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Concept: samo fighting over Mina 👀

This could be interesting if done right, Samo keep trying to one up each other to win Mina’s affections. I’m picturing not an actual fight or argument but a competition

thewaltzy said to incorrecttwicequotes: Have you seen Mina doing ballet on Knowing Brother 76? She claims to be able to ballet to any song, any piece of music and after watching the episode, I must let you know, I believe her.

Pure Talent

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: I’m 13 does that make me the youngest? I’m 14 in August -🐨 Anon

I don’t know if you’re the youngest but you’re definitely part of the makane line

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: you always talk about fanfics but i’m curious… do you write your own?

I used to write a lot of fa fiction, I wrote Harry Potter and Avengers but only the avengers stuff is still up. I’m currently working on some twice fics though, a Shadowhunters AU and a Carmilla AU

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: YOU CALLED US ‘KIDS’ IM FEELING SMOL


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The Daily Gate City and Constitution-Democrat, Keokuk, Iowa, May 12, 1917  

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The Playboy Murder

Beautiful Dorothy Hoogstratten (better known by her stage name Dorothy Stratten) was a shy, awkward teenager when she met Paul Snider, a money hungry hustler who immediately saw the potential for fame in the buxom blonde. Dorothy had struggled with self-esteem issues her entire life, and despite her ethereal looks she did not consider herself worthy enough of a mans attention until Paul Snider came along.

The two fell in love and got married in June 1978, and soon after the wedding Snider persuaded Stratten to pose for nude photos, which he secretly sent off to Playboy magazine. Just a few months later the pair moved to Los Angeles, where Dorothy became a finalist in the Playboy Bunny Hunt competition. She met Hugh Hefner and worked as a dancer in his Playboy Club, and Snider encouraged her to audition for movie roles. To help her get roles, Snider bullied Dorothy into dying her hair peroxide blonde, and forced her to undertake a gruelling diet and exercise regimen. Dorothy’s hard work paid off when she featured as Playboy’s “Playmate of the Month” for August 1979, and she was also voted “Playmate of the year 1980”.

In 1980 Dorothy starred in her first (and only) movie, ‘Galaxina’, where she plays a beautiful robot. At the movie’s first screening, Hugh Hefner pulled Dorothy aside and warned her to keep away from Snider. “He’s a hustler and a pimp. He’s just using you” Hefner reportedly said. Dorothy made the fatal mistake of telling her husband about this remark, and Snider grew even more jealous and paranoid over his beautiful young wife.

Snider began beating Dorothy, flying into rages about the affairs he believed Dorothy must be having. He prohibited her from leaving the house without him, took away her car keys, and would stand next to Dorothy when she talked on the phone. Her friends desperately tried to seek help for her, but Stratten would always blame herself for his behaviour and make excuses for the bruises that were showing up on her body with increasing regularity.

In April 1980 Dorothy fell in love with Peter Bogdanovich, the director of the new film she had scored a lead role in. Snider hired a private detective to spy on her, and when he discovered his wife’s affair he reportedly threatened to kill Dorothy and “ruin that pretty face”. Dorothy and Peter moved in together at his mansion in Beverley Hills, and by August Dorothy had filed for divorce.

On August 14, 1980, Snider rang Dorothy and asked to meet her at his house to talk about an amicable divorce. Dorothy enthusiastically agreed and withdrew $1000 to give to Snider.

What happened next is unclear. Dorothy arrived at Snider’s house around noon, and at some point during the night Snider beat Dorothy and tied her into an elaborate BDSM harness. He violently raped and sodomized her, before shooting her in the face at point-blank range with a 12-gauge shotgun. Snider raped her dead body again, aimed the gun at his head, and committed suicide.

The landlord of the house discovered the two nude bodies the next day. Dorothy was only 20 years old, and Hugh Hefner wrote this about her in an article:

“Dorothy took my breath away. She had this beautiful inner quality about her that was so charming, so innocent, and it touched everything in the room”

Six Pikachu wearing Ash’s Cap Event was announced for Japan

6 Pikachu using Ash’s Cap are going to be distribute for the Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! in Japan.

The event is going to be a serial code event, and it can be found on the movie tickets. Players can only get 1 code and it comes with a special Pikachushumium Z Crystal.

Event Dates:

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Hello everyone!

Here are the first dates for the Mass Effect Andromeda Appreciation Weeks (followed by the blog hosting the week). Thank you to all hosts!

May 1 to May 7: MEA Appreciation Week (general) - @heleusdaily
May 8 to May 14: Ryder Appreciation Week - @everythingryder
May 15 to May 21: Krogan Appreciation Week - @that-lizard-hunch
May 22 to May 28:  /
May 29 to June 4: Drack Appreciation Week - @nakmordrackweek
June 5 to June 11:
June 12 to June 18: Cora Appreciation Week - @coraappreciationweek
June 19 to June 25: Vetra Appreciation Week - @continuousspec
June 26 to July 2: Reyes Appreciation Week - @right-in-the-andromeda
July 3 to July 9:  Gil Appreciation Week - @gilbroody
July 10 to July 16: Sloane Appreciation Week - @omegastation
July 17 to July 23: Liam Appreciation Week - @peebeeandgay
July 24 to July 30: Jaal Appreciation Week - @magicrobins
July 31 to August 6: Angara Appreciation Week - @feralsaarebas
August 7 to August 13: Nexus Leader & Personnel Week - @14months-stillnotoiletpaper
August 14 to August 20: Suvi Appreciation Week - @omegastation
August 21 to August 27: Lexi Appreciation Week - @forensicdaffodil
August 28 to September 3: Kallo Appreciation Week - @kalloappreciationweek
September 4 to September 10: LGBTQIA+ Characters Week - @continuousspec
September 11 to September 17: Pathfinders Appreciation Week - @pathfinder-helius
September 18 to September 24: Peebee Appreciation Week -@heckyeahpeanutbutter

Other Appreciation weeks (such as Ryders of Color Week) will have dates confirmed soon!