August 30 2013

  • Mark Kermode:There's a tweet from James Brown: "Have you heard the story about the Towering Inferno titles?", "YES, FROM YOU, many, many times." Therefore, I am going to retire that story.
  • Simon Mayo:That's true.
  • Mark:Until NEXT week.
  • Simon:But after a while, we can put 'em all on a loop. We've only got about five stories each.
  • Mark:That's right.
  • Simon:We just keep telling the same ones.
  • Mark:Although, on the subject of time loops, Richard Curtis is in the building.
  • Simon:He's actually here?
  • Mark:He is.
  • Simon:Okay. Richard Curtis, e'll be worth watching on the Web Cam, in order to see a real live film director in the studio.
  • Mark:On the subject of time loops, Richard Curtis is here.
  • Simon:Thanks.
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Chris Brown Peformed - “Beat It” Today On The TODAY Show 08/30/13

The Robot Race

The rumble of the subway echoes underground as your seat vibrates left and right. You sway, a little nauseous and weary. The bag on your lap threatens to jump off, so you readjust yourself and hold it tighter to your chest.

Someone coughs, followed by a laugh further down the train.

You sigh, but without reason. Glancing at the advertisements, you look at the faces and words, but nothing registers. You read them twice more. The next station is announced, and a wave of familiarity takes over for a moment. Yes, you know this stop.

You consider taking out your headphones and listen to some music, but you don’t feel like listening to the same songs as you did yesterday, on this very subway. So you don’t.

You catch a woman’s eye, sitting across from you, and both of you turn away immediately. The man sitting beside you shifts his weight and his arm brushes against yours. The train stops, and people shuffle in and out. You close your eyes for a long moment, then look around again.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, registers in your mind. You stare blankly ahead, without emotion, thought, or consciousness. Everyone around you does the same.

Suddenly you remember a story you once heard. The author said how everyone was losing their memory to the buses and trains and soon, we’ll all be emotionless drones that walk in and out of transits.

Slowly, you drift into a state of clarity. This is what everyone has become. Robotic machines that commute each day, without thinking. We stand separately, headphones in, books in our hands. We don’t speak to each other, each of us lost in a blank, white world. We are alone, even when surrounded by others. And the worst part is, we don’t mind.

The subway stops again. People file in and out, hurriedly. You wonder why everyone is always walking fast.

The doors shut, and someone new sits down next to you. She drops a quarter, and you pick it up for her. She says thanks. You turn away.

You cross your ankles, then uncross them.

Some time passes, and you doze off, drifting. Your stop is announced, and you wobble up to the door. You think about nothing.

Stepping off the subway, you look around.

And you keep walking.


I have finally made it to Japan. After having my flight canceled due to mechanical situations and then having to go through the process of rescheduling another flight, things were okay. I got a ticket that got me here 25 mins earlier and the food was pretty sweet on the plane. OH and not to mention that I got an ENTIRE ROW TO MYSELF, and being able to fully lay down and nap was pretty freaking sweet! Plus, there was a tv so I was able to watch movies and tv shows. So time wasn’t too bad. I am now waiting for Richard to get here so we can head to the hotel and then I can rest and EAT! I am starving. 

Vacation time begins…NOW!

Update on school

okay so as you guys know the first week of junior year has passed,

at first i was really not feelin’ school because i had “problematic” students in my class and i don’t feel like dealing with their bullshit this year but, so far they’ve left me alone which is good!!
In my art class (i know i’ve talked about him) there is this guy know by mr.choi (that’s what we’re calling him) and he’s so adorable!!! O3O so i will try to keep you guys updated about my school life and introduce you to some of my crew members….(Like, syd,coolhair,sunglasses,matt,loner,& steph) 

This is also another way to expand my writting ability because i’ve noticed that my english class this year is mostly 500 word essays with 10point deduction for grammar and stuff like that and this is a free college course i’m taking and can’t afford to fail so i’ll try to keep dates too.

'Please don't take my sunshine away.'

Day 5: 
I can only picture him when I bask in the sunlight, for he is the essence of utter radiance to me. The medication for my type of skin has a severe ‘sun sensitivity’ side effect, so  on bad  days when I have grotesque thoughts infiltrating my conscious, I indulge and let myself burn a little. 

Bat For Lashes: August 30, 2013 in New York City

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Bat For Lashes: August 30, 2013 in New York City

Selena Fragassi

Natasha Khan aka Bat For Lashes graced the stage at Webster Hall wrapping up one of only a handful of headline shows in the states to support the 2012 release of her third album The Haunted Man in between joining Depeche Mode on their current tour. Known for her highly stylized stage …