My Fandoms in Four Words

Rwby: Girls and guns fighting

Fullmetal Alchemist Series: DON’T CALL ME PIPSQUEAK!!!!

Fairytail: Boobs butt boobs butt


Ouran High School Host Club: Homosexuals everywhere and roses

Attack On Titan: Eren stahp shouting pls

Seven Deadly Sins: Meliodas grabs Elizabeth’s boobs

Blue Exorcist: Rin is a demon

Naruto: Naruto and Sasuke fight

Yuri!! On Ice: Gay ice skaters kiss


The Devil Is A Part Timer: Demons, demons, and demons

Gurren Lagann: Now everyone is dead

Black Butler: Sebaciel or Sebasgrell, choose.

Ok when I got down to think about all the drama with the lifespans and everything– I came to realize this:

If Eren himself said that he has 8 years left to live, that means he got the serum from his dad 5 years ago. (8+5=13 years lifespan after getting the serum)

I believe we know that Eren’s birth year is 835. We know he got the serum in year 845, because that’s when the walls fell originally. 

Which means Eren was 10 years old when he got the serum, and if he got the serum 5 years ago: Then Eren is really only 15. 

We know (because of the whole iconic ‘it’s been 5 years’ line) that the Colossal Titan returned in year 850, 5 years after its original appearance (845). 

Which means that Eren has been the same age (15) for pretty much the entirety of the series as we know.

Which means that all the traumatic experiences Eren and his peers experienced thus far happened in the s a m e   y e a r  and they’re all still functioning.

And they are  F i f t e e n   y e a r   o l d   c h i l d r e n. 

I feel like this might be something we’ve all known in the back of our heads but I really felt like this needed to be brought to light and reiterated. 

All of this? Is nothing that the average fifteen year old child should experience/be capable of handling. These kids have all handled way, way more than their fair share and frankly it’s astounding that all of them that are left simply even having the guts/will to keep living. 

I am shook.


“Making the right choice isn’t easy.
Have faith in us.”

The kindest soldier💕

A collection of my Petra cosplay, photos taken on Grouse Mountain.
📷: scott tsai studio




So I made a post about this a little while ago, and Maroon 5 gives me too many feels like 99% of the time and it’s probably not healthy. Thinking of this song as Eremika added a lot of emotional feelings to what was already a pretty emotional week, so this is probably the most emotional story I’ve written in a long time. 

Anywho, yes, this song is based on Maroon 5′s Daylight, and I’d like to thank @daydream24-7 for being my 4 AM salt bud earlier this week :B & for being perpetual M5 trash with me and @a-heartablaze for lowkey killing me with the headcanon that Mikasa carries on Eren’s child as a legacy, and I really can’t agree with that more. 

Also, s/o to my sis ( @jaegsae ) for being my beta read and forever crying partner for this story <3



“Eren…” a voice calls out to him, softly.

A small sliver of the sun’s rays grazes over his face, as he squints his eyes and nuzzles his face into the back of her neck in response.

No… it’s a dream. I’m not getting up.

“…Eren…” the voice returns, with a hint of urgency.

This time, he opens one eye, using his hands to slowly push himself up from the bed, peering through the near darkness to pinpoint the voice’s source.

But, it doesn’t take long, and he soon meets the owner’s gaze, his icy blue eyes shining in the light of the small lantern he holds.

Eren shakes his head, eyes already taking a desperate and sad appearance. Armin turns away, nodding his head slightly, unable to look at his friend when he seems like he’ll shatter into a thousand pieces any second.

It breaks Armin’s heart.

The brunet leans back towards the bed, wanting nothing more to submit himself to its warmth, to her warmth and forget about the world around him.

And though he hates doing this more than anyone, Armin beckons him again, pleading “Eren…”, hoping that he’ll oblige and get up this time, for even he doesn’t know how long he’ll be able to maintain his composure.

Eren mumbles back in response, “…no…”

“Please, Eren…” the blond returns, already feeling his throat clench up, “Don’t make this harder for me…”

“…Five minutes…” Eren trails off, squeezing his eyes shut and pulling the girl’s warm body towards himself.

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anonymous asked:

Oh hey! Your anon asks is finally on. Saw the requests thing. Ereri (ofc). But I'm between 16 (defending each other) and 23 (wounded). Both would fit so well with the Mafia!Au. Choose between those two, cause I can't decide.

(I chose 23!!)

post-gang war calls for tender moments between these two,,,,