Ottokar Uhl - “Wohnen Morgen” housing (living tomorrow), Hollabrunn 1976. Winner of a housing competition, the project utilized a framework of structural divisions and modular volumes with minimum and maximum dimension parameters to allow for a flexible and adjustable level of habitation. Future tenants were allowed to participate in the design process within these guidelines, determining unit size, room divisions, and window/door locations. Photos © Margherita Spiluttini.


Cat in cemetery by Aramisse

House T is a minimal home located in Gamlitz, Austria, designed by Atelier Ulrike Tinnacher. Embedded in the mellow, undulating landscape of Southern Styria sits Haus T, right on top of a hill, where it naturally blends in with the surrounding vineyards. Due to materiality and formal restraint, it forms a whole with the countryside as it stands confidently on the edge, gable facing the valley. The building-owners, two winegrowers, decided to make the old vintner’s house their retirement home, as the nearby vineyard has been their professional and private center of life. On the eastern side of the building lies an orthogonally planar building structure, which incorporates the living room, the kitchen and dining area, as well as a garage.


as is everything in vienna apparently, the schonbrunn palace is fancy as hell