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The assassins first asking out their S/O? Love your blog! :)

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Altaïr couldn’t stop scowling for the whole day. He was just so nervous, what if they said no? That would be mortifying.

“You’re overreacting, I’m sure you’ll be fine.” Malik had assured him earlier.

Yeah right.

When he saw you leaning on one of the railings in one of the hallways that lined the Masyaf base he audibly gulped before slowly approaching you.

“Oh! Hello Altaïr!” You smiled at him as he approached you and stood up straight to focus all of your attention on him. But you frowned when you saw that he was very tense and slightly flushed. “Are you alright? Have you gotten sick?” you looked up at him with concern etched onto your features.

“No! It’s just that, um.” He struggled to find the words before sighing and looking you dead in the eye. “I was just wondering if you wanted to go to town together one day, spend the day together?”

You smiled up at him and he flushed even deeper, “I’d love to.”

Ezio was such a nervous wreck. He had no idea why he was so nervous either. He was such a suave charmer with women and had them hanging onto his every word, but you were different. He couldn’t fight off the blush that came across his face when you were around and he found himself tripping over his words when he spoke to you. But today was going to be the day, today he’ll ask you out.

He sauntered over to your desk were you were currently seated at, doing some paperwork.

“Hello.” He drawled.

“Hi Ezio,” You smiled kindly at him. “Is there something you need?

“Yes I was just um,” Damnit. “I was wondering if you wanted to,” oh my god. “Ifyouwantedtogooutwithme?” He spoke it to quickly you could barely catch what he said, but when you did you smiled gently.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

Connor was pacing around the kitchen of his house, hand on his chin deep in thought. After spending so much time around you he came to realize that he definitely liked you as more than a friend, but how would he even tell you that? Every time he spoke to you he’d blush and stutter. He was stirred from his thoughts by a gentle rapping at the door and briskly walked over to answer it, ready to tell whoever was behind it that he was busy right now. What he didn’t expect, however, was to see you standing on the other side, smiling at him.

“Hello Connor! I hope you don’t mind me dropping by?”

He flushed a deep crimson, “No it’s alright, is there something you needed?” He moved to the side to let you walk into the house.

“Well you just seemed a little under the weather lately, even now your face is all red! I was just worried you were coming down with a fever or something.”

“I am fine.”

“Still, and I heard you were going on a supply run tomorrow. I don’t think you should, you’re coming down with something!”

“I’m not! But,” he looked off the side blushing, “If you’re so worried, you should come with me tomorrow.”

“Alright!” You smiled at him before striding out of the house.

Connor heaved a heavy sigh, well it was a start.

Edward and his crew were celebrating a successful raid on a ship they had just plundered and were currently loading up the Jackdaw with all the supplies they just got. Edward threw an arm around your shoulder and hugged you to his side. You laughed before wincing and yanking up your sleeve to find that a stray bullet grazed your arm.

Immediately Edward took your injured arm in his hands and inspected the wound, He scowled at it before bringing you to his Captain’s Quarters to patch it up.

“Edward I’m fine I can handle it myself.”

“I know you can but it’s my fault you got hurt, please let me fix it.”

You sighed and nodded as Edward cleaned the wound and wrapped it in a strip of clean cloth.

“You owe me Kenway.” You joked.

“Okay I’ll take you out for drinks tonight after we dock the Jackdaw!”

“Are you serious?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” He flashed you a cheeky grin.

You were an old friend of Arno’s, well more like his old flame but you never knew that. You had recently moved to Paris and immediately got in touch with the Frenchman. He was ecstatic to hear that you moved to the city and immediately sought you out.

You were still sorting through your belongings when you heard an excited rap come from your door.

“Coming!” You called as you brushed your hands off on your skirt before walking over to open the door, pleasantly surprised to find Arno standing behind it, grinning from ear to ear. “Arno!” You smiled widely at him as you stepped aside to let him walk in.

“It’s so nice to see you again.” Arno smiled as he neared you and wrapped you up in a tight hug. Although it was surprising you didn’t fight back and opted to settle into his arms, relishing in the heat his body gave off.

The two of you stood like that for a while before you gently pulled back and asked, “So what can I do for you?”

He looked off to the side nervously as he released you from the hug and his arms came to settle at his sides, “Well, since you moved in I was wondering if you wanted a tour of my lovely city.” He smiled nervously at you.

You smiled brightly at him, “Of course!”

Your back was currently pressed flush against a red brick wall in an alley as you glared down at the group of Blighters that were leering lecherously down at you, smirking grossly. They were blocking your only exit out of the alley and were steadily getting closer and closer to your form.

“Why not come spend the day with us miss? I promise you won’t regret it.” One man smiled as he reached out at you, which you swatted away annoyedly.

“I’d rather not.” You growled at them.

“Don’t hit him like that!” One of his friends came closer to you, an irked expression on his face before he went stiff and fell face forward into the pavement. The other two men whipped around only to face the same fate. Once everything was done you looked up at your saviour.

