Atomic Floyd

The song “Summer ‘68″ from the band’s fifth studio album “Atom Heart Mother”, written by Richard Wright, was according to him the only song he loved out of all the songs he has ever written for the band, because he thought that in this song he managed to express his true feelings. “Summer ‘68″ took the first position in “The Telegraph” magazine’s list of 50 “hits that never were” - great album tracks that became forgotten and underrated.

If I were the moon, I’d be cool
If I were a book, I would bend for you
If I were a good man, I’d understand
The spaces between friends.
—  Pink Floyd - If                                                                                                 Atom Heart Mother (1970)
Progressive Rock Medley
Progressive Rock Medley

Progressive Rock Medley

Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother

Chris Squire - Safe

Sui Generis - Tango En Segunda

Pink Floyd - Any Colour You Like

Genesis - Firth Of Fifth

Frank Zappa - Peaches In Regalia

Invisible - El Anillo del Capitán Beto

Bruford - Back to The Beginning

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Tarkus

Rick Wakeman - Catherine of Aragon

Serú Girán - La Grasa de Las Capitales

Yes - The Gates of Delirium

Pink Floyd - Sheep

Yes - Clap

Invisible - Encadenado Al Ánima

King Crimson - Thela Hun Ginjeet

Luis Alberto Spinetta - A 18’ Del Sol

Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick (Part I)

Camel - Freefall

La Máquina de Hacer Pájaros - Hipercandombe

Yes - Heart Of The Sunrise

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Hoedown

Yes - Tempus Fugit

Yes - Close To The Edge


Today, October 2nd, is the 46th birthday of “Atom Heart Mother”.

Pink Floyd’s 5th studio album, “Atom Heart Mother” was recorded between February and August 1970, and was released in the same year. It is notable for being their first album not to feature the band’s name on the cover, which would eventually become a trend for Pink Floyd. The album sold about 900,000 copies worldwide, and peaked at 1st in the UK charts and 55th in the US Billboard 200.