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If I had only one piece of study advice to pass on, it would be constant summary pages. Every week or two, take one side of A4 and write down everything important by hand from that period. It might take 5 minutes, it might take 30. Either way, when that exam burnout sets in, you will thank yourself. Don’t use the pages as exhaustive study - use them as a contents page for your revision, or as a checklist to see what you do or don’t remember.


A peep into my life right now. Less than three months until the exams I’ve been dreading for three years, we’re at that point where we’re learning one topic in class, working on another at home, and beginning to revise the topics we’ve been learning since Feb. It’s hectic.

Tea, coffee, my newfound love of thrifting, and caring for my plants is what currently keeps me sane.

Good luck to my fellow VCE Year 12s, we’ll be needing it this term xoxo


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22/100 days of productivity

quite confused with maths right now and my brain is fried from the four tests i’ve had to go through today but i’m persevering because i have a math test tomorrow aND ITS YOONGI’S BIRTHDAY 🎉 MY DARLIN’, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU CUTE LITTLE PIECE OF BUB!!


hey guys! here are some neat printable ‘stickers’ that you can print out and stick in your bullet journal/planner! these were hand lettered by myself!

the pdf includes the days of the week, the months (small and large), numbers of the month, semester week numbers, a motivational quote, and some other titles you may need!

the picture on the left shows how you can use them, if youre feeling lazy, or don’t have the time to make a spread that week/month! these can also be used for digital bullet journals!

if you do use these, please tag me here on tumblr, or on instagram (@joannastudiess), and i’ll reblog your post or give you a shoutout!

the link to the pdf file is here!


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44/100 days of productivity

i’ve just completed my physics test for today, hoorah! however, i have to get cracking on human biology seeing as i have an upcoming topic test tomorrow. also, speaking of assessments, is it normal to stress over the mountain of tests and assignments for this week and next week? ((i have 8 assessments in the next week- which afterwards is my autumn holidays! 🍂)) until then i’ll have to dedicate myself to studying! let’s do it! 💪🏼💪🏼


Still trying to get the hang of how to study for university history exams, but i’m slowly getting there!

What to do when you feel overwhelmed:

We’ve all been there. Too many tasks, too little time. So much to do, yet yo have no motivation and no idea where to start. 

Step 1: Songs 

Find two songs that make you really happy, or that make you feel on top of the world. Can’t think of any? Here’s the link to a playlist on Spotify of songs for when you feel down 

Step 2: Shower 

Put your phone somewhere you can hear it and go and have a nice long shower and belt out those songs. And if you have some sort of coffee scrub or really nice smelling soap, get that out. It will wake you up and make you feel better. 

Step 3: Pep-Talk 

Stand there for like a minute and fake the attitude you want to feel. Tell yourself that you can do this and you can get through this. Tell yourself that you are going to work hard and try your absolute best. (I also like to tell myself to be like Hermione, or Elle Woods)

Step 4: Drink something 

Go make yourself a drink. Water, chocolate milk, lemonade, a smoothie, juice. Anything. 

Step 5: Down to Business 

Okay you got this. Put that drink on a table and get out a piece of paper and write down everything you have to do, or everything that’s stressing you/ overwhelming you. Now write out what your week looks like, and it’s time to get to work. 

Work out how much time you have for each task left, and allocate certain time slots to complete different tasks. So you might study for maths from 4-5pm on Monday etc. It makes it so much better to see everything on paper 

Step 6: Finally 

Sit down and complete at least one smallish task. It might be a paragraph of an essay or sending an email. Anything. I promise if you finish at least one thing and then give yourself a break, you will feel so much better. 

Remember!!! We all have times that you have so much going on and all you want to do is curl up into a ball and cry and scream. But you can get through this. Remember why you’re trying. Prove to yourself that you can do it. ily all xoxo - tee