Dean nudges Cas with his shoulder, leaning over so Cas can see his laptop screen.

“Lookit that,” he says.

Cas squints to read the article, and Dean decides against reminding him his glasses are right on top of his head because - well, it’s adorable.

“It’s about time,” Cas finally says with a smile, relaxing back into the couch.

“Hell yeah,” Dean says. He grins and waggles his eyebrows suggestively. “And now we can finally get married, right?”

“Mm. I think we should probably go out on at least a few dates before we get to that point,” Cas says dryly.

Dean snorts a laugh before realizing Cas isn’t laughing with him.

“Like you’d go on a date with me,” Dean huffs. Cas just silently raises an eyebrow at him in a way that suggests he thinks Dean is being even more obtuse than usual.

“Wait, you’d want to - really? With me?”

Cas rolls his eyes fondly. “Yes, Dean. Of course I would.” He leans in again, glasses slipping down his face a little when he tilts his head to press a soft, brief kiss to Dean’s lips. “Now get off Facebook and study, or we won’t be going anywhere.”

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20 Luke please

You need to wake up,” You groaned, shoving Luke hard in the back. “I can’t do this without you.” He mumbled something incomprehensible and curled further into himself, cocooned in the big white blankets of your bed.

“Luke. Get. Up.” 

He poked the top of his head out of the blankets when you shoved him again, “I know you say you need me, but you’ve said that before about more intimate things and then.. not really need me much at all, babe.” He smirked, proud of himself for his little joke but you rolled your eyes, yanking the blankets away from his face and down his torso.

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Hey this is a weird question but do you know of any fat bloggers who have acne or bad skin and don't professionally cover it up? I have the worst cystic acne of all time and I feel like I can't find anyone who looks like me because even if we have similar bodies everybody's skin is always so clear (or at least perfectly covered up!!!)

hi!!!  I know that (formerly fatandnerdy) has acne and I think she talks about it a bit in this makeup tutorial:
other than that, I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head that I can remember.  if any of my followers wants to reblog this/respond if you have it too or know anyone who does, that’d be awesome!


25. Secret (One Word Prompt)

You hated sneaking around and hiding your relationship with Bruce. You didn’t like the fact your relationship had to be a secret but you knew you had to, especially since you didn’t want your brother Tony to find out.

You sigh, “I hate having to keep us, a secret.”

Bruce smiles sadly, walking over to you so that he could wrap his arms around you, “I know but it’s for the best. At least for now. I don’t want Tony to ruin a great thing.”

You chuckle, “He does know who to ruin things. You’re right. Hiding it for a while longer won’t hurt.”

He kisses the top of your head, “I love you.”

You smile, wrapping you arms around his neck, “I love you too.”

Roax || F2F 6/18/2015

Jaxon was early, he’d made certain he was early. He wanted to at least be able to say hello to Reese when he arrived for his dinner plans with Rosie. With the weather being as hot as it was outside, he had made certain to dress for comfort. He was in a pair of khaki shorts with a blue tank top and white button down on over the tank. Raising his hand and knocking, Jax stepped back to wait for one of the two girls to open the door. He smiled at his sister as she allowed him inside. They sat on the couch talking while he waited for Rosie to come out so that they could head into town.


"you accidentally broke my arm when you fell out of a tree and landed on top of me" AU

Davey promised himself he wouldn’t cry, at least not until he was in the safety of his shower. He tried to calm his racing heart by repeating over and over that there was nothing more that he could’ve done, he’d studied for weeks, and sometimes exams just go that way. All in all it wasn’t very comforting, but it was keeping his expression emotionless as far as he could tell. He kept his head down, looking up through his lashes to make sure no one was going to get in the way of his brisk walk back to his dorm. The sidewalks were completely clear, most people probably off celebrating the end of finals week.
The lack of other human beings near him only served to fuel his confusion when he suddenly slammed into something hard and fell heavily onto the pavement.

