A T A L A N T A

                                     You’d better not run with me,
                                                                said Atalanta,
                     For I shall be sure to overtake you, and that will be the end of you

                                          We’ll see about that , said Hippomenes.

Now Hippomenes, before coming to try his chance, had talked with Aphrodite, the queen of love … And he was so handsome and gentle and wise that Aphrodite took pity on him, and gave him three golden apples and told him what to do.

MODERN MYTH | Atalanta

When she’s ten she’s a joke. “No girls allowed,” they say. “You hit like a girl,” when she slaps them. She spends her teens at a mechanic shop, at the local boxing gym, then comes back at sixteen. Just shows up at a fight and knifes the rival gang’s leader, just like that, when twenty other guys failed to take him down. She’s got a collection of trophies copied right onto her skin, a souped-up ride to make any guy drool, but even then she’s only a mascot. What she really wants to do is lead. Soon she’s got her own gang, all girls, with their own rides and their own tats and their own knives. And when they’re told to “settle down, get married, leave the fighting to the boys” they just laugh and laugh. (ladymarionmacbeth)


modern aesthetic mythology | atalanta

The goddess Aphrodite was adored and feared by gods and mortals alike; none were immune to her power. Young lovers offered gifts and prayers to her, the goddess of love and beauty, in hopes of receiving her blessings….Content as one of the best athletes in her father’s kingdom, Atalanta rebels against attempts at an arranged marriage. What she doesn’t know is that Aphrodite has given her blessing to a race that will change everything. [x]

Atalanta : The Boar by BeatrizMartinVidal, 2007. Watercolor, pencil on colored paper with gouache highlights and digital color.

Atalanta was a female hero of the generation before the Trojan War, known for her skill in the hunt and for her fleetness of foot. 

She was claimed as a princess by both Arcadia and Boeotia. Abandoned as an infant on a mountain by her cruel father, she was suckled by a she-bear until she was found and taken in by kindly hunters. In her youth, she killed two centaurs when they attempted to assault her. She sailed with the Argonauts on the quest for the Golden Fleece. At the funeral games for King Pelias, she defeated Peleus, the future father of Achilles, in a wrestling match. She participated in the hunt for the Calydonian Boar,  and drew first blood, winning the head and skin as prize. 

She was later reconciled with her father, who was determined she should marry, but she announced she would only wed the man who could defeat her in a footrace. Melanion, a hero who had been mentored by Chiron, prayed to Aphrodite for help in winning Atalanta’s love. The goddess gave him three golden apples, which Melanion dropped one at a time during the race. Distracted, Atalanta stopped to examine the apples, and was unable to recover her lead in the race.  Some say the loss was intentional on her part because she loved Melanion. Their  son was Parthenopaios, who became one of the Seven against Thebes.

Atalanta’s racetrack was a landmark in Arcadia into the Roman era. Pausanias saw, on his travels in the second century CE, the flowing spring in Laconia that had been created by Atalanta when, becoming thirsty on a hunt, she struck the rock with her spear and caused water to gush forth. The tusks of the Calydonian Boar were displayed at the temple of Athena Alea in Tegea where Atalanta had offered them as a dedication. Pausanias said that one of the tusks was broken, but the remaining one was about half a furlong (3 ft/ 91 cm) in circumference. This temple was discovered by French archaeologists in the 1880s. Its pediment was decorated with scenes of of the Calydonian hunt, and an altar was covered with the tusks of wild boar left by hunters in honor of Atalanta.

I love my asexual girlfriend. I think she is perfect the way she is. I promise to never:

  • pressure her into having sex
  • tell her/imply that if she loves me enough, she will have sex with me
  • act like I will leave her if we don’t have sex
  • talk about sex like it’s an integral part of anything
  • tell her/imply that she can’t enjoy sex
  • tell her/imply that she must enjoy sex
  • draw other conclusions from the fact she is not sexually attracted to me
  • use the fact she is not sexually attracted to me against her
  • delegitimize her feelings or the ways she relates to people
  • tell her/imply she is inventing prejudice
  • expect that someday we will have sex/write it off as ‘she’s not ready *yet*’

Sincerely, an allosexual