yo does anyone remember meerkat manor? that show that was like full on game of thrones but with actual real actual meerkats? and they all had names and clans and there was so much fucking drama all the time? like when Mozart left the family for Carlos but Carlos already had another meerkat biddy, and then Flower was stuck taking care of all the kids by herself??? and then Carlos FUCKING DIED and that BITCH ate all of Mozart’s babies?? AND THEN FRANK KEPT ON ATTAKING FLOWER AND THE FAM BECAUSE HE WAS A DICK, AND THEN FLOWER FUCKING DIED?? LIKE, DOES ANYONE REMEMBER

Rustie enlists the bruiser himself, Danny Brown to lend his voice to his new single “Attak” off his upcoming album Green Language. Prepare your self for Danny’s rapid fire rhymes and be sure to buy the Danny Brown “Smokin & Drinkin” EP now featuring remixes by Boys Noize, TroyBoi, Jack Beats and DJ Sliink, now!


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“Attak (feat. Danny Brown)” - by Rustie.