’ll see.”

You all walked up to the door where a bouncer was there standing stoic with large muscles that almost were bigger than the super soldiers. He was beside the door that had a line waiting to get in.

“Y/N! It’s been a while.” The man smiled at you.

“Hey Tommy.” You grinned, “I have some visitors here that have never been in this place before. How much to get in quick?”

“For you?” Tommy chuckled, “A hug should be sufficient.”

You chuckled pulling the burly man into a hug before he opened the door for you guys. The strobe lights weren’t obscene but the girls on the stage were. They were stripping to a good song while you smiled looking around, your friend was main stage putting on a really good show.

“Is this a strip club?!” Bucky exclaimed flustered.

Your friend was walking off stage when you shoved Bucky and Steve into separate booths on the sides of the room. Your friend, Ruby, was the most sought out girl for a lap dance. She had jokingly given you once and you had been turned on to be honest.

“Y/N!” She grinned hugging you without getting the oil transferred to you, “Which one is the birthday boy?”

“Him.” You answered pointing a finger to a flustered Bucky Barnes. Steve was chocking not knowing what to do with his hands. You had known both of them had never been in a place like this, despite being a ladies man in the 40s, Bucky had never been in a club.

Ruby got to work and you could see how the boys were turned on majorly so you grinned at them both.

“Welcome to the twenty-first century officially boys.” You grinned as you looked at the picture of Bucky and Steve’s faces when you walked in, “So framing this.”

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Michael Bloomberg to world leaders: ignore Trump on climate change
The former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has urged world leaders not to follow Donald Trump’s lead on climate change, and declared his own intention to stave off the “tragedy” that would be the collapse of the Paris climate deal.

The billionaire said in an interview there was no political motive tied to the release of his new book, Climate of Hope: How Cities, Businesses, and Citizens Can Save the Planet, which is co-authored with the Sierra Club executive director, Carl Pope.

“I’m not running for office,” the 75-year-old said, who considered a 2016 presidential bid after serving three terms as mayor of New York.

His new book, he said, offers a specific policy objective: to help save the Paris climate agreement, which was signed a year ago.

Under the deal, the US pledged that by 2025 it would reduce its annual greenhouse gas emissions by 26% to 28% below 2005 levels, which would be a reduction of about 1.6bn tons.

The Trump White House is debating whether to abandon the pact, as the president promised during his campaign. This week, days before thousands of protesters around the US marched in support of scientific research, a meeting on the issue was abruptly cancelled.

On Sunday, a White House official told Reuters Trump would sign several executive orders on energy this week. In March, Trump signed an executive order to roll back Obama-era climate change regulations such as the clean power plan.

“This builds on previous executive actions that have cleared the way for job-creating pipelines, innovations in energy production and reduced unnecessary burden on energy producers,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Bloomberg said he believed the US would hit its Paris goals regardless of what Trump chooses to do, because of leadership at the state level and market forces at play in the private sector.

“Washington won’t determine the fate of our ability to meet our Paris commitment,” he said. “And what a tragedy it would be if the failure to understand that led to an unraveling of the agreement. We hope this book will help to correct that wrong impression – and help save the Paris deal.”

Bloomberg has played a prominent role in some of the fiercest US policy debates, having invested millions in an advocacy group that pushes for stronger gun control and another that promotes liberal immigration policies. In his new book, which follows what a spokeswoman described as $80m in donations to the Sierra Club, he solidifies his status as a prominent advocate of action to combat climate change.

His policy repertoire aligns him with core values of the Democratic party, although he has no formal political affiliation.

In the interview, Bloomberg shrugged off conservatives who condemn him as an east coast elitist. He noted that policies he helped initiate in New York City – including a smoking ban and high taxes on sugary drinks – have caught on elsewhere.

“My goal has been to save and improve lives,” he said. “Some ways of doing that can be controversial at first, but end up being highly popular and successful.”

