When Michael woke up first, he’d stay in bed for a while but he’d quickly get bored and wanted you to be awake too so he’d jump up and down on the bed and start yelling “WAKE UP (Y/N)!! WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP” and you’d groan and pull the covers over your head, but he’d just steal them and run away and you were so mad at him, that you’d start running after him and once you reach him you jump on top of him, making him lose balance and fall and by then you’d both be laughing really loud. He’d put his hands on your waist and kiss you and you’d whisper “I hate you, Clifford.” and he’d laugh again and say “Hey, at least you’re out of bed now.”

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top 5 puns :,D

Oh no, y’all are gonna hate me

1. Why did the scarecrow get a promotion? BECAUSE HE WAS OUTSTANDING IN HIS FIELD. :D

2. What did the fish say when he ran into the wall? DAM :D

3. Did you hear about the guy whose entire left side was cut off? HE’S ALL RIGHT NOW :D

4. I got hit in the head with a soda can today. AT LEAST IT WAS A SOFT DRINK :D

5. I used to be a banker. THEN I LOST INTEREST :D

we-live-to-serve said: He leans up and accepts the light kiss, his frail hands gently cup Jonas’ cheeks and he chuckles softly. “I’m glad you’re finally smiling.”

ah … “ now he felt a little bad. mizuki had noticed his foul mood and gotten worried. but still, when he was playing with those ears on top of his partner’s head, everything felt that it was going to be alright. “ i’m sorry i made you worry. but i see now, there’s hope for the world. if nothing else, at least i have a boyfriend who would put on kitty ears for me —— a stranger would think he was joking, but he was really a hundred percent serious. leans down for another kiss, on the lips this time.  i love you … so, so much. 

But imagine writer!Ashton so focused on writing his new book that he hadn’t paid attention to you in days, so you try your best to distract him. But as you’re in a park, you have to keep it at least a bit pg, so you would take his computer away from him, before straddling him and putting his fedora on top of your head. He would sigh, whining but secretly loving it, before dropping tons of small pecks all over your face, his smile getting bigger because there’s nothing in the world he loves more than your giggles

À la carte

For the britchell contribution fest .

Mitchell steps thought the door and into the office. It seems oddly quiet without Dawn sitting in her usual spot behind her desk but it’s good she isn’t there. They took this precaution to make sure she will be fine and nothing bad happens to her. Mitchell knows there are some things Anders wouldn’t forgive himself. Killing Dawn is one of them.

With one last look at the empty desk he walks though to the main office and finds Anders there, sitting on top of his own desk, a pile of photos scattered across the smooth surface. The blond picks one of them up and turns to Mitchell, showing him the barely clothed lady that wears some kind of bathing costume, at least Mitchell hopes it is one.

“What do you think. Dinner?”

Mitchell’s eyes flicker from the photograph back up to the blond man, a frown on his face as he shakes his head slowly. “You’re not some kind of modern Jack the Ripper.”

“Pity. That guy sure knew how to live.” Sighing dramatically Anders drops the photo back onto the table and turns to look through some more, all of them more or less dressed ladies. “Maybe that one. She really does look delicious.”

Mitchell watches Anders. His movements are somewhat jittery and stiff, as if his body is to tight to hold all of him inside. “You’re hungry. That’s completely normal.”

“I don’t think normal ever applied to my life.” Pushing a picture aside Anders picks up another one to inspect it closer. That’s when Mitchell notices the light tremor in his hands.

“Hey,” he says gently and takes a step closer. He hooks his fingers into the belt loops of Anders’ pants and tugs gently until the blond lowers the photograph back onto the table and looks at him. “That’s just the hunger messing with you. We should go to the hospital. I’m sure Michele can help us out again, get us some really fresh blood. That will make it easier.”

It’s not like drinking directly from the vein, Mitchell knows that, but a really fresh blood donation is almost as good. They just need to make sure there is as less time as possible between donation and meal, then all will be fine for a little while, even if Anders as a new vampire needs to feed more often than Mitchell does.

