Disney LE dolls “Boxed and De-boxed”

Someone asked me to make a post with pictures of the dolls out of the box and in the box so I tried my best to put this post together.

When it comes to de-boxing:
I think as a collector u should do whatever u want with ur dolls. With the backdrop of the box the dolls look beautiful but out of the box you get to really see all the details that Disney artists put into these dolls. If you take your doll out of the box it is true they loose value but if you plan to keep them and not sell them who cares about value. They will always be valuable and Beautiful to YOU!!!

A commission for somebody on my facebook page” It’s her OC fursona Aurora :3 The colors were quite a challenge on that one x_x

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Disney Princess Avengers
  • Snow White:Reality Warping Magic (needs to escape the hunter? The forest becomes darker and more dense. needs shelter? finds a small cottage in the woods. needs to reverse the curse? a prince finds her in the middle of the woods before her body can even start decaying.)
  • Cinderella:Communicates with Animals
  • Aurora:Siren Song/Mind Control
  • Ariel:Transforms between human/mermaid at will, Communicates with sea creatures
  • Belle:Telepathy, Enhanced Memory
  • Jasmine:Power Replication (via Genie)
  • Pocahontas:Ecological Empathy/Nature Manipulation
  • Mulan:Non-Powered Combatant trained in Sword Fighting, Explosives, Archery, and Hand-to-Hand (plus dragon sidekick)
  • Tiana:Animal Morphing/Shape-shifting
  • Rapunzel:Healing/Super Strength
  • Merida:Non-Powered Archer
  • Anna:Empathy
  • Elsa:Ice Mage

Some sketches of bats but AS DRAGONS. And now some notes. 

Thalia is learning to fly and hopping about as little drgons do. She has some tufts of fur, I’m not sure if it’s growing in or shedding from her younger days. Should she become full grown (sobs) her horns would resemble those of a ram. She is peach and covered in brown tabby-like stripes. 

Nikes tail is too long and impractical but it looks cool. I tried to make her very regal. She is black and her tail has white stripes. 

I tried to make Aurora seem more welcoming(?) than the others. That’s the best word I can think of to describe it. She is a solid golden color. 

For Ajax I just kept in mind that solovet would pick the biggest scariest dragon to bond with because she’s a scary person. I got lazy on his scales.He is the color of dried blood.