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Every time I think of Gwyn having to take Mosk and Eran everywhere, I just imagine them all traveling. Mosk is in the back w/ headphones in sitting next to Ash who’s got severe munchies. Fenwrel digging in her bag for snacks bc she’s the ultimate mom friend. Gulvi is sitting next to Eran, glaring at him. Eran’s bitching about how Gwyn is a bad driver and just being like “Hey, hey Gwyn. YOU SUCK.” Augus is riding shotgun and being the car dj. Gwyn is driving & gripping the steering wheel (1/2)

(2/2) to the point where his knuckles are white. Ash sharing pringles w/ Mosk. Frenwel trying to braid Gulvi’s hair from the back seat. Augus “accidentally” puts on his sex playlist and doesn’t change it bc mainly he likes it and Eran hates it (also he likes seeing the tips of Gwyn’s ears go red @ certain songs). Gulvi threatening to cut off some of Eran’s fingers if he doesn’t quit bitching and he goes quiet for the rest of the trip (except to ask Ash how Mosk is holding up).             


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Let’s be real anon that is way nicer than what actually happens, lol.


Since I’ve read about Augus and Gwyn dancing in COFT for the first time, I wasn’t able to let go of all the beautiful images in my head. I have already drawn them sorta dancing, exactly a year ago (check it to see the difference to this one lol). But out of all the, ah, peaceful things I imagine them do, dancing is my favorite.

And I love this kind of dancing when partners don’t even touch each other. For some reason, it feels even more intimate.

@not-poignant , some soft things for you, with all the love from me.

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Would Augus ever try and incorporate drugs of some sort into a scene or is that a no no for both of them?

From Augus’ perspective, he already has? There’s a scene in The Court of Five Thrones where he makes Gwyn take two drugs that alter his physiology/metabolism pretty significantly. (And he makes a mild miscalculation on one of the doses in the process as Gwyn doesn’t always react properly to drugs with his metabolism). One was certainly significant enough that Gwyn had had it used on him before as a literal torture device.

Augus is actually pretty knowledgeable about different fae drugs, especially the ones made from plants, and he’s made a good trade selling them in the past (along with painkillers and medicines). (The waterweed from his hair has properties that can be used for a lot of different potions/ointments etc.) He doesn’t like working with mind altering substances in scenes because they can be unpredictable, and in his line of work, he just thinks it’s flat out irresponsible. So he tends to stick to physiology altering drugs, which he’ll pretty happily use. (He was pretty damn delighted in the scene where he used them, it’s the chapter called Heat if you want to check it out!)

He had huge words in his chest. Giant, meaningful words that he couldn’t say without feeling like he was being crushed. But he could think them, and he could imagine that Augus knew they were there.

-The Court of Five Thrones, Pia Foxhall ( @not-poignant)

(i´ve finished reading this today and i am SO EMOTIONAL i had to make this soft!gwny/augus edit im so glad these two get at least a little bit of peace and quiet )


I’ll just… let everything speak for itself. Ah… I hope @not-poignant will offer me an asylum in case any waterhorses come for my head…?

Also, Gwyn, the hockeyplayer, called me and said that skater Augus is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. Also, the hospital called, said that they have someone named Ash, who has almost died from laughter after seeing his brother rapping.

I wanted to do something creative for New Year’s Day, and I sort of wish I had written a Belldom drabble or something like that. But I spent a lot of time rereading @not-poignant’s Fae Tales last year, and I’m sure I will be this year as well. So, I think it’s only natural.

Have a splendid new year! :)



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I am made of impossible things. Swamps that grow in darkness without the sun to kiss the leaves awake and unfurling. I was born in a lake that had no love for me and demanded my survival. I was given a brother I was never supposed to have. I was an Unseelie King who fell for a Seelie King who wasn’t Seelie. - Game Theory


I have no freaking idea when I will have enough energy again to finish Gwyn, at least his reference, so I’m posting this separately.

So, high school/college/uni/whatever AU with a pinch of magical powers. Because, apparently, I was bored and because I love classic AUs.

Very simple setting, Augus (who not-exactly-legally lives with his little brother Ash but without a guardian at the age of 17) and Gwyn (the same age) go to the same establishment, interacting only briefly because Gwyn always hides with his sketchbook (oh yes, I’m letting the boy draw something other than maps) and headphones, and Augus spends free time either preparing for the next class or talking to Ash on the phone.

