Atelier Shallie Opening.


The two protagonists for the next Atelier game in the series; Atelier Escha and Logy - Alchemists of the Dusk Sky. Release date is set for June 27. Platform is PS3. Regular edition is 7140 yen and the premium box set is 10920 yen.

MC profiles:

Escha Malier CV: Rie Murakawa

15 years old, 158 cm, Blood type O. She uses a secret, old type of alchemy that’s been passed down in her family through the generations. She was instructed in it as a child, but self taught after that and despite being talented is still inexperienced. She wants to be helpful to others.

Logix Ficsario CV: Kaito Ishikawa

18 years old, 173 cm, Blood type A. A young man who is a bit of a hikki and was sent off to work for a development team. He uses alchemy to enhance his swordplay and isn’t too knowledgeable about traditional alchemy.