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anonymous asked:

Thank you for defending Tuchel. I think he is one of the best coaches worldwide. The squad works extremely well with hin. And we should not forget: he sat in that bus and politicians and Watzke and Rauball said that it would be important to play regardless of what happened. Who would have dared to talk against this before the match. Besides, Tuchel never really critizised club authorities but the uefa.

cont. I think no matter what your opinion is, if you’re glad it seems as though every media outlet is now relaying what you’ve believed for years, people need to recognise that it’s not great timing, and it’s going to be hard to ever find a coach that satisfies the fans desire for a sense of ‘family’ to the club - I feel like that was born out of some very specific circumstances. What happens if we push away the possibility of success to find another coach who ends up being worse?

Exactly! Everyone’s criticism was for UEFA and Tuchel never blamed Watzke for a second and everyone is moving forward now. I can’t believe anyone would still try to paint Watzke as the victim of all that.

And I’m still calling bullshit on what the media has said about Tuchel in the past, even if Watzke has given his face to the campaign against Tuchel. Because logic prevails. All of the stories about disasters and crises fizzled out into nothing. Many of the criticisms were about things he said or did in public view and we all saw the bullshit in these stories with our own eyes. Even Sascha Fligge, who came from Ruhr Nachrichten and maintains good relationships with the press, said that journalists are ruining their own credibility and he can see why clubs would want to protect themselves from journalists. Roman Buerki sassed the media for acting like the club had internal tensions.

And Watzke has definitely previously lent his name to a media campaigns with dubious facts. The one that comes to mind was the campaign to save Mats Hummels’s reputation. He fed his favourite journalists some story about everyone chanting “All for Mats” in the dressing room, which just screamed bullshit, and another well-connected journalist basically wrote that it’s Tuchel’s fault that Hummels transferred to Bayern.

And weirdly enough, Tuchel seems to get along fabulously with everyone, from players to co-trainers to the trainers of other teams (is he BFF’s with every Bundesliga trainer or something?). The only people who seem to have an issue with him are (aside from Watzke and…….apparently Sven Mislintat?) are the BVB journalists who paint him as Satan. So whose fault is it that something about the club atmosphere seems off?

~Time's Up~
Author: kelbora

~Time’s Up~ 

Club Thorax. As the name suggested, the interior resembled being inside the hollowed out chest of a beast, with the long since decayed heart continuing to beat for the pleasure of its defilers. A constant pulse shook the walls and deafening music kept the crazed mob dancing into oblivion. The scene was tinged with alternating crimson, indigo, and acid green, punctuated by convulsing strobe lights that turned fluid movement into dizzying snapshots. It was a chaotic saturnalia for the senses, with everything from the cloying smell of human exertion to the overwhelming oppressive heat of so many bodies in one place. Even the heavy taste of alcohol and more illicit poisons in the air was intoxicating, though such things never reached the upper balcony.

Here, things were all business.

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20 Minutes of Reading

            Today, Brock Turner’s name trends on social media.  Yesterday I read his victim’s letter (whom I’ll call Jane to avoid confusion) and I thought it was fake.  I truly believed that the letter was some sort of viral story to get people to finally talk about rape culture.  “Rape culture”.  The fact that “rape culture” is even a thing, with a complete wikipedia page is grounds for us to discuss this, because we don’t.  We scoff at it.  Psh.  She was drunk.  She was making out with him.  Her skirt was too short.  She walked with him to her car.  She never told him to stop.  THIS is rape culture; it’s excusing rape.  Adding “But…” to the story of a woman being raped.

            I tend to use the Internet these days for comedy.  I try to post things to make people laugh or roll their eyes at my sarcastic, dry humor.  But today I’m not in the mood.  I read Jane’s letter and I physically felt sick.  I once read a short story by the author of Fight Club in high school and it made me gag, and it was, of course, fictional.  The letter I read, this woman’s own words, made that fictional story seem like a page out of a Disney read-along book for kids.  My eyes couldn’t get to the end fast enough.  I wanted to hear this monster got life in prison, but even then, this would do little to ease my churning stomach of what he did to her.