“Oh Jesus. I’m so sorry oh my god are you okay?” The mass currently pinning Davey to the ground shifted to reveal a tanned face with a sharp jawline, alluring brown eyes and dark hair filled with twigs and leaf bits. The man’s features combined with the fact that his head was right in front of the sun, making him look positively angelic surrounded by his halo of light, was all very attractive, but poor Davey’s head was still spinning, and he wondered if he’d hit it too hard on the pavement.

“I’m really sorry about this. I’m Jack, by the way.”

“David- uh, Davey.” He replied. When Jack made no move to get up, Davey cleared his throat uncomfortably, wiggling a bit underneath him.

“Oh, right. S-sorry. Let me help you oh fucking hell.” Jack quickly retracted the arm he was holding on to pull Davey up with, looking disgusted. He followed his gaze, it landing on his arm, bent and twisted in a way it most certainly shouldn’t be, bleeding profusely. Davey bitterly wondered for a moment how he could possibly be this lucky.

“I don’t even feel it.” Davey observed, reaching out to poke it with his other hand. Jack grabbed his wrist before he could, pulling his arm away.

“Okay maybe we shouldn’t do that. We should go to the hospital.” Jack put one arm underneath Davey’s shoulder, the other behind his thighs and lifted him up in spite of Davey’s protests that he could walk just fine.

“Seriously, Jack. The campus hospital is right across the street I can manage.”

“Please let me do something to help.” Jack seemed rather upset, so Davey stopped arguing and focused on not bleeding on Jack’s shirt.

It took nearly an hour before someone came to check on Davey’s arm. After the first few minutes, the adrenaline began to wear off and the pain set in. He was hoping that once Jack had made sure Davey was going to be treated, he would leave him by himself, but he did no such thing. Davey’s grip on the plastic waiting room chair with his good hand was getting unbearably tight, his eyes stinging with repressed tears when Jack could no longer pretend to not notice his pain. He put his hand on top of Davey’s hesitantly, rubbing over his knuckles soothingly with his thumb.

“You’re probably wondering what I was doing in that tree.” Jack joked, trying to distract Davey from the pain in his arm.
Davey raised an eyebrow. “You were in a tree?”

“Yeah that’s…that’s how I fell on you.” Jack seemed embarrassed, and with good reason. He had broken the arm of a complete stranger who he now felt compelled to take care of while he cried. The whole situation was so absurd that Davey couldn’t quite come to terms with the fact that this was actually happening to him.

“So what were you doing in the tree?”

“Well it all started this morning,” Jack leaned forward, looking eager to tell his story. Davey smiled, choosing to listen silently to Jack’s harrowing adventures, and not comment on Jack prying his hand off of the arm of the chair and lacing his fingers with his own instead.

“I had an important final today, so of course my alarm didn’t go off.” Davey forgot about his own life as Jack spun a beautiful tale about forgotten keys and missing roommates, leading up to him climbing a tree to get through the window he had left open on the warm spring day.

“I was nearly there when I stepped onto this branch…I thought it was strong enough to hold me, but I didn’t really factor in all the junk food I’ve been stress eating lately. So of course it broke once I was standing on it and…well here we are!” Jack gestured around at the quiet room, them being the only ones left to be seen.

“That’s quite a story.” Davey remarked, stealing a glance at Jack’s hand, which hadn’t let go of his own, even though Davey was sure he was holding it much more tightly than could’ve been comfortable for him.

“So what’s yours?” Jack asked. He elaborated when Davey cocked his head, unsure of how to respond.

“How did you end up under that abused oak tree at exactly the wrong moment? Not that I’m complaining. I mean, you’re just about the prettiest boy I could imagine holding hands with, even if you are crushing my fingers a little.” He teased. Davey started to apologize, pulling his hand away, but Jack didn’t let go. He just sat patiently, making fearless eye contact with Davey and waiting for him to talk.

