I Want To Paint Your Lips - Thirteen

Delirious pulled himself back inside and held onto the window as the car twisted left and right and right and left, winding deeper and deeper into the forest until they were sure they were far enough away from any pursuers. Evan pulled off onto a dirt road, easing off on the speed and allowing them to cruise alongside paddocks and acres of farmland, taking them off and away from main roads and areas where they’d likely be stumbled upon.

It took ten more minutes of convincing for Evan to hop over into the passenger seat with a heavy first aid kit and allow Delirious to take his spot and steer them further away from the compound. Neither of the spoke. Delirious just focussed on driving and the soft sounds of pain Evan emitted. He swallowed pain meds and shakily removed the bullet with tweezers.

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Anne Frank was denied asylum in the US. Just lke hundred thousand more jews trying to flee from Nazi-Germany. People with dreams and ambitions are still being denied asylum, are dying on the sea, in the desert, in wars or being deported because people don’t see them as humans, but just as foreigners / refugees etc. Don‘t lament Anne Frank if you’re not willing to learn from history.