Anders shrugs his shoulders at Mitchell’s suggestion, his eyes slowly going back to the photographs on his desk. Mitchell cups his cheeks gently and forces his attention back to himself, thumbs caressing the stubbly cheeks. “You can drink a bit from me before we go. How does that sound?”

A slow smile spreads on Anders’ lips. Mitchell watches as his eyes turn completely black and he can’t help but think it’s beautiful.

Let’s Go!

Request: one where reader has some kind of “thing” with reid and is also kind of in the morgan/garcia teasing friend group; morgan only flirts with garcia and tries to get reader and reid together (other than that i don’t really care about the setting just make it fluffy and cute)

A/N: I hope this is ok or at least even remotely close to what you were hoping for!

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Short college roommate AU with Kasamatsu and Hayama please? :3 something fluffy with female reader please. Thank you!!

(My two Leo boyfriends. I’ll be roommates with them any day)

Hayama Koutarou: Your favorite thing about being roommates with Hayama, despite getting to see your lover every day, was that he often walked around shirtless. You go to admire his muscles from your place on the couch, turning to face him and stare at him as he walked into the kitchen to get himself a bowl of cereal. He can feel your eyes on his back and ignores you until he’s got at least one spoonful of food in his mouth, as he wasn’t a morning person and wouldn’t be any time soon. Walking over to join you on the couch, he sits as close as possible to you and lays his head on his shoulder, accidentally dribbling some milk down his chin as the spoon misses; the two of you laugh together, your head tilting to rest on top of his as you enjoyed the peaceful morning hours together.

Kasamatsu Yukio: Kasamatsu liked to keep the house relatively clean, always prepared to scold you for leaving a bowl in the sink unwashed or littering the bathroom floor with your shed clothing. He was too high strung for his own good, something you often commented on, but finally you saw the stress getting to him when he yelled at you for seemingly no reason. Knowing he didn’t mean it offensively and that he was just having a rough time, you took it upon yourself to cheer him up and bring back the Kasamatsu you knew; you turn on the music channel on your television and grab onto his hands, ignoring his protests as you have him parade around the living room with you. He tries to fight your actions at first but you can tell he’s beginning to loosen up, and soon you’re both twirling around the room together, big smiles on both of your faces as the upbeat song comes to an end.

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He made her eat reptile parts? Is it okay if you tell me some other sadistic things he done so I can improve my rp style for him

Oh yes, drinking the reptile parts was his MB Maniac 3. She fainted after he drank a lot of blood and this was his…er…less than ideal solution to help her heal up quicker. Well let’s see…off the top of my head he’s thrown her out a window and caught her at the last minute only so he could drink in her terror. He’s locked her up in a dungeon and left her there for who knows how long. He choked her in his Do-S CD. She asked him not to bite her neck because others would see it and ends up biting her all over the place (or it was implied to happen, at least). She ends up crying while chopping onions and when he demands she cry more because it was arousing and she can’t, he bites her fingertip to try to make her. He asks her the most painful place to be bitten so he can bite there. He shoves her to the ground (given, he only did that because of the Adam transformation driving him to extremes, iirc). Most of the really extreme things happen on the full moon because Subaru isn’t able to control himself during that time very well. I remember him relaxing in one chapter because he lost control and didn’t have to worry himself over holding back any longer. I’d give you links to all these places but I’m on mobile, so if you would like me to I could send them to you when I have my computer back~ Also published in case other Subaru roleplayers could benefit~ Edit: Ah about the reptile parts, she didn’t end up drinking it but almost did, I misread that. Her displeased sounds threw me off. She weaseled her way out at the last second, lucky Yui!

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School was starting to kick back into full gear for the next semester, and Ventus had gotten himself prepared for the year. However, he needed some down time to himself, as he was on top of the roof of the school of Hopes Peak. "At least I got stuff done. Time just to rest up..." Ventus says as he yawned, and layed down on his back to rest.