“I had a final today too, my last one actually. I was just leaving when we were so abruptly introduced.”
Jack laughed. “Ah yes, gravity is quite the matchmaker. Have I kept you from better plans? Day drinking in celebration? Or someone pretty waiting for you to come back to bed?”

Davey blushed and laughed shakily. “No, nothing like that. What better plans could I possibly have had then sitting in uncomfortably hot waiting room with an overly-confident stranger.”

“I have no idea, it seems like a fantastic way to spend your first few hours of summer freedom.” Just then a doctor opened the door to the waiting room.

“Mr. Jacobs?” He asked. Davey nodded, his heart sinking as he realized he would have to leave Jack behind. It seemed ridiculous to ask him to wait for him to get his arm taken care of, as he had no idea how long that would take, but still he wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye yet.

“Well if I was just a typical stranger, I would wish you luck and apologize again for what happened, but as you so astutely pointed out, I’m an overly-confident stranger. More then that, I’m downright enthralled by this poor stranger that I went to second base with before I even got his name. Any chance I could get his number? Or the promise of a coffee date once his arm looks a little less like something out of a horror movie?”

Davey took the phone Jack had produced from his pocket and offered to him, biting his lip to hide his grin. He entered his number and handed it back to Jack, who waved goodbye to him as he followed the doctor out of the waiting room.

A few minutes later, while Davey was waiting to be taken for an x-Ray, his phone buzzed in his pocket. He pulled it out quickly, nearly chucking it across the room in his haste. He saved the unknown number into his contacts, chuckling at Jack’s message.

“Soooo… Can I sign your cast later?”

Anon asked -

“Hey! If youre doing oneshots, could you please write a percabeth one where percy and annabeth are chemistry lab partnersin high school? Pls? :-)”


Percy’s nose scrunched up in utter annoyance, as soon as the teacher told the class to start the experiment; man, he hated this class. Chemistry meant precision, attention, meticulousness..yeah, the opposite definition of ‘Percy Jackson’. Thank god, his partner was Annabeth Chase; tall, blonde, extremely smart, top of the class and, last but not least, his girlfriend.

“Come on, Seaweed Brain.” Percy felt someone nudging his side, and once he turned his head he was greeted by an amused smile. “At least /pretend/ to be enthusiast, uh?”

“Hmf, easy for you to say.” The boy snorted, and quickly leaned in give the blonde’s cheek a quick peck while the teacher was distracted - earning an embarrassed look from his girlfriend, and a pinch on his forearm. Annabeth rolled her shoulders into a shrug, and picked up the brief in which the experiment was throughly explained. “Experiment eight,” She read out loud, a hand on her hip. “Determine the mass percent composition of an aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution. Uhu-, alright. So, first of all, we have to..what’s wrong?”

Annabeth’s eyebrow was raised as she inquired, studying Percy’s dumbfounded face; he looked like she was speaking another language. “I don’t even..what the heck is an hydrogen peroxide? Sounds like the name of a dinosaur.” He playfully curled his fingers, as if they were claws, and let out a small guttural sound. "Hydrogenus Heroxidus, the most terrifying creature that ever existed.. second only to our history teacher.“

Reaching out, the grey eyed blonde flicked his nose. "You are such an idiot, I swear.” She chuckled in amusement, but her chortle soon died down once the teacher called out. “/Jackson/! /Chase/! Why didn’t you start already?”

“I’m sorry! We’ll start immediately.” Annabeth promptly apologized, while gently nudging Percy’s foot with hers - he still was trying to impersonate a dinosaur. “If I get in troubles, I am blaming you, Jackson.” She murmured, once the teacher eventually moved her attention to another couple.

“Oh, shush, Chase. I /know/ you love my rebel side.” Percy retorted, a mischievous grin tugging at his lips.

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Prompt: nipple clamps

Carol couldn’t keep her hands off Daryl today.

Even at the moment, what had started as innocently teasing him about taking too long in front of the bathroom mirror…now had him backed up against the sink counter and Carol half on top of him, mouthing along his neck and running her hands up his shirt.

