Finding Out You’re A Ghost- Evan Character Preferences

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Tate- Tate would find it pretty cool. He would finally have someone to spend time with. You guys would sneak around the murder house when people lived there. You would probably have a competition going on about who could pull the most pranks in a day. While other people weren’t living there you both would show yourselves all the time. You would spend time cuddling, chatting, making out, and probably lots of sex.

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Kit- Kit would be shocked. At this point, there isn’t too much he doesn’t believe is possible. He would love the fact that you being a ghost meant that you would always be there whenever he wanted to talk. It would kill him that he couldn’t take you on sweet dates or anything of that nature. He would try his best to bring the romance to you. He would bring you flowers and set up nice dinner dates often too. If work was ever slow he would spend time with you for a while before going to take care of his children.

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Pre-death Kyle- Kyle would be freaked out at first. He wouldn’t able to understand how something like that could happen or that he knew you for so long before you told him. It would take him a little while, but he would eventually think it’s pretty cool. He’d try his best to come spend time with you  in between his classes. You would talk about everything going in the world and listen to all of Kyle’s wild frat stories. Before he had to leave, he would always make sure to kiss you good-bye and promise he’d be back later.

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Post-death Kyle- It wouldn’t be very surprising to him when he finds out, considering everything that has happened to him. He’d try to talk to you the best he could and tell you about everything going on with the Coven. You’d always comfort him when he shared how the girls’ had been treating him lately. You two would curl up together and just enjoy being together.

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Jimmy- Jimmy wouldn’t understand how someone as great as you could be dead. He wouldn’t want to leave where you are, but he knew he would need to move on with his life eventually. You guys would spend time walking the short distance you could. Most days you would end up cuddling and having sex before he had to leave. You could always tell that neither one of you wanted to part from each other.

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James- James would be both happy and concerned. He would be able to spend eternity with someone that he truly cared for, but he would want to know if someone had hurt you. He wanted to kill them because no one should take away such a brilliant life. Your time would be spent at his side and doing whatever you wanted to. The countess would take notice of this and you and James would just ignore her. James had a new muse and didn’t care what anyone else thought about it.

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Rory- Rory would think that it’s totally interesting. “I’ve played a ghost, but what’s it like to be a ghost,” would be an often asked question. You would both hangout together and he would show you all of the shows and films he’s been in. He would love making out with you and feeling your body against his. At first he would think it’s weird how cool your touch is, but it would turn into one of his favorite feelings.

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Edward- Edward would find it nice to have little bit of company with him in the Roanoke house. You would sit in the room with him as he observed and watched over all of his art. He wouldn’t be the type who wanted to cuddle, but sexual stuff would definitely happen.

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