“Heads up! Coming in for a landing!”

A few feet away, soaring through the air, was Akane. 

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Hi ❤ I'm new of the Bonkai fandom (I'm more into Klaroline) so I was looking for a good fan fiction about them. Can you suggest me some?

Hi!! Always welcoming new fans! <3 Um, where to start? THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD FANFICS I could go all day listing, and I have so much catching up to do reading bonkai fanfics myself.

Anyway I’ll list a few off the top of my head that have at least 6 chapters or more(most of these fics below are still ongoing)

Sharpen Your Knife by thefudge

By and Down by thenameismaynard

Hell Is Other People by reluctantrenegade

The Charade

Crazy On You by thundershirts

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Percabeth shower/getting dressed headcanons?

  • When they shower together, they barely talk. 
  • Most of the time, Percy wants Annabeth to relax and feel good. 
  • Percy gives her massages, everywhere, until she’s a puddle of relaxation.
  • Usually these showers last two hours, tops. 
  • Getting dressed, Annabeth is always in some hurry. 
  • She always has her outfits planned out the night before, especially for work.
  • Percy never knows what he’s going to wear.
  • At least for his work clothes, Annabeth helps him out in the morning since he’s running around getting all of his last minute stuff together.
  • Work clothes, Annabeth always looks professional and ready to work. Percy has more of a laid back professional look, but he always gets work done and knows what he’s talking about.
  • Both are jeans and a t-shirt kind of people on their days off. 


10: Neck Kiss

It had been strange to see Frollo in such a new light; the kindness in which he showed the several felines which lived in his room, how he tentatively treated her and made sure that she was alright. It was not the ideal situation Esmeralda had been hoping for, but he was keeping true to his word about keeping her safe.

Leaving Notre Dame had been a mistake in a way, then his confession when she was about to perform…and then she followed him here. The only thing which bothered her, was that she was not free. The doors closed and were locked all the time. Another prison.

Esmeralda had felt incredibly lonely and could not wait for Frollo to return back, so at least she could see someone. It happened so strongly one day he returned, that Esmeralda rushed over to him and embraced him tightly. Their height difference wasn’t large, but he was tall enough that the top of her head rested perfectly under his chin.

“I missed you.” The Romani dancer admitted as she looked up at him, her red lips so close to his skin. She could not help it, there was such a desire to kiss him…Esmeralda’s emerald eyes faltered from his eyes and then to his neck, which was slightly exposed from his collar.

She would not be able to reach his lips, so Esmeralda leaned in and kissed the skin close enough…his neck. Closing her eyes, the dancer at first nibbled his skin before kissing him passionately. ‘Don’t leave me.”

As evening had set in,the minister had surely returned after addressing his court. Fully clothed in his judge's robes,with the hood pushes back. The man hadn’t had a moment to spare to change for he desired to check up on his romani. 

The door creaked upon his entering and his eyes eagerly awaited to get a glimpse of Esmeralda. Such a relief it was to see she was still here,even though he had sealed all possible exits. 

“ You must excuse my attire,I hadn’t had time to change.”

Her sudden act of affection startled Claude as she had never willingly embraced him in such a manner. Though he did not shove her away,his eyes gazed down upon her,slowly his arms wrapped around her.

You missed,me?” 

Claude began to mumble as her words had puzzled him,had she had a change of heart. Most of her words would consist of her people and leaving,yet not once she mentioned them. His blue eyes narrowed to her emerald eyes.

The contact of her lips upon his pale skin was alarming,the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. In all his dreams he had never imagined Esmeralda to kiss him in such a way. Did she come to desire him as well?

His breathing picked up,yet he tried to remain stiff,in truth the warm her lips  caused him to burn with passion inside. Shutting his own eyes he tried to respond to her command. 

