“Someday, you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”

-C.S. Lewis

For the last page of my portfolio I did an illustration of me holding my portfolio book outside of The Eagle and Child Pub in Oxford where The Inklings met up. Members of the group were writers like C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, and Hugo Dyson. Wonder what kind of stuff they talked about… 

the second image is just of me taking a picture in front of the pub when I was studying abroad in the UK. Thought it would be cool to put the images next to each other :P

Amazon Is NOT the 'Putin' of Books!

The online powerhouse is being compared to thugs because it wants you to pay less for ebooks.

Just who the hell does Amazon think it is? Maybe a bare-chested tyrant who used to work for the KGB? Amazon is “like Vladimir Putin mobilizing his troops along the Ukrainian border,” a proprietor of an “e-book discovery site” tells The New York Times. “A bully,” offers Richard Russo, the novelist and president of the Authors Guild (which knows exactly how to bully mere “writers”). Amazon, says author James Patterson, who published 13 detective books last year, is waging “war” and doing unspeakable things for which “the quality of American literature will suffer.” No, wait. That’s all wrong. Amazon isn’t like a Russian despot waging a war, says Dennis Loy, proprietor of the small publisher Melville House. It’s more like “the Mafia.”



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Happy Phandom Games!

- Remy


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Yes hi hello it is me, rambling. A lot. A lot a lot.

Okay byeeee *runs away*

A tip for writers trying to describe settings or actions

I get lots of questions from people asking me how I describe settings and actions so beautifully, and make it feel like they can actually see everything in the scene like it’s right there in front of them.

Honestly, I almost never use similes and metaphors. I think I can count one instance in the entirety of Embassy and one instance in all of Resonance where I use a simile. That’s my advice. Don’t describe a place, or a sight, or a sound, or whatever it is you’re describing by then describing *something else* and hoping the reader just gets it.

If you’re trying to describe an old house in the middle of suburbia, show us the wind-worn shutters, the blackened chimney, the rot on the walls, the creak of the front door, the leaky garage….then go on and do a simile/metaphor, if you must.

Don’t introduce us to the house by saying it’s like that misplaced stalk of corn from yesteryear growing in a field of beans. WHAT??? hOW iS tHAT aN oLD hOUSE? What am I looking at?

That’s how I construct my settings. Just describe the setting in the simplest terms possible. But remember, it’s just my personal preference. If you have a flowery way of describing, and you can do it well, then by all means, full speed ahead! My way is just how *I* effectively communicate.