Yeah guys, my pen and me, we are alive! :D

Here you see PURE CANON.
Because Mippt and Izzou this is just… i mean… it’s so much hate that it just HAS to turn, right? You know what i mean! x’D

…Mippt doesnt seem to feel comfortable with Izzou touching da booty.

Also i suck at drawing comics i guess. I just dont have the guts to really really try. Maybe i should…

oldroots asked:

teach me the secrets to drawing goblins as cute as how you do it holy shit

goshhh thank you! 

I dunno aaaa. UM. heck if I know!! I guess I’ve always been fond of asura-type aesthetics?? Like, they’re the reason I got GW2 to begin with. Diminutive impish creatures with big batty ears and pointy teeth, so goood. (I liked the Gremlins movies a lot as a kid, too) also heck goblin-like creatures have always been one of my fav things in fantasy stuff.

especially drawing Sisil and her massive ears reminded me of a super old character I used to draw:

art is from July 2005. ten years ago. haha. I wish I could find more drawings of her!


Commission for Dreamy of her Guild Wars 2 Asura character Kitti

She’s super adorable and damn this armor has so many details. I’ve to actually follow the guidelines for the human characters because the one for Asura’s engineers are all squished and not that greatly adapted to their body, so there was that. The hairsyle was altered by Dreamy  on her own work from the original from the game to fit her idea for her character, like her hair so much like this, it’s that’s 100% better than the original =)