Atmospheric Sludge Metal

You can’t really go wrong with Neurosis, especially if you’re a fan of metal. Metal itself is honestly a cheesy as fuck genre with so much trash but Oakland based sludge metallers Neurosis have just plodded along with an astonishingly stable lineup for almost 30 years. 

Times of Grace is follows their thunderous 1996 release, Through Silver In Blood. This is a great follow up. It’s definitely just as good, and some people will prefer it over TSiB because of how Steven von Till and Scott Kelly have been allowed to incorporate more of their folk songwriting. A lot of people will class the quieter parts as post-rock but that’s not quite correct. This is folk and metal, mixed as one, fluidly and wonderfully. This is song writing at it’s utmost best.

This is a band (and album) that I honestly think anyone who likes music has to listen to at least twice in their life. These guys are not here for the accolades or the fame or the appreciation. These guys are here to create music for the sake of music. And it’s brilliant.



Cult of Luna, Live at Hellfest, France, June 2013.



Isis– Over Root and Thorn


Thou- Something in the Way

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Pelican - Lathe Biosas

Sample from their next EP “Ataraxia/Taraxis”, to be released in april 2012


neurosis - the last you’ll know


“Drowning By Wing Beats,” Downfall of Gaia