"Interesting" People: Closed RP


Searching for days, weeks, and even months for the same human being could be considered one of the most tiring things in the world for anyone to handle. However, this did not once stop Arthur from doing so on every investigation they went on. It had been a long time since Lewis went missing, and even longer before Arthur even remembered he existed to begin with. Vivi seemed clueless, but he couldn’t tell if it was genuine, or if she was just trying to be brave for him.

Either way, he still searched for Lewis in every location they searched together. Haunted houses, lakes, forest, asylums, hospitals, you name it and he was searching there. Their newest case didn’t seem to be promising, but that didn’t stop Arthur. He and Vivi decided to divide and conquer this new house they were in, with Vivi going upstairs with Mystery and Arthur going downstairs on his own.

He felt like he was being watched though, so he slowly shone the flashlight in all directions, his heart pounding in his chest as a feeling of dread seemed to grow much stronger around him with every passing step. What on Earth could’ve prepared him for what he would find?