Daryl was not fighting her in the least, and his case of the sleepy giggles that morning only made her want him more for some reason.

“What has gotten into you today? I’m not complaining, but—whoa,” Daryl squirmed when her hand reached for the waistband of his pants.

“Don’t question the horny,” she breathed, grabbing the hem on his shirt and pulling up. “Just take this off.”

She detached her mouth from his jawline long enough to pull his shirt over his head and arms, tossing the clothing aside before rushing to taste his collar bones.

“It’s the fuckin’ soap, isn’t it? Jesus,” Daryl chuckled, pulling her between his legs as he all but sat himself on the edge of the sink, surrendering to her whims.

Carol ran her hands down his ribs to his hips, kissing him hungrily on the lips. It was partly true. Whatever soap the latest run team had brought back smelled absolutely delicious, but that wasn’t the whole of it. She always became supersensitive and easily aroused right before her period, and something about starting to go through The Change at her midlife had these spikes of arousal hitting more intensely.

Daryl abruptly flinched, and Carol’s mouth came off of his neck with a wet pop, where a hickey would definitely form later.

“Y’okay?” she asked, drunk off the taste of his skin.

“Yeah, just…there’s kinda—“ he trailed away.

Carol noted that he had flinched away as she’d touched his chest, and she immediately looked at it for signs of injury that she’d missed.

“Daryl,” she asked evenly. “What happened to your nipple?”

Any blood that might have been making its way to his groin immediately went straight to his face, and Carol leaned back to make him look at her.

“I might have lost a bet…”

“With who?” she asked, eying the angry bruise and red marks on the spot of his chest.

“Abraham…We might have been drunk…”


“And I had to let him put a crab claw…there.”

“You’re saying another grown man…” Carol reiterated. “You lost a bet, and so another grown man decided to get you by…putting nature’s nipple clamp on you?”

Daryl grimaced, face red as he looked away. “Don’t say it like that.”

Carol was still too sexually frustrated in that moment to really have a reaction, other than, “Are you okay? Did it draw blood? Do we need to stop?”

“Yes, no, and Hell no.” He shook his head and went in for another kiss, which she happily provided.

That was fine. Nipples were more his thing than hers. Her hands quickly found other parts of his body to play with, and then he had them both out of their clothes and up against the bathroom wall.

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louis prompt idea: he sings a hsm song to you on a drunken karaoke night at a bar

He had warned you earlier to expect embarrassment later on in the night when the karaoke had started, so you did expect it. But what you didn’t expect was the scene of Louis singing “Music in Me” straight to you, standing on top of the bar, with the most enthusiasm you have ever seen in one being. 

Everyone in the bar was singing along, “Because you are the music in me! Na, na, na na!” Which was even more surprised. 

“Come up here Y/N!” He cheered, holding out his hand. At first your shook your head no. There was no way you would get up there. 

At least not without some liquid courage first. 

Chugging what was left of your drink, you reluctantly took his hand, hopping up onto the bar. Louis held the microphone between you as you both belched out into the crowd the rest of the song, earning a small eruption of cheers and woots from the people around you. 

“You are the music in meeee.” You finished, smile huge on your face. When you turned to Louis, his drunken eyes looking as if they could go for hours more, he kissed your cheek. 

“That wasn’t that bad now was it?” He asked, tossing his arm around your shoulder. 

Shaking your head, you grinned. “No, not at all.” You giggled. “Alright, let’s get you off of here.” Just as you turned to hop off the bar, Louis tugged you back. 

“Nope!” He protested. “They have tons more! Come on. I’ll be Troy and you be Gabriella!” 

This is Shutter Flash! He’s a pegasus pony from Las Pegasus! His mark is a camera, and he has photographic memory. However, he’s bad at using an actual camera. He tries, though. He’s quite the introvert.

He is also secretly a fan of “My Little Human.”

Any feedback would be appreciated!

