Our Blue Aura Quartz are absolutely stunning and super juicy! Aura quartz are quartz crystals that have been bonded with platinum and gold. This is true alchemy at work and it makes for a very powerful vibration!

These gorgeous blue aura quartz hold the vibration of expression, communication and speaking your truth. It is also a water Element and is perfect for those of you with a little too much fire! These beautiful pieces work perfectly in a grid or as an amplifier for your Water Element area.

Each of these lovely crystals have been drilled which makes them perfect for stringing into a necklace. We love the idea of this crystal being worn near the throat, as it tied to the Throat Chakra.
You can find them at www.esotericaromas.etsy.com

Aura? Yes, you can see it

I’m not going to explain what aura is, let’s just skip to the main part, how you can see it?

1. How to see other people’s aura. Blur your vision on purpose. 

(If you don’t know how, here is a little tip: Focus on something far away from you. Like a tree, or a car, let’s say, across the street. While you’re looking at the thing you chose, focus your mind on what is between you and that thing. The blurry part of your vision. The more you try and practice, the better you’ll get.)

Once your vision is blurry, go sit in the park or somewhere where you can see people walking around. Sit on a bench, blur your vision and focus your mind people walking around. Do not look directly at them. Just accept their presence and look at the thing far away. After some time you’ll see something that looks like a beam of light right above people’s heads. This is the step n.1. Remember the more you practice, the more you’ll see. After some time, you can start to see whole auras around their bodies. Some will be wide, some will have more layers, some will have colors and spikes or smooth edge and so on. 

2. How to see your own aura. Wait for the night. Sit alone in a room, let just the street light slightly enter the space you’re in. Hold your hand in front on you, make sure the wall (or something else) behind your hand is dark colored or preferably, black. Blur your vision focusing on your hand. Do not look directly at your hand. After some time, you’ll be able to see something that looks like waves of warmness around your hand. It looks like warm air rising from a tea pot. You may see colors, you may see shape and edges.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Don’t beat yourself up because you won’t be able to see it right away. It takes time.


/Draws the cluster as a beautiful opalescent Cerberus 50-billion-strong lesbian like the Steven Universe garbage that I am

And succulents because why not succulents


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