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Don't you think Isayama is only playing the edgy autor by teasing a 'possible relationship' between his 2 most popular male charas?? It kinda feels forced, especially ever since the second popularity poll came out


How is Isayama playing edgy by expanding the relationship between Erwin and Levi? If anything, he’s being edgy towards homophobic norms on magazines but…

Erwin and Levi’s relationship isn’t forced in the least? A forced relationship comes when love suddenly happen between characters who rarely interacted or talked to each other in a casual way. This isn’t the case for Erwin and Levi:

Petra describing Levi’s initial situation to Eren - Ch. 20

From this panel alone, all you can do is develop their relationship. Not to mention, Erwin (and eruri) weren’t always that popular. I don’t recall seeing him in the first one anyway. And popularity or not, people appreciate Erwin and Levi for reasons other than shipping. While eruri is a major pairing in the fandom, it’s nothing compared to the quantity of comics/fanarts related to ere//ri. I’ve been browsing the first 15 pages of the shingeki tag on Pixiv and ere//ri clearly dominates the place, yet the relationship between Eren and Levi is peaking down even faster than the Cargo Titan.

So yeah, Levi treasures Erwin and vice-versa. It doesn’t feel forced in the least. There’s no “fujo conspiracy” or whatever. 

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I can see Levi as gay, but Erwin... he didn't seem in love with Levi :(

Just taking account of the latest chapters, Erwin only shown his vulnerable side and swapped to informal speech with Levi, away from the panicking new recruits. That alone demonstrates even in his desperate moments, Erwin still needs somebody to confide to. Meaning Levi. Just that scene demonstrates a high level of trust.

Not only that, but their conversations can be quite casual for a commander/subordinate relationship:

Above, Erwin making snarky remarks at Levi (ch. 51) ; Below, Erwin laughing at Levi’s threat (ch. 72)

They allow themselves to be snarky and exchange casual words. Chapter 72 was another example and Levi in it was getting quickly annoyed when Erwin still talked to him with the formal tone. If you base yourself on the extra material, Erwin spends part of the SC’s budget on Levi’s tea.

Also, there’s that genuine expression of concern he did when he learned Levi killed several members of the MP:

Erwin shocked by the announcement of Stohess’ mayor - Ch. 61

Ergo, it definitely wasn’t onesided. Erwin would even confide Levi his dream off-panel and I’m pretty sure we’re going to hear about it in the next chapter, considering it’s probably something about discovering the outside world or uncovering the truth behind humanity, something that’s apparently common to his father as evidenced by the conversation in chapter 80.

Commission for @crazy-little-nerd For their fic. Check it out!

Eren in Wonderland


I didn’t want to marry him.
I followed a small individual into a club,
I remember little but that cocky face,
That mesmerizing grin,
Two idiots,
The smoke blown in my face,
One crazy person,
And the two sent to get me.
All because she wouldn’t let me have my fun.

Eren is struggling to accept the fact his mother wants him to marry a man of her choice.
When he decides to follow a guy into a club nearby, everything takes a bit of a strange turn.
He meets several people with uncanny similarities to Alice in wonderland personas while he submerges in his own, wicked, version of wonderland.