• atlantis writers: you want a canon gay couple on family tv?
  • atlantis writers: who also happen to be main characters?
  • atlantis writers: who don't actually get questioned about their sexuality by other characters because it's not a big deal?
  • atlantis writers: we got it covered!
  • bbc: cancel it

George Reeves,don’t know,Noel Neill and Gene LaBell-SUPERMAN (1952-1958)

Gene LaBell was an stuntman/actor who was also in theses superhero movies/shows-

.the GREEN HORNET (1966) TV




.DARKMAN (1990)



.SPIDERMAN 2 (2004)

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If you don’t think Samantha Carter is the most important feminist icon on television you are wrong...

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Name: Atlantis

Format: TV Show

Network: BBC

Maturity Rating: TV14/PG13

Warnings/Triggers: none that I know of

Stars: Jack Donnelly, Mark Addy, Aiysha Hart, Robert Emms, Sarah Parish, Jemima Rooper, Alexander Siddig

Whump: shot, beaten, bruised, bloody, poisoned, sick, some sort of magical illness, etc.

Genre(s): Period, Action, Greek Mythology

Synopsis: Jason (Jack Donnelly) washes up on the shores of a mysterious and ancient land that is full of bull-leaping, snake-haired goddesses and vast palaces. It is the land of Atlantis. Beneath its surface lies a dark past and a web of treachery. While there in search of his father, Jason becomes embroiled in a perilous game of politics and power from which there is no escape. Assisted by studious Pythagoras (Robert Emms) and overbearing Hercules (Mark Addy), he embarks on a voyage of discovery and salvation that takes the trio through many Greek myths and legends.

Status: Ended/Cancelled

Years Running: 2013-2015

TRAILER(S) > | Season 1 | Season 2 |

Season(s): 2

Episodes: 26 (13 per season)

WTW: iTunes, Amazon Video, Vudu

Notes/Extra/Comments: This is a good show, man. The whump is satisfying af.

So confused

Ok. So Stargate Atlantis is on tv so I’m doing a re-watch. Episode 7 was on last night, and now I am confused.

When did Sheppard get put in command?

In ep 3 or so, Bates and Weir just unilaterally make a decision about what to do about restricting the movement of the Athosians. Sheppard doesn’t even get consulted. Which would make sense if he wasn’t in charge. He also jets off in a puddlejumper with Ford in the middle of trying to suss out if there are spies. Which would make sense if he wasn’t in charge. But later in the ep he dismisses Bates with a word… which shouldn’t happen unless he outranks him.

The Hoffan Virus? He really didn’t seem to be the final word on any decision that was being made. Heck, he didn’t even seem to want to be responsible for telling them the wraith were awake… probably snark, but he told McKay to do it.

Did I miss something?

  • disney studio executive: so you say you have an idea of what we should do with gravity falls, now that it's over
  • me: yes, see, now that we know the stans are sailing the world investigating anomalies, we have spin-off potential
  • exec: okay.....
  • me: so they come across something big
  • me: and there's information on it in a journal
  • exec: the journals are--
  • me: in the hands of another paranormal researcher....
  • exec: you're that person that keeps trying to convince us to go through with that atlantis tv series aren't you
  • me: HEAR ME OUT
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