Esmeralda’s words repeating themselves within his mind,words he could never imagine her say. 

“ …I promise I will not leave..Not yet.” 

I Thought I Told You No: M.C.

A thank you too 5sos-visual-blurbs for giving me this idea!!

I was scared to come home afterwards, I didn’t want him to think it was weird or something. Well, too late now. After I went to get the tattoo, I went to get food for dinner. I wanted to be like the cute couples online and get a tattoo matching Michael’s elbow tattoo. At least I didn’t have to worry about hiding it, since I was wearing a long sleeve shirt. Once home, Michael followed me into the kitchen, to hug me from behind and kiss the top of my head. The pretty much “tradition” of me coming home from work.

“Hey, baby.” Michael said while still hugging me.

“Okay, what do you want?” I asked knowing by the tone of his voice he wanted something.

“Um, cuddles and video games?” It came out more like a question and sounding much less confident than his usual self. I finished putting away the groceries and walked over to the couch, under his watchful eye. Not even hesitating and following quickly, he reached for the other controller. We played some video games for a while, until it got hotter in the room. Completely forgetting about the tattoo, I rolled my sleeves up.

“Want something to drink?” Michael asked while getting up off the couch.

“Just some water, please.” I just sat and waited until he got back to the room.

“Here.” As I reached out for the water and tried to take it, he kept hold of it. I looked back to see his green eyes staring at the plastic covered tattoo.


“I thought I told you not to get a tattoo, (Y/n)” He sighed.

“I know but-”

“You shouldn’t have gotten it. I know tattoos hurt and I don’t want you to be hurt”

“I know you don’t want me to be hurt, and it didn’t, that much.” I added quieter than the rest. “I wanted to be like those cute couples, with the matching tattoos” Michael sighed and handed me my water. He sat back on the couch and pulled me into him.

“Okay, it does look pretty cool, but we were already so much cuter than the couples online.” You both laughed and you gave him a closer look at your identical tattoo.


Homme Lion Doll - locking : Skar 

This is the beautiful lion doll “Skar” with dowie eyes.
His face is full of male like charming together with a mystic and distingue sense.
His body has a powerful muscle and shows male like aura
Skar gets buffed but has a very fitted body

* Included: Glamor Model Doll body (vampire hands parts), skar head, eyes, box, 2 cushions, warranty, doll manual

* Clothes Set:Muzzle, Top, Pants, Arm ornaments, Whip
* Eyes: (Made in Korea) Life Like Acrylic 20mm - grey
* Wig : (8-9) MX Blended Mohair Wig (Brown)
* Shoes : Glamor Model - Gix Boots (Black)

* As based on ‘Production after order’ system, your order can’t be canceled, after paying.
* In process: 30 business days at least  

* Notice: blood mark at the face and hands is done for the fitting purpose at the photo.
Doll will ship without blood mark.
Customer who want to add blood mark to the face and hands, please leave memo at the comment section when you make order.:))

==> Homme Lion doll Body size

1. Tall  : 72cm
2. Body length not include a head : 64cm
3. Length from hip to knee : 20cm
4. Length from knee to calf  : 21cm
5. Circumference of neck  : 11.5cm
6. Width of shoulders  : 11.5cm
7. Circumference of chest  : 29.5cm
8. Circumference of waist  : 22cm
9. Circumference of hips  : 26cm
10. Circumference of Wrist  : 7cm
11. Length from shoulder to wrist include a wrist ball  : 23cm
12. Circumference of ankle  : 9cm
13. Length from hip to Heel : 43cm
14. Length of Foot size : 10cm

PDA with Michael would include:

• butt grabbing

• scolding him for the constant butt grabbing

• “Babbbbeeee let me motorboat you at least once”

• “Okay maybe I wanna do it more than once but cmon just let me pleasssee”

