Austin Jones

Break Up/Hate You List

1.       All I Wanted – Paramore

2.       All You Are Is History – State Champs

3.       Alphabet Boy – Melanie Martinez

4.       And the Snakes Start to Sing – Bring Me The Horizon

5.       Antivist – Bring Me The Horizon

6.       Avalanche – Bring Me The Horizon

7.       The Beach is for Lovers (Not Lonely Losers) – Neck Deep

8.       Big City of Dreams – Never Shout Never

9.       Blasphemy – Bring Me the Horizon

10.   Blessed With a Curse – Bring Me the Horizon

11.   Bored to Death – Blink 182

12.   Callout – Attila

13.   A Change of Heart – The 1975

14.   Cheap Shots & Setbacks – As It Is

15.   Circles – Pierce The Veil

16.   Coma - Issues

17.   Concrete – As It Is

18.   Dial Tones – As It Is

19.   Dial Tones (Acoustic) – As It Is

20.   December – Neck Deep

21.   The Divine Zero – Pierce The Veil

22.   Doomed – Bring Me the Horizon

23.   Drown – Austin Jones

24.   Drown – Bring Me The Horizon

25.   Empire (Let Them Sing) – Bring Me the Horizon

26.   Girls – The 1975

27.   Growing Pains – Neck Deep

28.   Hey! We Okay – Never Shout Never

29.   I Don’t Love You Anymore – Real Friends

30.   I Don’t Love You – My Chemical Romance

31.   I Hope This Comes Back to Hunt You – Neck Deep

32.   If I’m Lucky – State Champs

33.   It Never Ends – Bring Me the Horizon

34.   Just Another Girl – The Killers

35.   Kick Me – Sleeping With Sirens

36.   Kill All Your Friends – My Chemical Romance

37.   Leaving This World – Austin Jones

38.   No Future – Blink 182

39.   Oh No – Bring Me the Horizon

40.   Old Scars/Future Hearts – All Time Low

41.   Paris – The 1975

42.   A Part Of Me – Neck Deep

43.   Proving Grounds – Attila

44.   Rock Bottom – Neck Deep

45.   Run – Bring Me The Horizon

46.   Robbers – The 1975

47.   Sex – The 1975

48.   Serpents – Neck Deep

49.   She’s American – The 1975

50.   Smooth Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors – Neck Deep

51.   Somebody Else – The 1975

52.   Sucker for Pain – Imagine Dragons

53.   Summer – Real Friends

54.   Summertime Sadness – Lana del Rey

55.   Throne – Bring Me the Horizon

56.   Treat You Better – Shawn Mendes

57.   We Don’t Have to Dance – Andy Black

58.   Weight of the World – Crown the Empire

59.   Who Are You Now – Sleeping With Sirens

60.   Wild ft. Alessia Cara – Troye Sivan

61.    Wildest Dreams – Taylor Swift

62.   Young and Beautiful – Lana del Rey

Reminder: Don't support Austin Jones

Austin Jones is disgusting and deserves more than whatever punishment they give him. I feel so sorry for the girls in this incident as well as the past one. He took advantage of poor little girls who I bet were thrilled someone who was famous, that they looked up to, wanted to talk to them. He guilted them into committing those acts by saying if they didn’t then they must not be his biggest fan. No one who could be considered an idol to a group of people should ever use that power in such horrible ways. I hope those girls find someone better to look up to, who won’t deceive and exploit them, and I hope they know it’s not their fault and that we all support them and making sure Austin can’t do this to anyone else.

a little over 2 years ago I posted a story on my tumblr about austin jones allegedly asking girls under 16 to send him pornographic photos of themselves. he was 21-22 at the time & he was just beginning to get popular. I had to remove the post not even 30 minutes later after receiving HUNDREDS of abusive messages from his fans & back then, I didn’t know how to respond to or handle nasty messages so I stopped publicly posting about him. there was proof of it back then but no one seemed to believe me or the handful of people who just knew what he was doing was disgusting. people who saw & believed the proof we had, didn’t care. they didn’t think a 21 year old asking 13 year old girls for videos of themselves twerking was wrong. regardless, I reported him to his local police via email since I live in Australia I didn’t see any other way. I never heard back & austin continued to live his life, getting more & more famous. over the past few years his following got bigger & bigger to the point his videos were starting to appear in my news feed. my friends & family were sharing this pedophiles videos, making him money & giving him views without knowing. I began to comment on every post from a friend or family member that I saw, explaining the kind of person he was. I felt that if I stopped just a handful of people from watching his videos & sharing his content, that would make some difference. a friend of mine started a petition to have his facebook & youtube accounts taken down but we couldn’t find enough people to sign the petition to make it worth it & the abuse we continued to cop from his fans made it harder & harder for us to get it out there. finally, austin moved from text messaging his young fans to facebook messaging them which is a lot easier to track & prove than text messages which can be faked so easily.
on monday, he was arrested & I couldn’t be happier. if he’s convicted, he faces a minimum of 15 years in prison for child pornography. maybe now, people will believe me when I say AUSTIN JONES is a fucking pedophile & deserves to rot in jail, forever.