plum-blooded, club-drunk
sleeping on my floor you’re lovely
you smell of migration
& your curls are hardening like mine

it’s so impossible, so obvious to meet your eyes

still, i can laugh at your little aura, pamela
& the freedom of self-deception

bleeding from my tongue
bleeding from your boozed tongue
bleeding from your petal-blue,
consecrated & corporeal tongue

come into the backyard
where your face gets hazy, pamela
you look just like an orphan
when you smile

never-easing, ever-ceasing, pamela

the blue-bellied night calls
my orchard’s a dead metaphor
i could be everything
i will be everything

i could be, i could be it
i could be your lover in a second’s time

but in the morning
my eyes have turned to peaches
& my hands hold my penis
like hands on a stillborn
my bed is a cherry red

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We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring:
AN EVENING OF FREEDOM: The Vagina Monologues “Join us for our second Evening of Freedom, in partnership with V-Day, an unforgettable evening of music, prose, pain, love, laughter and life that sheds light on gender-based violence through monologues of women from around the world.” - Aura Freedom
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Aura Freedom International, a nonprofit fighting for human rights of women and girls worldwide, is launching a pilot project aimed at addressing the dangers of child marriage and early pregnancy, and highlighting the positive impact of keeping girls in school longer. 

The project, Rural Empowerment, will include educational programs for both girls and boys, village awareness campaigns surrounding girls’ education and delaying marriage, and grassroots programs for self-esteem, healthy pregnancy and family planning. 

Learn more about how you can help.


A very appreciated friend asked this:

I would like to ask you who reads this post, according to you what is it that people need to reach harmony?

Crazy, funny, “silly” ideas are more than welcome :-)

And I replied with this massive message:

Hihi I like your idea.

Every human being has its own perception of harmony (obviously) but I think that in order to be in a state in which the mind, body and even the aura are in equilibrium, freedom must exist. It is a requirement to feel free to do and be as one wishes to. Unfortunately, this is still not an innate fact for everybody.

Another key factor: acceptance. The moment you accept diversity and all those words that start with “multi”, then freedom comes intrinsically. It is crucial to think about the way we are behaving towards others and most importantly, towards ourselves. And also, meditate. You can even label this as respect.

Finally, adapt to life.
I must admit that I’m constantly asking myself questions like: why am I even studying university? why am I doing this other activity, because people around me do it? why is it normal to have a shower at home? why am I wearing these clothes? how come am I capable to read this and type? why do I need enough money to eat? …
Many, many times I find the society in which I am living right now too complex. Then, I say: hey, why am I not just “carpe-ing diem” by chilling with some music, dancing, being on the beach with nice warm weather and worrying about nothing but where to sleep and what to eat?
Other times, I find our society simple. It is easier to just open the tap and have water. Go to the supermarket and have food. Sleep on a bed… I appreciate the fact that I can save a lot of time thanks to technology.

Now, all these ideas seem to be like a controversy. Like a yin and yang. That’s it. I believe that no matter where and how a human lives, there must be a mix of difficulties and progress. A movement, flow. It is important to live many experiences (good and not so appealing ones) so that one can understand how happiness, pain and all feelings can come in unmeasurable ways and from diverse sources. Only then, one can understand a bit better what harmony is ! I do not see it like a monotonous state. I see harmony as, let’s say, a day in one week (after 3 days of pleasant moments and 3 days of difficult times) in which you gained experiences from both sides.
When one “reaches” harmony, that does not mean that there is a monotonous state. No. That means that you’ve been:
"Deep down. Trying to climb without ropes. Getting high and then falling with the blood running through the veins. Feeling positive. Suddenly with sadness. So, like a closed loop that only keeps going."
Some say harmony “comes” when one is an elder about to die with no more adventures, experiences to live. I say harmony exists the moment that the + and the - can compliment each other and make wonderful and brilliant things.

In order to come to this opinion, my head was full of opposite ideas. I’m still reading it and coming with new conclusions. So I’ll just post this now haha. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have to edit this comment but right now, this is how I perceive harmony :P

"Eventually she was noticing a change, an evolution. And then, something clicked in her head. Like a burst of stars. But those stars would penetrate one by one into her brain and soul. All at warp-speed. As if a direct communication was being done. As if a message of: "live fully" was being left."