• constant cheek kisses

• who am I kidding? constant kisses all over your face

• holding you from behind & placing his head on top of yours

• pinching at your sides bc he’s a lil shit and knows it annoys you


• “no Michael we cannot go and do it in the car”

• wanting to hold your hand, even if you two are just standing in line at the store or something

• him wanting to hold you even more and kiss you when he sees a guy even glance at you

• him tryin to tease you but it ending in him having to go somewhere private to try and handle the boner you “accidentally” gave him

• “You’re the most beautiful girl around. I’m pretty sure, no, I know that I love you”
- “and no I’m not just saying that to get you to let me motorboat you”
- “unless you want me to. then I totally will”

Time Off - Corey and (?) ||F2F

Corey, hearing his phone go off for the third time, sat up from the position that he was laying in on the sand with a scowl on his face. He told his manager that he’d be going away to Bora Bora for a few days, a week at least, to get some time away from the bustling streets of the city and to just finally be able to breathe. Even though his manager said he understood he took every chance he could to send Corey updates on new auditions that he think he should do or where he should go when he returns. “Let me just relax in peace, can you?” He asked his phone as he typed out a quick message and turned it off before laying back down on his towel, his sunglasses still perched on the top of his head. 

For what only seemed like a minute, Corey could relax until he felt someone watching him. Opening an eye, there was something staring at him and he frowned once more. “Can’t a guy get some alone time? What do you want?”

3 Short One-Shots



As much as Clockwork would deny it, Danny knew he took at least a LITTLE pleasure in holding things above the shorters head.

“Aw, come on, Clockwork, I need that!” Danny shouted, jumping in his human form in a fruitless attempt to grab his backpack, Clockwork merely holding it higher and chuckling, watching in amusement as Danny continued to hop around. Danny suddenly realized something. ‘Wait, I have GHOST POWERS,’ he thought, quickly switching to his ghost half. Danny suddenly tackled Clockwork, surprising the time ghost, who had expected him to fly up to grab his backpack. Feeling a weight on his chest, he looked up to see Danny sitting on top of him, happily humming as he pulled his backpack towards him, and out of Clockworks grip. Throwing his backpack over towards the entrance to the Citadel, Danny felt Clockwork pull him down a second afterwards, pressing his lips to Danny’s. Danny quickly responded, laying down on the floor next to Clockwork, breaking off the kiss to cuddle into his boyfriend’s side, wrapping his arms around Clockwork to keep him pinned down. Nuzzling into his neck, Danny sighed, smiling.

“Well, I guess I don’t need it that much,” Danny whispered, kissing Clockwork again. His homework could wait, for a little while at least.

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I would totally fave all your posts as Joker X3 There are so many different versions to choose from or even make your own. I totally get what you mean about being self-conscious. I'm still very much am. I'm trying to work on that so I can actually do more cosplay. I've done a few, but nothing amazing. When Dark Knight came out I did a really crappy thrown together Joker but I enjoyed it even if it looked like crap. As long as you have fun, go for it ;3

The only thing that matters is doing what you love and have fun with it. None of us are perfect. Nothing will come out perfect because you know what? Even that perfect cosplayer you love so much can give you at least 20 things wrong with his cosplay off the top of his or her head. 

So go out there, strut your stuff, and hold your head hi because at the end of the day all of us are nothing but a bunch of weirdos dressed up like fictional characters. 

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I just had the image of Boss doing the OTP forehead touch with a corpse which is SO WRONG. It's so unsanitary?? Maybe there's plastic involved or is his neat thing different when it comes to people he's killed?



I uh

I was pretty sure that sounded familiar and I pulled up a fic I did for Alex cause I am so fucking nice I overcome my surgery phobia to write terrible Boss stuff for him and

and yeah

The Boss was panting, light headed, weak and warm. His head dropped until it met the top of the body’s lolling, lifeless head, and rested there. There was no sound save for his ragged breaths, racked with exhaustion and satisfaction.

Forehead touch is defs a thing he does. Or did. At least once.