Jacob!” You cried happily as he approached you, slipping his brass knuckles into the pocket of his jacket and smiled cockily at you.

“Look at the mess you keep getting yourself into!” He chuckled.

“They started it!”

“Either way,” He tugged you so you were pressed against his side, arm wrapped securely around your waist. “how about we walk around together for the rest of the day hm?” he hummed.

You said nothing, only smiling as the two of you left the alley together.

Evie! We have a new contract!” You called out as you entered one of the cars on the Frye twin’s hideout.

“She’s in the third car down.” Came Jacob’s groggy voice as your eyes caught him lying on the couch, probably sleeping, as least until you walked in a caused a ruckus.

“Sorry Jacob!” You apologized as you walked past him, patting his shoulder in apology as you left. He merely grumbled and settled back to sleep.

“Evie!” You called as you entered the car she was in the find her sitting in an arm chair, nose deep in a book. At the sound of your voice she bookmarked her page before setting the book down and looking up at you. You passed the paper to her and waited patiently as she read it over, finally nodding before handing the paper back to you.

“How do you want to start?” She asked softly.

“Well I was thinking we do some reconnaissance before we make any plans.”

“Good idea, when do you want to go do it?”

We were going to do it together? “Well I was thinking tomorrow, best to start early right?”

She nodded. “Alright we’ll meet here. It’s a date.” She smirked at you and a blush overtook your features.

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fryemetothemoon asked: The Assassins reactions to after witnessing their S/O being murdered by a Templar.

A/N: Sorry these all sounded kind of the same. But they’d all kind of react the same way. Also again guys, only send in requests through the ask box.

Altaïr: His heart would stop when he saw that Templar deliver the finishing blow. When he saw your body fall limp onto the ground and blood pool all around you all he could see was red. He would lunge at the Templar and instantly kill him. Then he would just sit by and cradle your body, trying to fight off the tears that threatened to spill from his eyes.

Ezio: He couldn’t save yet another person he loved from the Templars. He would rush the Templar and kill them in and instant and then some. Once he was done he’d carry your body away from the scene of the battle and give you a proper burial

Connor: Rage. Rage was all the felt when he saw the light leave your eyes. He’ll kill any enemy unfortunate to stand in his path until he found the person that killed you and made sure to make. Them. Pay.

Edward: He felt half of himself die in that instant, watched your body fall limp to the ground, eyes open wide but dead. The Templar had gotten away and all Edward could do was crawl over to you and hold you tight against his body, sobbing into your hair.

Arno: He’d incapacitate the Templar from a distance and then rush over to you, holding you just in time to see the last if your life seep out of your body. He’d just kind of sit there for a moment, taking in your death before he stood up and gave the Templar a swift end. He wasn’t going to let your death go to waste if he couldn’t even end the person that brought your life to an end too soon.

Jacob: He’d scream in despair when he saw you die by the Templar’s hand and, as if his body moved on his own, would tackle the Templar to the ground and throw punch after punch after punch. Until the Templar was unconscious, until blood spattered Jacob’s face, until the Templar was long dead and not even recognizable anymore. Even then he didn’t stop. He’d have to be physically restrained by someone before he broke down and cried.

Evie: She never deviated from the mission, ever. But she’s never watched the love of her life die in front of her eyes. She instantly went numb, giving the Templar time to escape. Her body was like lead when he dragged herself over to your body. She knew it was too late, she should have protected you.

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UK auditor may probe WSJ Europe circulation

ELP sponsored 12,000 daily copies of the WSJ – about 16 percent of its total circulation, the Guardian said. Such sponsorship deals are controversial, but not unusual.The WSJ Europe’s publisher Andrew Langhoff quit on Tuesday, and parent company Dow Jones, a unit of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp , said the reason was ethical issues raised by the paper’s commercial relationship with ELP.The Journal said the Guardian article was “replete with untruths and malign interpretations”.The Guardian has led an investigative campaign into phone-hacking practices at another Murdoch newspaper, Britain’s News of the World, which was shut down earlier this year as a result.ABC UK said it had examined the scheme when it was first set up in 2009 and again when it audited the July-December 2010 circulation figures, and found it to be in order.“More recently we have re-examined the scheme based on some new evidence available. There now appears to be additional new information which may give grounds for further investigation,” ABC UK’s Chief Executive Jerry Wright, who is also president of the International Federation of ABCs, said in an emailed statement.The organisation added that such investigations were confidential until complete, and their results only published in cases where complaints were upheld.ELP issued a statement denying it had been involved in any scheme to artifically boost the Journal’s circulation, or that it had been promised any editorial coverage.“ELP is not pleased that our name appears in this context which seems to be driven by internal dynamics in WSJE and the current investigative climate around News Corp organizations,” the company said.A spokesman for ABC in the United States said there was no additional audit or investigation planned of the circulation practices of the Journal’s U.S. edition.News Corp acquired the Journal, a trophy purchase for Murdoch, as part of Dow Jones in 2007.