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hi can we hear about your ocs,!

hi!! yes!!!!!!! 

  • alyx loves to wear awful tshirts she finds online
    • alyx, sending a shirt w bart simpson on it to kole: buy this for me
  • kole likes to wear comfy clothes and he likes rlly soft things lol 
  • kole hasn’t slept in 857 years and most of it is alyx’s fault
  • alyx’s favorite animal is the squirrel! kole rlly likes cats bc. soft
  • aubrey is v book smart while her gf ru is v ppl smart and together they’re unstoppable
  • ru and alyx are an unstoppable force
  • matt is v cursed the only person who 100% enjoys his company is alyx lmao

Aubrey Plaza as Lenny Busker

“Plaza also plays the part with a gender-neutral lean; once Hawley changed the character for her, she demanded that he keep Lenny’s dialogue and the action the same. Seen through this lens, it suddenly makes sense that Busker goes around making crass remarks about women and muttering vintage phrases like ‘You got what the kids these days call moxie.’” [x]