            I read the letter feeling helpless and angry, as I’m sure was the general feeling of the now millions who have read it as well.  You want to beat the monster to a pulp, you want to hear he was smashed in by inmates at his prison, and yet, the damage has been done.  Jane is different, forever.  Her family is different, forever.  Because guess what?  He’s not the first, and won’t be the last to commit this heinous act and he’s not the first, and won’t be the last to get off easy (the fact he was caught by those two students is the only thing you can thank God for that night, other than her not being killed).

            Hearing that the judge let him off with a sentence so light, it once again had me believe the letter was a made up story about how we treat rape victims, and I had do Google the story to see.  But as much as it didn’t make sense, it also made perfect sense.  He’s a white male, who has a nice smile.  He’s a swimmer.  Come on, let’s not get crazy here.  Prison?  Why, that’d be horrible for him!  This, right here, that’s the problem.  And who is discussing this problem?  Black people.  Black people are screaming this problem in our faces and we sit there and go, “Well, gee, it wasn’t ME who did that…”

            Right now, people are going crazy with the election—Trump might be president.  Things are going to get bad if Trump is president…no.  Things ARE bad.  They’ve BEEN bad.  Having a black president didn’t solve racism.  Sandra Bland was murdered in a jail cell, a church in Charleston was shot up by a nice, misunderstood white boy whom was treated to Burger King after.  That poor boy!  What will jail do to him!?  What if he can’t enjoy his steak?!  THIS, is the problem.  “White privilege”.  You’ve surely heard the term by now.

            Right now, as of this moment, June 2016, black women make up the largest group of college educated people.  And what do we do with that?  We spit on them.  I recently saw a photo going around of about a dozen identical cartoonish looking women standing side by side, and the front woman was light skinned, and as it went to the last woman, the skin tone darkened.  The last woman being the darkest.  Someone saw this, and decided to joke—“ladies, line up in order from highest GPA to lowest”…and another “ladies, line up in order from gorgeous to disgusting”…”ladies, line up in order from wife to baby mama”.  If you saw these, if you reposted these, if you cracked a smile at these…you make up the problem that consumes the lives of these (and all) women.

            These are no longer microaggressions.  These are blatant, in your face, so obvious they can’t be ignored.  Women sure as hell see them.  I suppose as a white male, I write this in hopes that “my fellow man” will reconsider their seemingly innocent actions such as reposting a photo that depicts women as an object, as inferior, and as property, because it’s all under the umbrella is rape culture.  The moment you take into consideration what a woman was wearing at the time of a rape, is the moment you are on the side of evil.  If that’s even a question that comes up in your mind, you need to step back and really change yourself.  Take a class.  Take ONE class about human development or cultural anthropology or any women’s studies—or race.

            I do believe the solution is education to all this.  I do.  And the funny thing is there is an entire community online who is educating you for free.  FREE.  Log into Twitter.  Go on to Tumblr.  Read.  Understand.  Research.  People are literally shoving facts and knowledge in your face about white privilege, about rape culture, about how a trans person won’t try to play with your fucking dick in a bathroom stall—and you aren’t charged a goddamn dime.

            Listen.  I urge you.  A woman was raped by a monster, and we are talking about how great of a swimmer he was.  And it’s because we are (and have been) just conditioning ourselves to lighten rape, to lighten racism, to make excuses.  “Well, Sandra Bland shouldn’t have…”, no.  We need to educate ourselves and understand to not just be “tolerant” anymore.  “Tolerant” means to put up with.  We need to recognize, respect, have sympathy, empathy for.

            Everyone wants love, as tacky as that sounds.  We are here for a very, very short time, and when you put other people down to put yourself up, you’re garbage.  For every “AllLivesMatter”, every time you cry out for a “What about a white version of that?”, you’re perpetuating the white privilege march.  Stop.  Don’t.  Do you know how you can be apart of it?  Support it.  Reblog the 300 pound black woman in a prom dress who feels proud of her body, reblog the transgender person smiling with their loved one, reblog the gay couple on their wedding—spread the fucking love.  Don’t retaliate with your own movement.  You have your own movement, and that’s wherein lies the problem.  There’s no white extermination happening.  There’s no overpowering of people of color.  You know what they’re trying to do?  Get this…it’s a crazy one…they’re trying to be equal.  And happy.  And not stomped on because of their sexual orientation, gender, race, and whatever the fuck you want to throw in the mix that YOU shit on.

