It is HERE y'all! Today for ONE HOUR ONLY I am marking aura portraits down to $23 to share my 23rd birthday with you!

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💖 I can’t offer em this low all the time, but I want this to be available, especially for the folks who might not otherwise be able to drop the cash on it. Let’s talk soul, beauties! More info on aura portraits at my website.

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witchy thing to do right now

pick a colour

close your eyes

take a slow deep breath in

breathe in white light coming in through your skull, face, forehead, nostrils, mouth, eyes, ears

the white light is filling your lungs like a cup being filled with crystal clear water

hold it there for a second and feel it’s power

now breathe out a misty cloud of your colour. feel it surround your head and then shoulders and then body. breathe it out into your aura or energy field.

do this as many times as you need to feel awesome + charged

<3 u all