William Basinski - Shortwavemusic [Auris Apothecary; 2013]

Pleasantries first: Auris Apothecary and Cerberus entered the world the same day in the same year. I consider this no coincidence, for we are all particles connected to one another by hippie bullshit that doesn’t matter in the end because we’re all screwed up. AA transmits that and we report it. And for more than a decade, William Basinski has had to be swallowed by the same damning press all because his masterwork happened to find its completion as the twin towers of the World Trade Center sadly crumbled on the same day. Irony isn’t always fun , but AA’s twisted smirks and Basinski’s fragile compositions can make it so.Shortwavemusic’s latest reissue (of many from the 1982 composition) came in the midst of New Year’s in the guise of a 1/4-inch tape on a 7-inch reel. Without purpose, I hunted eBay to find a working reel-to-reel player for which to listen. I read, I studied, and I coveted. And here it is a pile of tape on the floor after heart and soul has been poured into such a centerpiece. But music isn’t for show, it’s for hearing. But AA does not heed such consequences, for it embraces both (always for the better). They knew what a clumsy but adventurous shell would do armed with 7-inches of reel. I’m sure many have framed and hung theirs by the chimney with care, but I sledgehammered it down to obtain the precious and put it through its paces. And it sounds good–oh so good. I’ve wrapped myself like a mummy in its discards, trying to contemplate where AA begins, Basinski takes over, and Cerberus ends. It all comes out too Donnie Darko for my tastes, so I try to ignore the coincidences. I try to focus on what each of us does and in that, I find solace. Shortwavemusic is an empowering piece, triumphant in a time where shows of aggression or talking loudest win fights. AA and Basinski take no such course. We shall oblige.


BLACK MASS XXIV - 09.19.13 - Locrian

Bloomington, IN

Review: Little Orpheus and the Rogue Lyons

By Sonam Parikh

A few weeks ago, we received a very interesting package from Auris Apothecary, a one-of-a-kind label based out of Bloomington, IN that focuses on unusual and innovative design and delivery of its fairly limited catalog. According to them, “We exist because fuck you.” Now that’s a sentiment we at GET BENT! can get behind.

Within the cardboard box was a package of limited edition Hot Pockets. Unfortunately, the contents of the box were not Hot Pockets but something even better! It turned out to be a cassette tape wrapped in vinyl. We felt bad for breaking the vinyl to get to the tape, but apparently the vinyl is supposed to be broken—it serves to tell us that we are the first people to ever touch the tape. Kind of cool, no? We grabbed the tape (7th Grade is a Drag, and yes, the lead singer was actually in 7th grade at the time)and went on a drive to listen to it. Little Orpheus and the Rogue Lyons are fantastic. A mix of psychdelic garage and some plucky funk, the sound is intensely catchy, and I found myself quite bereft after realizing there were only two songs to listen to. While the music was released in November of 2006, the tape was released in January of 2011, and it turns out two of the members of this band (Doug and Rachel) are now in MMOSS!

Unholy Triforce
Sandin’ Yr Vagina
Auris Apothecary

Black version of cassette filled with black sand wrapped in black emery paper with wax seal. Cassettes sealed with Scotch tape. Produced in an edition of 99: 9 unfilled, and 30 each filled with black, white and brown sand. 

hilarious art antics


So… I arrived home from work this evening and found a package from Auris Apothecary, a self-described “not-for-profit micro-label…which embraces obscure formats, innovative packaging and do-it-yourself ethics.”

They do extremely limited pressings of some pretty cool stuff. According to their website, they “release drone, electronic, avant-garde, metal, punk and other varying forms of underground art from friends and family alongside artists located throughout the world.”

More interestingly, for me, they release cassette tape copies of the original chiptune soundtracks from NES games. Unfortunately, I found out about Auris Apothecary pretty late, after many of my favorite games’ soundtracks had already gone out of print. Nevertheless, I ordered three of these soundtracks (Mega Man II, Super C, and DuckTales), and they ended up shipping me two extras just for the heck of it, I guess. Good business! The J-cards are on good, thick paper, too. Support Auris Apothecary; they put out cool stuff.

How awesome. Totally stoked about getting these!


Sitar Outreach Ministry
Spring Of 1970
Auris Apothecary

Cassette and sunflower seeds swaddled in dried sunflower leaf. Auris Apothecary describe it thus: “Eco-friendly brown paper sleeves with three color inkjet printing, inside sunflower leaf wrap tied with twine. Miniature manila envelope with black printing containing one black and one white magical sunflower seed. Tapes labelled from factory with “1970” on spine.”

Yesterday, Dante Augustus Scarlatti, the visionary behind the label Auris Apothecary, reached out to us about his BLACK MASS project. It’s a live series that takes place in Bloomington, IN, and just like his label, this event pushes the boundaries of creativity. BLACK MASS XXIV took place at the Bishop Bar on Thursday, September 19th &

Medusa - Divine Malice [Auris Apothecary; 2013]

From the heavy metal thud of “Bleeding Ocean,” I know I am lost in the sea ofDivine Malice. I am not a metal fan, but good music–challenging music–is my Plymouth. I have hit the shore hard, not heeding the rocky coastline and overlapping waves. Medusa are my guide into this new land and I could not ask for a better set of scouting eyes despite our crash landing. This one-sided 12-inch is all gristly meat, plucked fresh from Mother Earth as we raze what once stood as peaceful land and in its place transplant the old world’s monolithic riffs and flowing tendrils. But wait, we see recognizable faces. There’s Ozzy and Halford, the sun shining behind them like the glow of a hundred angels of lace and leather. But they yield to Medusa as we scorch the land and turn the soil to raise a new crop of inscrutable fans who ne’er back down from their well earned badge of honor. They traveled the miles, they endured the sickness and shame, and their gods led them to this plot of land to carve in their image. It’s Medusa’s to do what with what it will now. Bow your heads and pick up one of only 300 writs that exist of this mystic voyage.