I have no idea why, but I absolutely love his mane style. His tail doesn’t really match in terms of style though so you might add in some extra spikes near the top of it like you did for the top of his head.

His cutie mark is pretty simple, but the talent is awesome! It’s not often that that sort of thing rolls around, at least not in my experience. I think his name could be a bit better because it really does give off the photographer theme, and since he’s not one and isn’t good with cameras, you might want to give him a name that really suits what his talent is. His glasses are a nice touch, to me it gives off another sort of smart, studious type of vibe – even though he doesn’t really need to “study” because he’s got a photographic memory, the glasses just help solidify that.

I guess I’m just disappointed that I can’t see what his colors are supposed to be! I can see that his coat is blue, but everything else appears to be gray. His mane and tail might look pretty cool as a dark purple, blue, or even some sort of goldenrod. His eyes… well, maybe they could be a version of his mane color, either lighter or darker though. His glasses could be gray to match the primary (or what I’m assuming to be the primary) color of his cutie mark to help bring that color back into his design.

From what I can see, he’s pretty simple. Just work on his tail style, name, and color scheme because everything else about him is simple, believable, and designed well! ^▽^

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Hi,do you know anyone who is self studying/speaks Chinese?

Hi studytolive! I couldn’t think of any off the top of my head so I did some research for you. Language-obsession (Cantonese) and languageramblings (Mandarin) are native speakers. At least xuexisprachenlinguistic-alicethelanguageloverthelanguagesnerd, alooyufunwithlanguages, lavidapoliglotalinguisticnerdomnilanglinguasticwordsforlanguagenerdsacademicblogtolkien-polyglotlinguaphilioist, katlearnslangs and la-linguistique seem to be studying Chinese. And I’m sure there are many more! If you’re a native Chinese speaker or studying Chinese please like or reblog this!

Every You, Every Me

10,908 words; part of the distance between two points-verse

dedicated to georginoschkavincen

rocivergo / doflacora

“Did you know, Roci…” Doffy begins in a voice that only spells out trouble. As if he knows something Rocinante doesn’t, has never thought about until it’s said and done. “That Sengoku keeps your marine file in his desk?”

There’s something comforting about how unpredictable his brother is, something he can count on at least when there’s nothing else to rely on. He grabs a commentary on their great-great grandmother and puts it on top of the others, on the pile of papers he doesn’t really suspect his brother to read thoroughly.

“I didn’t.” He responds tiredly as he shuts the drawer and leans against the wall, “Do I want to know how you know?”

Doffy comes to stand next to him, tilts his head back until Roci can glimpse at his eyes from the side, and teases, “I looked, of course.”

— or what if Rocinante wasn’t allowed to infiltrate the Donquixote family and got promoted to the position of vice-admiral. These installments deal with “canon” events, the relationship with a warlord!Doflamingo and a saved!Law from Rocinante’s perspective as a marine.

ao3 |

protegoastra asked:


you can never have enough kisses || accepting!

          Selene’s hard at work at his workstation, listening to a ‘teron transmission and scratching notes in his native Persian, when he feels a peck of soft lips against his cheek.

          (Their owner is not whom he’d expected to see – what a sweet little surprise this is!) 

          ❝ Ah – Abel! ❞ A pause, then he adds shyly, ❝ That’s so cute…. ❞

Reploids? (Closed)


“Here kitty kitty!” He found himself outside once more in the woods looking for his cat. The kitten had seen an odd bug and bolted after it for some reason and it left Top running after it. “Where did you get off to?” 

Sighing and shaking his head, top continues his search for his cat before he came across a strange figure in what looked like white armor. The figure had the panicking bug thing behind him and was holding Top’s purring kitten. 

“Oh thank you. I thought I would never find him. That kitten is more trouble than he is worth.” He rubs the back of his head and glanced down at himself realizing he put his armor fully back on as a reflex. At least he wasn’t threatening looking.

Fancy meeting you here?


