I had a competitive Mario Kart DS experience about a DECADE ago that still haunts me to this very day.

I did most of my racing online and frequented the Nintendo forums. I was a pretty good online racer. There were people, however, that held world records on Time Trials.They were people who seemed to race like machines, getting the right drifts on every turn. They spent hours shaving time off of their best records trying to achieve a perfect run. They were consistent in every way.

One night, I got matched up with John, Kurtis, and this other guy Husky who at the time, held the record for Rainbow Road. And I’m just there as my 12 or 13 year old self like “omg I know this guy. He’s really good.” 

I felt my competitive side take over. My hands were ready to burn. I wanted to beat him.  I wanted to win.

3 out of 4 races down and I somehow managed to make my way into 1st place on the leaderboard.  

The final track was selected: Mario Circuit. 

The whole race was a huge struggle. We were battling it out in one of the closest races I’d ever had. Items flew and karts clashed as we all fought to pull ahead from the rest.

We were nearing the finish line. With the way the score was, all I had to do was at least place 2nd to get enough points to win the whole match. John and I were neck and neck with Husky trailing two seconds behind. 

Finally, we sped towards the final turn. At the turn, I began hugging it tighter. If I could just hug it a bit tighter than John, I could win. Suddenly, it felt like time slowed as I began pulling ahead. The finish line was going to be within my sight in less than a second. I was going to win. I was going to prove myself.

(Following images are not from my POV)

I could have just gotten 2nd on that track and secured my win for the match. But guess who decided to go try-hard only for it to blow up in her face. Let’s play spot the idiot below:


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