I got a couple things done on my to-do list this weekend, so I rewarded myself with doing some art to go along with chapter 18 of Athene Noctua. Feel bad because I could’ve fixed up some things with anatomy and posing and stuff, but I kind of stayed up past my bedtime. Le sigh.

I can’t remember who suggested it, but awhile I ago I remember someone saying Bill Nighy would make a good choice for Hermann’s dad, so that’s who I used as Lars Gottlieb’s face model.

I really like the first one because Newt isn’t so much YELLING as he is SNARLING. He is the ‘dragon’ in this 'Owl and Dragon’ series after all.


More art things inspired by pickle-plum’s Athene Noctua story. Still gonna finish the other one I had going, but I needed to get something a little quicker done for my own peace of mind.

I didn’t color in Newt’s tattoos this time, as I figured maybe Newt fell asleep while reading, and hadn’t quite been able to get his bookmark, one of Hermann’s feathers, back in place, and Hermann walked in during that moment.