Some people have magical powers (nothing really powerful, some simple stuff), or Talents, and must be registered and wear a badge (like Augus’ on the pic). Augus is a flora whisperer, he helps plants grow and is very sensitive to the toxic stuff, because of that he lives beside the border of the town to be able to breath clean air. And Gwyn can control electricity. Remember how I said Talents aren’t powerful? Well, I lied a little, ‘cause Gwyn is a really special snowflake yet again, being able to control even lightning, more so - he can control it over a ridiculously long distance. Basically, he is dangerous af, and - what you know - not registered. You can imagine Augus’ awe when he will see Gwyn literally taming a lightning. Oh, and Ash is a cute 7-year-old potato who can change his hair and eye colour.

And I, like, didn’t want to invent something.,. grim? Gwyn’s family is a bunch of wealthy dicks, but no stuff like beating him or anything. The worst that Efnisien has ever done is to burn one of Gwyn’s sketchbooks (which, okay, hurt a little a lot), the worst that Crielle has done is sabotaging his painting lessons by refusing to pay for them (Gwyn picked up a bunch of jobs where he could discreetly use his talent). Lludd… well, he is galloping over cities doing some business. Gwyn himself is very quiet, independent and doesn’t go out much. At first year of college fellow students tried to befriend them, but soon it became a standing knowledge that Gwyn is better left alone.

Gwyn meets Augus in the park where Gwyn spends the majority of his free time, sketching random people. That time he was drawing a cute kid whose hair flared up yellow and red when he was laughing. Augus thought him a creep for staring at his little brother, but Gwyn apologised and showed him his sketchbook and they worked everything out, especially when Augus remembered him from the college. Basically, after that Augus sits with him on the breaks between classes, sometimes they talk, sometimes not. If they talk, it’s about Ash’s shenanigans, Gwyn’s art and that time he travelled over the world, Augus’ summer work in the antique shop.

tl;dr, this is an inelaborate college AU with powers that is so very self-indulgent and sweet.

@not-poignant , hope it’s not too ‘wtf did you come up with’ to read :’D

For the people who’ve been waiting a million years for me to finally start my Augus/Gwyn smutfest, I’ve started it.

First chapter will go up as early release on Patreon (for the $5+ tier folk) and then be released to AO3 a few weeks later. Still working on it though.

Er, the word for the day is fisting, I guess? ??

‘’If there’s a prize for rotten judgment
I guess I’ve already won that
No man is worth the aggravation
That’s ancient history–been there done that’’

Here’s the first illustration of my new drawing challenge ‘’Disney fae tales’’ where I’m matching @not-poignant ‘s fae characters with a Disney song.
Augus is my first victim of course B) I think this song would be perfect for him just when he’s starting to fall in love with Gwyn in Game Theory.

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About that one answer where you mentioned Augus encourages Gwyn's coldness towards him, why does he? Does it have anything to do with keeping up appearances or how the fae still view Augus and/or Gwyn or how Augus/both personally feel about it or something else?

It’s all to do with keeping up appearances mostly. Augus has no interest in making Gwyn a ‘softer’ King or a softer person around anyone else. In fact, he encourages Gwyn’s crueller streak as a commander/ruler, knowing that Gwyn is the Unseelie King and needs to present himself as such.

Augus is also very protective of Gwyn’s softer aspects / more vulnerable aspects. He figures that Gwyn’s gone his whole life without really revealing that to others, and he doesn’t think that now - when he’s ascended to the Unseelie throne - is the time to start. I suppose that it’s also that he knows it’s important to Gwyn, and he cares about what Gwyn cares about (to a point).

Gwyn also has no interest in it either, really? He 100% has put a lot of his time and energy into how he comes across in general, in public, and has no interest in other fae finding him ‘accessible’ or ‘easy to talk to.’ While he sometimes laments that he doesn’t have closer connections to fae, or envies Ash’s ability to make bonds, for the most part he very much enjoys people seeing him as remote and inaccessible.

So yeah, if Augus started punishing Gwyn for say, being cold towards Augus in public, that would go against what they’ve both worked to build together, and also what Augus has found fascinating and inspiring in Gwyn since the beginning, and since he started digging under that facade himself. He’s been grateful for Gwyn’s ability to ‘assume the role of King’ even as it changes his attitude/character around others. As far as Augus is concerned, it’s a very functional coping mechanism and one he thinks could actually save the Unseelie Court.

It’s entirely different when Gwyn is cold and awful to him in private though. Augus doesn’t have much patience with that. Some, but not much, lol.