            20 minutes of action.  The monster’s dad said his son has to pay a steep price for 20 minutes of action.  Gentlemen…this man just referred to “rape” as “action”.  And 20 minutes of it—he made it sound like it was “just 20 minutes”.  Rape, for Jane, is eternity.  That 20 minutes must’ve felt like forever.  A Simpson’s episode is 20 minutes.  A French bread pizza cooks for 20 minutes.  Rape is not something to measure.  What would’ve been justifiable then, dad?  40 minutes?  Would that be worth the sentence?  What if someone raped your wife for 20 minutes?  That ok?  It’s just 20 minutes, right?

            This is where we continue to go wrong.  Excuses, justification, using privilege to weasel out of responsibility for actions, and worse, getting away with it.  A LOT.  I’ve become so used to seeing white men get off from these things that I’m more shocked when they’re convicted.  How sickening is that?  I’m blown away when a white man gets in trouble for raping a woman, for shooting an unarmed black man, for lighting an animal on fire.  This is our problem.

            I suppose I will end this with a plea to learn.  I really don’t know what else to do about this.  Learn.  Listen.  Don’t spread horrible things.  It’s pretty easy to know what’s hurtful by now.  If a joke has something to do with sexual orientation, race, or something that a person IS or FEELS, it’s not a joke.  Block bad people online.  Block bad people offline.  Saying, “It’s okay, I have a black friend!”, “Chill out it’s just a joke”, “Why can’t we have a white out day?” are perfect examples of weaseling out of responsibility.  It’s such a simple idea to stop spreading hatred and instead of tearing down people’s accomplishments to applaud them and embrace them.  See a single black mother getting her Bachelor’s degree while holding her baby on graduation?  HELL FUCKING YES.  I can’t even imagine the uphill battle that took—don’t make her a point-and-laugh because she looks fabulous and you don’t.  To overcome a statistic and a stereotype that she had no involvement in creating is nothing short of a miracle.

            Fall semester registration starts in August for most schools.  Take some courses.  If you don’t know how to go about it, go on the Internet and ask.  Someone will show you.  For free.

So I just finished reading this book. The original Invisible Monsters is, to this day, one of my favorite books, so you can imagine how excited I was to go to the bookstore yesterday and find a “remix” of the book.

In the prologue, the author Chuck Palahniuk (author of Fight Club) talks about how he originally planned for the book to be released the way the remix os formatted. The entire book,by his design, reads like a fashion magazine. It’s constantly jumping from topic to topic, scene to scene, present to flashback. The remix takes that a step further by directing you to different chapters after you finish reading the first giving you a very “choose your own adventure” feel. He comments that he spoke to a reader about how they don’t like the feel of knowing when the story is going to climax as you approach the end of the book, and this format remedies that feeling as you jump around.

There are also hidden chapters along the way. Chapters that you are never directed to that you have to remember to look back to read. Several of these chapters are actually written in reverse so you have to read them in the mirror. This is a very interesting strategy given the themes of the book. Those who have read it would understand.

Overall, I really enjoyed this remix. In the prologue, Chuck encourages the reader to “get lost” during the process of jumping back and forth, and I want to try doing that. I am going to try and read the book chapter by chapter this time to see if it has a different feel or if it loses any continuity.

I encourage everyone to check this book out. As the San Francisco Chronicle put it, “…Makes…Fight Club seem like a leisurely buggy ride.” Check out his other books, too. I’ve read them all. Survivor, Damned, and Tell all are my favorites! 

