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The sociopath in me

sitting back tonight I decided to poke around in statistical mathematics and the parabola of average human intelligence to look closer at an idea I’ve had lingering in the back of my mind for years.

If ‘testtube babies’ were brought forth from the top 10% of the human IQ range( IQ 120+). when those children are in their 20’s you could take the top 10% of their intellectual range and repeat the process. Then mathematically, it is plausible that in the Gen4 subjects lowest possible IQ would be greater than the highest in our current intellectual range. that would take 80 years… Which means that if I were to be sadistic and malevolent enough. I could do this in my lifetime.

Question is. Could I?

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dear gr8 writing tips i only have half of my piece done and my deadline is the 26th and i won't have time to write tomorrow and i'm procrastinating what helpful tips do you have to stop procrastinating is there such a thing or am i doomed thanks

only allow yourself to breathe once for every twenty words written that often helps. having a very skewed blood/caffeine content preferable

don’t switch off tumblr though it’s scientifically proven that tumblr enhances your muscles and your brain and helps you type faster