by Andy Thomas 

 Announcing EMIT r3, the third release of my Quartz Composer Library designed to make creating complex, dynamic, and reactive visuals easier in Quartz Composer.

There are almost double the patches from release 2: a Connections patch that mimics Plexus in After Effects, a Momentary Fire patch to trigger animations on the fly, an audio accelerated BPM patch time for Resolume, as well as new structure, iterator, color, number, and vector tools.

Have fun, make cool shit, and please share what you create!

Download the library
See the new changes


- d r e a r -

audio - c418

visuals - @netgrind


pixelord - UFO

Rendered out a series of audio reactive videos for my friends at weirdkids​ new collection. Watch the full set here




A Processing experiment I started in NYC while waiting on some friends…yes, that means I code in random public places. I’m able to use Perlin noise (used mostly for procedural modeling and texturing algorithms) and a beat detection class built with the Minim real-time audio analysis library for Java to construct waves. Separate sets use the hat, kick, and snare beats to modify wave parameters, and vertical shifts are tempered with a small amount of sinusoidal motion. 


This is my first art installation. It features images and motion graphics that I’ve created. These images and motion graphics are then put through various filters that react to audio in the program called ‘Magic.’


By Todd Moyer aka Buff Laser.  Demo of rotation tracking and a single projector, plus some audio reactivity and other effects.


Client: Exhilo
Creative Agency: Bekker
Creatives: Peter Holsgrove, Nick Cannons, KORB
Production Company: Stink
Producers: Edward Grann, Lina Paskeviciute
Director: Rimantas Lukavicius
VFX / Design company: KORB
Sound design: Michael Fakesch
Year of completion: 2011