So far Crestwood wasn’t at the top of Maric’s ‘plan-to-visit-again’ list. The rain was a bit much, ohand the undead ruined to mood a bit. So needless to say, Maric could not wait to find Hawke’s Warden friend. At least the cave that this Grey Warden chose to hide out in was somewhat dry and lacking undead. Maric was aware of the man behind him, and the sword pointed at his back. When Hawke said, “It’s just us, Loghain.” Maric spun to face him with wide eyes. 

Maric just stared at Loghain for a moment, thoughts running rampart through his head, but one stuck out the most. “You bastard!” Maric shouted, launching his fist right at his friends face.

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Hi. I m not from USA and I never understand when people talk about student loan. Can you explain that to me? How that works? Because in argentina where I live most universities are public and free

Hi, sorry this took me so long to respond, but it’s a complicated question that I can’t really even say I know how to answer.  Here’s the basics, from my perspective, at least.

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zeppoueita asked:


Birds, plural form of bird. 

Bird: (bərd/), n.: 1.  any of a class (Aves) of warm-blooded vertebrates distinguished by having the body more or less completely covered with feathers and the forelimbs modified as wings.

He could give you the definition of what a bird is right off the top of his head and explain the biology to do with them. If you were to give him a specific bird species, he could write a paper explaining their history of discovery, growth, habitat, feeding patterns, and life history. He could give you all there is to know about them, at least to the best of his capabilities and the latest published scientific books and journals about them. 

                                     ( he has always been fascinated by birds )

There is a mobile spinning above him. Colorful cloth sewn and stuffed with cotton into the shape of feathered creatures that he had yet to identify. He simply knew they moved above, circling and circling. Bright colors and dipping every now and then before rising again. A soft tinkling music plays a soft lullaby as tiny hands reached up to grasp at air. He doesn’t know what they are, but he wants one ( he wants them to be closer ).

When he is older, enough to form coherent syllables that take shape of words, he learned the name of these creatures. Small creatures covered not in hair nor fur, but in feathers. Soft plumes that way no more than the air itself according to the boy back then, yet they were strong enough to make small winds with a single stroke. They were creatures without arms, replaced by appendages called wings. It was because of these wings that helped propel them, not forward, by skyward, carrying them lightly upon the wind to soar in the blue skies above. When he was older, but still young, birds were the most fascinating of creatures.

A little older and his teacher calls them all birds. How could that be? They have no wings, no feathers, no beaks. There was nothing about them as humans, people and beings, that resembled the graceful fliers that he wakes up to from their song each morning. He was so different from a bird. How could that possibly be? His teacher begs to differ and tells them how each person has a dream that they must reach for, a dream that whispered of the future ( of hope and faith, innocence and love ), and the only way is to fly. So she said to learn and to grow, bigger and stronger, kinder and wiser, in order to one day reach that dream of theirs.

                                ( learn how to fly and one day you’ll reach the stars )

But his parents do not see his wings. They do not see the hopes and dreams that this child has been instilled with by the very same institution that they believe will set him on a straight path. That this system would eventually strangle the imagination and creativity he has ( suffocate the child out of this growing boy ) and leave behind a young man that understands the reality of the future through the perspective of an adult. They tell him to forget such things. such hopes and dreams, to abandon what belief he has and the faith in the future ( in himself ) and put his mind to logic. Numbers will never lie, they can not lie, and will never steer you wrong. 

                                       ( they clipped his wings and told him to run )

His gaze slips from the book set upon his desk to the world outside, gazing through the window pane. His particular focus today is the nest once again. Spring meant there would be fledglings and true to the way nature takes its course, the tree next to the window has a nest. It’s a small nest of five. A mother and a father, three hatchlings that came into the world no more than a couple of weeks ago. In particular, however, he notices a cat scaling the tree. It’s obvious isn’t it? What it plans to do. Nature has always been cruel. Taichi turns away, to focus his attention back upon his studies. There is no need to see the outcome. He knows by the large number of odds that are stacked against the fledglings. Without talons like that of an eagle’s or the proud sharp beak of a hawk’s, or even the ability to fly, these baby birds stood no chance against a predator like a cat. The feline has claws and teeth, grace and agility. The chances of it surviving are slim, but then again, a flightless bird was as good as dead.

