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Novak at his pre tournament press conference at the Rogers Cup on Sunday

Novak on his early loss at Wimbledon: “I trust that everything happens for a reason. Obviously, I didn’t enjoy losing in the first week of a Grand Slam, but the next day everything was behind me. I had so many things to do in my private life, and was very much engaged in other activities—first of all being a husband and father, and then everything else aside that. You can always learn more from your losses than your wins. I had to look back and try to understand not just what happened in that match but in the six months prior to that… and that loss at Wimbledon cannot overshadow the results of the last 15 months.”

“Winning the French Open was very special, very emotional, took a lot out of me. So I’m just glad that I was able to go through that part of the season, experience the ups and downs—and now it’s a new beginning.”

“I think it’s all about balance, quality as well as quantity. At least it has worked for me. It’s important to have as much attention to the down time, the recovery, the mental and character work you put in as much as the physical work, as building muscles. To spend the same time thinking about your mind, and the way things work, and strengthen your character in order to get the best out of yourself as a person and as a professional athlete. It’s hard to keep that consistency and high performance going for a long time without your body or mind taking a toll.”

Novak on the Olympics: “Olympic bronze stands out as one of the highest achievements I have because it comes from the most renowned sports event that has the most value in the history of sport. Carrying the flag for Serbia in London was also an unforgettable experience, and I look forward to Rio, I really do. It’s a huge honour to be part of the games… There’s no other event like the Olympics.”

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Novak played some hockey with NHL players at the Rogers Cup in Toronto on Sunday.

Novak: “It was a unique opportunity to share an experience with [NHL players] in their environment. At the same time, it was not an ice rink, so it allowed me and the other tennis players to move around freely. It was the first time that I played hockey, ice rink or not. I enjoyed it, you don’t get these opportunities too often, so I tried to make the best out of it.”

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