AURA FREEDOM, the God of Liberation

An owl Chimera who works for Lord Ankou, Seer of Death and Rebirth as his assistant and counselor. Quirky and quite unpredictable, this agendered creature watches over Humans and Magi alike, observing their actions and reactions to events and blessing those worthy of their time with the true freedom to live and feel.

Since they don’t have a mouth, Aura communicates with others via magical projections of runes and writing.

Aura Freedom International, a nonprofit fighting for human rights of women and girls worldwide, is launching a pilot project aimed at addressing the dangers of child marriage and early pregnancy, and highlighting the positive impact of keeping girls in school longer. 

The project, Rural Empowerment, will include educational programs for both girls and boys, village awareness campaigns surrounding girls’ education and delaying marriage, and grassroots programs for self-esteem, healthy pregnancy and family planning. 

Learn more about how you can help.