                       ( the stars do not get closer no matter how far or hard he tries )

To his parent’s satisfaction, he attends one of the top schools of the prefecture. Shiratorizawa Academy was well known for producing some of the most outstanding of students. A difficult entrance exam only allowed the best of the best to enter. Here, skills are honed until they are nothing but the sharp edge of a knife, one that would cut through the work force and to the top of the corporate ladder. By the end of his first day of class, Taichi can already feel the books in his bag weighing heavily upon his shoulders, dragging him down with advanced math and sciences, and there won’t be enough free time to spend daydreaming any more. Yet, even if he has all this homework to accomplish by the dawn of the next day, he finds himself unable to return home. In fact, the first  year is looking for an excuse to linger and not walk home.

He walks past the field where he hears the crack of a ball hitting a bat, sees the white ball sail through the sky in an arch. He could probably calculate that along with the speed of instantaneous impact. As he walks further on, Taichi can smell chlorinated water, the tweeting of a whistle followed by splashes. He can tell you exactly how the respiratory system works, how lungs have things called alveoli. As he walks on even further, he passes by the gym where the squeaking of sneakers can be heard along with the rhythmic beat of a basketball upon hardwood court. There are shouts, followed by the swoosh of the basket when the ball makes it through. The first year can tell you how much energy is being exerted and how the circulatory system works, how the heart pumps blood to keep oxygen to your body. Taichi only pauses when he reaches the next gym.

He’s not sure why, but he stops. Eyes track the trajectory of a ball as it is tossed across the court, high into the air. It then changes to the tall boy who runs towards it. There is an audible stomp of the player’s foot as he pauses for a fraction of a second, muscles tensing underneath him and then springs forward and upward. He watches with utter fascination when the ball connects perfectly into the boy’s hand and sends it flying past blockers. There is the sound of a satisfying thump as it lands upon the opposite side of the court. Yet, he’s not so fascinated about who this player is or how it’s done, no longer thinking of how the science of force and gravity play a role. Rather, Taichi wonders how the ball was so perfectly tossed and received, how there is so much trust and faith, but most importantly, how the other defied gravity. By now his presence is known and practice pauses just for a second as the blonde haired setter looks at him. “Are you joining us?” There is a sharp intake of breath.

                                                ( maybe he’ll finally learn how to fly )

Seva, throughout every game, is always a Disciplined thief with lime green eyes.  In this game he’s also a Virtuoso, which I never would have picked for him, but circumstances.  Lucky Palms Seva was a straight as an arrow jock of the highest order, but for some reason every Seva after that was gay.  Off the top of my head I can’t recall if Seva from Starlight Shores was bisexual or gay, but w/e.

It seems that whenever I give a male child earrings, they turn out gay or bisexual.  I think the only one who this didn’t occur with out of at least seven sims was Anaru, and I think he was such a bull like his clone-father Andrei he refused to be gay out of will.  It’s the only explanation.

im-too-girly asked:


Why I like them: she’s open minded and funny

Why I don’t: she was weird at first

Favorite episode: when she helped Eli get off his pills

Favorite season: Season 12

Favorite line: “I like people.”

Favorite outfit: black and white striped tank top with high waisted black shorts

OTP: her & Fiona

Brotp: her & Becky

Head Canon: Imogen and Fiona stayed together at least through the summer keeping her away from Adam and possibly avoiding his death

Unpopular opinion: I like her 1 bun hairstyle

A wish: Her dad’s storyline didn’t get dropped

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Imogen staying back

5 words to best describe them: Accepting, Loving, Positive, Funny, Bubbly

My nickname for them: don’t have one