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OK. That’s me done the bomb. A catch up of 250 pages, covering the something like 10 days since I last did a decent update. Should calm down now.

Here is the last post of the evening. Ryuichi Sakamoto playing live in London. Photo by me, taken as part of his set with Alva Noto. Brilliant music, brilliant visuals.


Silver Sound - False Memories


Silver Sound (Atom TM) - Zillefunk


Midisport - Florianopoly (Phony)

Uwe Schmidt aka Atom TM designed most if not all of the inserts for his legendary techno imprint Rather Interesting under the credits “design sampling by linger decoree”. The CD booklet for Midisport – 14 Footballers in Milk Chocolate is a favorite example of the deadpan humor, fearless oddity and demonstrative detail found throughout the Rather Interesting catalog both visually and musically.

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Coeur Atomique

Picked up a copy of this record years ago, still awesome!


Atom TM - Pop HD (Edit)

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This is one of my favorite albums of 2013.There is just something about the cheesy message and excellent mixing of this album that makes it a perfect parody of mass produced “corporate pop” that Uwe Schmidt seems to hate so much. I cant see it as a coincidence that this was released the same day as Timberlakes 20/20 Experience. Though there are a couple lyrics that really force me to roll my eyes and gag a bit, this is such a well put together album that I must recommend it to all audiophiles.

I have to single out Sound of Decay, it is such a beautiful use of corrupted and decomposing audio quality. Whilst the audio quality of youtube prevents you from catching the finer details of the mixing, you will certainly get the idea.