percy jackson movie

*in that one white girl voice* hey my names percy..and im..not like those other boys. oh no, i’m not aggressive, or..goth or..some blonde hunk. im just percy. *pans to blonde girl* that’s annabeth. she is sooo hot. how does one describe the level of hotness of the great annabeth chase. shes like if *insert some famous architect* and *insert wisdom goddess* had a lovechild it would be her. *pans back to him* but im…just percy. this is my story. *plays dirty little secret by all american rejects*

Caresse l’horizon de la nuit, cherche le cœur de jais que l’aube recouvre de chair. Il mettrait dans tes yeux des pensées innocentes, des flammes, des ailes et des verdures que le soleil n’invente pas.

Ce n’est pas la nuit qui te manque, mais sa puissance.

—  Paul Eluard