Everyone go watch the audience choice awards right now

• there was an open bar
• they haven’t filmed any other years because of what happened in 2013
• you get to watch all of your favourite broadway stars get smashed in one evening and then give each other awards
• Sierra Boggess
• Aaron Tveit
• seriously just go watch it it’s on youtube


“Baka Bukas” (2016) Trailer (with eng subs)

For those who don’t know what my previous post was about.

“Baka Bukas” was a film in competition for the Cinema One Originals Film Festival 2016. This film won the Best Actress Award (Jasmine Curtis, Alex), along with Best Sound and Audience Choice Award. I was able to experience the overflowing support for the film. It was very hard to buy tickets for this movie as they always seem to run out before lunchtime. That’s why I went to the cinemas the moment they open. Yes, I was that desperate hahah Luckily, I got to watch it and I am glad I did. Just the fact that this movie was being shown in cinemas in our country, is already a great feat on its own. Story wise, it’s very relatable especially to all “Millenials” whether you are gay or not. Along with the plot that the girl is in love with her best friend. Who wouldnt be able to relate with that? not gonna spoil you guys some more but I just want you to know that this is a must watch movie!!

As reportedly earlier, “Baka Bukas” will be shown in cinemas this March! Be sure to watch it!

i refuse to have dear evan hansen sweep the tonys like it did the audience choice awards. all of the shows nominated are just as good, if not better, than dear evan hansen and are deserving of recognition. give groundhog day its recognition. give come from away its recognition. give falsettos its recognition. great comet. anastastia. miss saigon. ALL OF THESE SHOWS DESERVE RECOGNITION! i will not let dear evan hansen rob them of it

Okay I know I’ve been saying that Mike Faist shouldn’t win, and it’s not because I hate him or anything. He is a good actor. But the others nominated are much better. I understand why he’s nominated. But he’s not the best of the nominations. The only reason I’ve been posting a lot about not wanting him to win is because the Dear Evan Hansen fandom is turning into the Hamilton fandom. It’s extending way beyond the Broadway fandom. The Audience Choice Awards have proved just that. Mike Faist was barely on stage. His character was a big part of the show but he was literally only on stage for 20 minutes.

His portrayal of his character is incomparable to Andrew Rannells performance of Whizzer from Falsettos. He made every single heart in the audience cry. He made every person feel something. He moved everyone. You could even hear the intense emotions in his songs. The first time I listened to The Games I Play, I had to stop what I was doing because I was overcome with so much emotion.

And I connect more with Dear Evan Hansen than with Falsettos. I don’t have a family I love like Jason does. I don’t have someone like Whizzer. I don’t know anyone who has had aids. No one close to me has ever died.

But I have social anxiety, which causes me to be a pathological liar. I am rude, and was suicidal at one point of my life. I’m not close to either of my parents.

Yet I was able to connect with Whizzer, a character in which I don’t see myself in, more than I was able to connect with Connor, a character I see parts of myself in.

It’s not the characters. It’s the actors. And yes there’s no denying that Mike Faist is a good actor, but he barely has parts in the show, while Andrew has two solo songs. Andrew’s performance also moves people way more that Mike’s.

So I’m not hating on Mike because I am biased towards Andrew. I do not support Mike because I feel Andrew is a better actor.