I am Alt trash and made another new guy.

This one’s name is Chronologist Tippi. He is an odd Asura in that he has no Krewe and prefers to work alone. He studies the effect history has on time lines and observes different universes and whatnot. Currently perfecting his Inter-Dimenstional Body Transporter (IDBT), a way to travel to another universe or time period.

His experiments so far have been failures and he managed to lose his arm while dragging an entity out of the void between time and space. The entity was a Charr from the past, but how he got there Tippi isn’t sure.

He made a robotic arm to replace the one he lost, don’t worry.


This is related to my last GW2 post about the leaf wings concept.
Since my revenent called my asura" a flying monkey from Oz" they are a bit on bad terms so it was inevitable that he will burst with jealousy. I created an asura style glider with an active and inactive state. The energy crystals expand to wings and the color is exchangeable. There are also a lot of movable parts but I was too lazy to animate them :P  Maybe the halo part was a bit too much but hey my asura has always been a megalomaniac XD


My tiny elementalist main. For a change, I wanted to do something more or less polished and detailed with her. Yeah it’s “her”, if you observe this face from close distance.

It’s still hard to capture the face proportions and expression as I feel it’s right, mostly because I haven’t figured her character and appearance yet. This pic is the closest to “right”, yet I’m not denying the possibility of multiple revamps in near future. x’D My Wakfu chars’ real development started after a year or two of playing, and it’s been just 4 months since I got into GW2. Dis game tho. I’m so pleased with it.

My and @aketan​‘s baby asuras, inspired by SAB, as you may guess. That place tho. I’m so easy to impress since I’ve only been playing GW for several months. :D So I’m staring at everything with eyes wide open, just like my derpy baby haha.

My pic might not be strictly following the pixel art rules, but I enjoyed doing this style nevertheless. Here’s the original itsy bitsy version, if someone’s curious. Imo it looks better zoomed in.

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