Australia vs Netherlands

Summary of my WC2014 experience : day2

Mexico vs Cameroon (flag race)

Mexico: Gooaaaal.

Mexico: Goooaal again 

mexico: BUT


Everybody: Another stupid referee 

5pa1n Vs Netherlands (Match of the day)

Ball finds Diego costa : BOOOOOOOOOO

Diego Costa remotely close to ball: BOOOOOOOOOO

The “is it a penalty?… it’s a Penalty…that is not a penalty”

it was actually a penalty

Then van Persie happened 1.. nothing remained the same





its was basically over not even a double change could help.

But whether You support spain or Netherlands this is you

Chile vs Australia

basically all you need to know

Day two was Crazy yo! bring on Day 3


Wednesday | 18.6.14

Australia 2 vs 3 Netherlands

Spain 0 vs 2 Chile

Cameroon 0 vs 4 Croatia

Between the lines ~ Day 7