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I’ve been learning how to edit every single day!! By observing and taking notes about what to click and what certain terms mean, etc. and by actually DOING. 

 I’ve helped to attach & edit animations for 5, 5:30, &6pm live newshows and have done CG and lower third graphics for a newshow.  TRANSLATION= making sure the video/images/graphics are edited and match the script/audio that is shown during the newscast.

However, there can be a LOT of last minute changes in scripts and computers/equipment have a mind of their own, but all of this teaches patience.

 Having a behind the scenes look at how things are done and the time it takes to create something gives you other perspectives of situations. There really wouldn’t be a news or television show without the producers, video editors, audio/sound technicians, content managers and sooo much more.                                                       

                                                  SOME ADVICE  


· Don’t limit yourself, it’s great to be versatile, learn everything you can from editors, producers, reporters, etc. while you’re there!

· Take notes

· Thank the people that take time out of their schedule to help and talk to you. Don’t forget to get their contact information too!

·   Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help

·   Bring a light jacket/sweater, it’s usually cold when there’s a lot of computer/technical equipment around. 

·   Hand Sanitizer….“everyone” is touching the same equipment

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I was driving by when they filmed this. Wonder if I can see my car in the background…

I just kicked the AJC's ass!

Check out this letter I wrote to the Atlanta Journal Constitution after I signed up for a subscription and they never sent me any newspapers!

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing regarding the account number in the subject head above.  Just to be clear, I have NEVER received a newspaper from the AJC since I signed up for home delivery.  I do live in an apartment, so I figured that might be the cause.  When a representative contacted me about a balance on my account, I let her know that I had never received any newspapers.  She was supposed to be looking into for me but never got back with me.  I understand that things happen, but I never got an answer.  Not only that, but I never received a single newspaper.  I am really disappointed by the AJC, and want the balance from my account removed.  Not only because I didn’t receive my newspapers, but also because of the poor customer service.  Any other company would have found out what the problem was and made sure that my item was delivered to me in a timely manner.  But that’s not all.  You also had the audacity to send me invoices asking for money, and have your representatives call me to ask for money, when you couldn’t even deliver the product to me.  If I had known this was going to be the case I would not have bothered wasting my time in the first place.

There is no need to start sending papers to me now, if you even figured out what was wrong.  I started buying my papers from the Kroger store across the street, and I am more than happy with this new arrangement. I would appreciate if you DID NOT have any of your representatives contact me directly about this, since I have had more than I can deal with from the AJC. 

Please remove the “past due balance” of $9.07 from my account immediately.  It’s just bad business practice to charge for a service that you don’t even provide to the customer.


Candace Juhan
Account # XXXXX004