Another new femShep, and last of the old Shep re-runs! Athena Shepard, paragon, vanguard, will be romancing Thane. Also she has the old N7 armor because I cannot with my love for it. 

So I have a confession: up until Pandora’s re-run (the one with the Ashley facemod) I had only ever played ME on easy mode because I really, really suck at games. :‘c BUT I managed to get through Pandora on normal pretty easily so for Athena I am trying my hand at playing on Veteran! Horizon went about as well as expected, to be honest. That is to say not in the slightest. Fucking scions. 

Mass Effect Fanfiction: Sharing the Burden

Author’s note:

This is a raw, unedited story. It deals with themes of miscarriage, pregnancy loss both past and present, and a crisis of faith. It is personally, acutely, very intimately painful.

Unfortunately, it also sets up the story arc that’s been burning my brain the last few days.  Rose Athena wanted it out there. It’s out there.  This is where everything starts, but it’s not where it all ends.

Please forgive any grammatical or pacing errors.   I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to reread this and edit it.  It needed writing, though. It’s part of Rose Shepard’s story. It’s part of a lot of women’s stories. If this touches on any personal pain for anyone reading this, please know my prayers are with you. You’re not alone.

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thejbusition‘s OC Sharing Day seems lonely so I threw together this really quick. Go share your OC’s! It’s a great day to do it! 

I’m replaying the ME trilogy and created these two yesterday so their bios are going to be pretty short. 

First is Adrian “Dre” Shepard. Spacer, Sole Survivor, Soldier, specializing in sniper work. He was born to be a soldier and stays neutral down the line until it concerns keeping squadmates and civilians safe. So he leans Paragon. He doesn’t lose his temper or patience too often but when he does the Council is normally involved. He can’t stand politics. He will eventually romance Miranda.

Second is Athena Shepard. Earthborn, Sole Survivor, Infiltrator, again specializing in sniper work. Athena is not the name her parents gave her. She has no memories of her parents, and until she was 10 went only by Shepard on the streets. To this day, she really only goes by Commander or Shepard. Athena was given to her by the man that kept her and a group of other orphans alive whom they dubbed The Professor because he kept them safe with knowledge and stealth rather than guns and brute force. He knew all kinds of random things and named her after the ancient Greek goddess and Shepard took that name as her first name when she enlisted. She is an utter sweetheart and skews almost entirely Paragon. However, she is extremely adept at keeping Commander and Shepard separate (ie who she is on the battlefield and who she is on the ship, on shore leave, outside of combat). A switch flips and she is the soldier she needs to be, making tough decisions, not allowing them to cloud her focus or judgement and only mourns after she is alone and the mission is completed. She’s going to romance Kaidan throughout.

Mass Effect Fanfiction Drabble - Sync (Edited)

It’s the third time they’ve had to learn each other. It should get easier every time, Kaidan thinks, but it doesn’t. The fundamental core of Shepard is always there; that particular ability of hers to take an insane risk and make it work in nanoseconds of response time and with the barest layer of skin between her and disaster. But the way she moves is slightly different every time he’s had to relearn her; tiny changes in balance and posture. Now she moves like the ghost he once compared her to, flitting in and out of visual range until she needs to go from breeze to hurricane and then…. oh, man. The and thens are always spectacular.

It’s hard for him to keep up, sometimes. Kaidan is a mathematical man. He likes to work in plots and patterns, and the only pattern that Shepard has is that she has none. So he starts to rely on the instincts he’s long ago taught himself to second guess. He stops reading Shepard’s position and starts reading her energy, and then…

They’re in the middle of a nasty Cerberus firefight when they synchronize. In the space of a heartbeat he stops overthinking, she stops overcompensating and they’re suddenly moving in complimentary arcs of destruction, and it’s glorious.

It’s that arc, that sync, that has Kaidan reading the threat to Shepard rather than himself. His HUD is blaring a warning about a Cerberus agent bearing down on his six, but he’s got eyes on the Phantom flitting right at Shepard, because she never looks out for her own ass if someone else’s is on the line; it’s one of the few constants she has.  

Shepard’s body language screams a warning long before her voice does. Kaidan instinctively tilts slightly right and down, feels Shepard’s bullets pass within a centimeter of his head, and doesn’t so much as blink as he takes advantage of Shepard’s temporary immobility to hit the Phantom behind her with a focused biotic slam that breaks the faceplate of her helmet and caves her skull in.

For six seconds, there’s a lull in the fighting, and their eyes meet.

Shepard looks furious, all stormy dark eyes and tight lips; Kaidan has no idea what his expression is, but odds are pretty good he’s looking equally pissed.

Shepard’s rich alto is hoarse from battlefield smoke, and packs enough punch to qualify as a stun grenade.  "Why the hell didn’t you watch your six, Alenko?“

The days of him not daring to yell at her because of rank are apparently long gone, because Kaidan feels no compunction at shouting back. "Because I knew you were. Why weren’t you watching yours?”

“Dammit. Because you were.”

Three very long seconds pass, and then…. He’s not sure, even years later, who smiles first.

He is sure that it’s been too long since Shepard’s smiled at him like that, with genuine humor softening the lush curve of her mouth. “Good to have you back, Major.”

“Likewise, Commander.”