Bo knows everybody XD

Bo has an amazing mental capacity. x’D And has A LOT of old friends.

And it seem he knows people who don’t even know him. X’DD Poor Vex, he tries so hard. How does Bo know Vex? Can’t say I have any idea x’D Bo probably helped kid Vex once, or observed him from afar, or just read about him in Khallalh’s report from when Khallalh had to research Vex. Whatever the case…Vex either didn’t notice he was around, never learned his name, or promptly forgot about him after interacting. x’D 


Ascalon - Fireheart Rise - Burnt Hollow
Plirr: Ah, Rata Sum! If it wasn’t for the Priory work, I’d be there now, meditating upon the Eternal Alchemy in the aroma of my very own genetically engineered flowers.
Crusader Mordd:
I miss the flowers at home. I made this one strain that always amazes me. You know what it does?
Please, tell me, what?
Crusader Mordd:
The flowers smell like gently frying bacon! Can you imagine anything more delightful?
Plirr: When the war is done, invite me over, so I can enjoy these phenomenal flowers.


It is that day again when me and my game account became a year older, whoo! So I made myself a gift, astralaria. Sadly neither of my oldest characters can use it so here it is being modeled by other characters. I didn’t realize that the first collection for astralaria was partially time gated so I only finished that on monday and had two days to do the rest of the collections. Luckily it wasn’t too bad and I made it in time yay.


GOT TO MEET SEVERAL COOL CATS IN-GAME. 8D!! Vex and Kai got to meet XD and be meat-head bros.

I don’t know everyone’s tumblr to GW2 username so please let me know i you’re in one of these shots and I can add you to the post! :D

Raffix, Kaizelle Noxx, Demon Tears, Tatsumi Lightchaser, Darklinux, Rok of Faith. AND MORE! Vex also gave Ainne a tiny pat..AND PROMPTLY RAN AWAY.

A Most Interesting Krewe- Chapter 69 (heh heh)

Chapter 69 is here!

All you readers know that I decided to keep things mature, but not explicit in “A Most Interesting Krewe”. However, sex is obviously still a major part of the story, revolving around EthanW’s rather sexually active characters. In honor of that, I’m celebrating 69 chapters with some silly and fun filler. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading!



What: Black Lion TP and Black Lion Gemstore Giveaway bc shiny and new!

  • Any Black Lion Gemstore item(s) 2500 gems or less
  • Any Trading Post item 1000 gold or less

Who: Anyone can reblog or like (one entry for each), following isn’t require but I have pretty salads and a day-glow Asura just sayin’

When: Six days - March 20th, 2017 @ 20:00 PST is the cutoff (to get rad stuff)

Winner: One winner! Number generator will be used.  Will be contacted via Tumblr unless display name is in the tags. Have 24 hours to reply back before another will be chosen. Gifts can be split between friends, and guildies, or however winner sees fit! 

Disclaimer: please only one like and reblog per person. Multiple blogs is ok, but just one, don’t spam your followers. No giveaway blogs please. Any questions hmu I’m here always!

Good luck, your odds are better here than with the Mystic Forge!


Living World Season 3: Everyone Leaves Commander Alone And Worried.

I needed a commander figure so I put my rat here, could be anyone really. :’D It’s exactly my feels so far. *rubs face* Why must everyone run off, some to a certain death or big trouble. I’m itching to see if it’s intended and what moves Anet does have planned next.

I hope you like it, please don’t reuse these images anywhere.