not 2 be overdramatic but when J ValJ sings “another story must begin” , rips up his yellow ticket in time to the string and horn beats, then throws the pieces in the moment of nothingness and then your entire soul is suspended in that silence cause u know in 1 second everything is about 2 change then suddenly the waterfall strings of At the End of the Day burst through the silence like a man gasping for air moments after nearly drowning combined with a holy chorus of seraphim ushering in the end of days, is maybe one of the best parts of les mis

Snarky anons who keep going, “Lolol, I can’t wait to see what you have to say when Rey isn’t a Skywalker!”

You know what I’ll have to say? Not a damn thing. I’ll express a little disappointment that my top theory didn’t make the cut, but otherwise I’ll get over it, remove the ReySky link from my blog’s “favoritags” list, and enjoy whatever the real story is. Because quite frankly, I’m a Star Wars fan first and foremost, and my enjoyment of this series isn’t hinging on whether or not Rey came from Luke’s sperm. Hell, even if one of my least favorite parentage theories is canon, I’ll at least see how the movie explains it first before I start sharpening my pitchfork. And, if ReySky is canon, I certainly won’t be trolling into ReyKens’ inboxes or whatever and dropping nasty messages.

Now you? I know what you’re going to do. If ReySky doesn’t become canon, you’re very likely in that group of people who will be flooding the ReySky tag and dropping all sorts of nasty posts. You’ll be on ReySky fans’ blogs and gloating through cowardly anon asks. If ReySky IS canon, you’ll do the same damn thing, just with different content. You quite clearly have nothing better to do with your time, but I guess that much is to be expected from a group of trolls who are so obsessed with which womb a fictional character came from that they’re willing to result to harassment over it.

And you know what? I just find that sad.

Grow up. I’m serious. This parentage debate has made the fandom so toxic that there are people genuinely afraid of how the fandom atmosphere will turn out once we all finally find out the truth. There have been people sent suicide baits over this crap. Sadly, there will be people who will continue to get suicide baits. And frankly, that should NOT be flying around here. I don’t care what your reasons are for hating the theories you hate, because there is never an excuse.

You’re the one that I want at the end of the day.
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thank you so so much for the response to this fic over the last few days. I’m on my phone so I can’t respond to the comments I want to respond to on AO3 but I’m genuinely so overwhelmed by the response to it!!! thank you ❤️

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i cant be the only one who feels weird about the whole Liam/Cheryl thing?? sometimes things feel so legit, other times it just seems so.. uncomfortable. granted i dont know liam whatsoever but the pairing is so strange to me. the whole relationship just feels rushed/not genuine maybe? i might just feel like that bc of the constant crap we've been thrown of the years concerning PR and relationships so idk id like to know someone else's feelings on it

i agree, like i’ve always found the liam/cheryl thing to super shady. i think it did start of as a stunt. idk if it is or isn’t now. but at the same time liam seems super thrilled to be a dad and i think that is genuine? but also i’m confused and there’s always a part of my mind that is side eyeing this whole thing because being in this fandom has made my always second guess everything. who even knows at this point, i’m literally just 🤷🏻‍♀️emoji