Country Club × Calum Hood

Warnings: smut

Summary: Fun under the table at the Country Club

Author: Jess

× × ×

It was a Saturday morning and you were currently getting ready to go to the country club with your parents. You hated going and couldn’t play any of the sports there but you went for one reason and one reason only:

Calum hood

He was the son of the people that owned the club,he wasn’t your typical boy he was covered in tattoos and always wore black jeans with band shirts. You always had a thing for bad boys

You got dressed into a short white shirt and your polo top with tennis shoes.

“(Y/n) come on we’re gonna be late” your hear your mum shout as you rush downstairs. “We’re having a meal with the hood family today so be good” your dad says starring at you

Your dad and Mr hood have been friends for an extremely long time so you’ve known calum pretty much your whole life.

You and your parents make your way to the car and made your journey to the country club

The sun gleamed down as you got out of the car you could already feel the sweat dripping down your forehead it was that hot.

“It’s such a hot and lovely day isn’t it (y/n)?” Your mum asks getting out of the car with your dad and heading over to you.

“Speaking of hot” you mumble to yourself as calum walks around from the corner coming over to you and your family

“Calum it’s nice to see you again” your mum says pulling in him for a hug.

You could tell that Calums hair had been freshly cut although it was messy, the slight of sweat dripping from his forehead and the thought of a sweaty calum underneath you naked made you instantly wet.

“(Y/n) it’s good to see you again” calum says looking you up and down biting his lip, which made you fall out of your day dream.

The rest of the hood family head toward you and lead you into the country club

You slowly walk behind calum as the take you into the small restaurant they have there

Everyone takes a seat your mum and dad opposite each other at the end of the table, Calums mum and dad sitting next to each other and you and calum sitting opposite them.

You were half way through your meal and joy was asking you about school.
“So (y/n) tell us what are you thinking of studying?” She asks smiling at you

“I’m thinking about-” before you could Finnish you could feel a hand slowly moving up your thigh you look over at calum who just smirks at you then turns back to his food

“Are you okay?” She asks as you stare at her blankly

“Yes um sorry I’m thinking about taking english literature” you say smiling at her

“Excuse me I need to use the restroom” your mum says leaving the table

As she gets up and leaving Calums hand gets closer to your now dripping heat

He’s inches away from your core and your pretty sure he can feel the wetness soaking through you lace underwear

“We wanted calum to take english but he dropped out to start his silly band” his dad says

“Dad it’s not silly you even said yourself were good I like bass I’m good with my fingers”

That last part make you shiver and calum let out a deep chuckle.
His hand pushed aside your panties and he began moving his fingers in a figure of eight of your clit

You try to move his hand away but it stays put.
You try your best not to moan as calum picks up the pase and inserts a finger into you pulling in and out reaching your g-spot every time

You bite down onto your lip so hard you start to draw blood.

“I’m close” you scream out.
Everyone looks at you confused as Calum keeps going

“I’m uh I’m close to finishing my food” you say smiling at your dad who gives you a confused look

Your mum comes back and sits back down at the table.

Calum now going harder and faster Rubbing your clit.

You Close your eyes as your orgasm hit scrunching up your fist.

You open your eyes as calum pulls out his fingers and licks them dry.

“We’re all going to go play tennis now (y/n) you and Calum come join us when you’ve finished your food okay” you mum says standing up with everyone and walking out

You turn to calum who just smirks at you “I’ve wanted to do that for so fucking long” you lean closer to him and your lips press against his

“Me too” you whisper against him as he leans in to kiss you passionately.

Peridot comes home from school:

“Mom, I did all the homework from my honors AP physics class and got an A+++++ in calculus and became president of the chemistry club and authored the school’s textbook I have the highest grades in the history of grades I’m perfect MOM, MOM, LOOK AT ME MOM”

“…but did you clean your room?”


I think about this a lot


Anonymous said: Hey deuce, have you ever used your cuteness for evil?

SS: Aw c'mon, are you still pissed about us dressing you up like a kid to distract the heat while we rob that bank?
CD: *puffs cheeks*
HB: Would ya feel better if we got ya ice cream?
CD: … m-maybe… ((Mun Note: Guest starring the Aimless Renegade/Authority Regulator as a cop!))