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you just wanna detract from REAL EXISTING canadian jobs at the oil sands instead of FAKE NON EXISTENT global warming. read the book "the greatest hoax" by jim inhofe, the most powerful US senator on the environment. oh wait you dont read books because youre biased.

Nah, I’d rather trust actual climate scientists rather than oil lobbied senators. People will write anything for money. >97% of climate scientists agree that climate change exists and is caused by human activities. I’m going to take their thousands of voices over a lone US Senator.

I read tons of books. I read dozens per year.

Yes, the oil sands produces jobs, but they are short term and are detrimental to the environment, and not just climate change. They are poisoning the water and air; just take a look at the communities along the athabasca river:

Tar sands leave legacy of cancer and polluted water for aboriginal peoples

But whatever, I guess money is worth more than clean water, clean air and the ability to live.


Photographer Stuart Hall captured the Athabasca tar sands in Canada by leaning out of the plane’s window 5,000 feet up —an exhilarating rush despite the nausea bubbling in his stomach.

The Athabasca deposit lies beneath a boreal forest and peat bogs, but you’d never know it from Hall’s gritty photos. The landscape is stripped of color and texture, leaving a vast expanse of gray and black dotted by enormous machines.

Hall shot Giga Project during three week-long visits over three years. “It just goes on forever,” he says. Hall insists he isn’t trying to be political, but his photos nevertheless make you examine the ugly cost of society’s insatiable thirst for oil.

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