The Tale of The Three Sisters - Masterpost

There were once three sisters who were traveling along a lonely, winding road at twilight. This is their story.






I went as marmora Keith but I got to the photoshoot at the very end. the people running it were really nice!! and asked me if there was anyone I wanted a picture with and I was really nervous but ended up asking if a shiro wanted to take one with me and this is how I ended up with the first two I can’t believe,,, thanks to the two shiros for joining me!

also someone suggested we do the pose where Keith is like half conscious and hanging onto shiro so that’s why I look dead in the second one lmao

The LEDs didn’t really show outside, but they look really bright indoors! That’s my good friend as pidge in the last one with me


“Sometimes you end up with the person you least expect.” 

Cell phone pics I liked from Sakuracon. Also known as ‘waiting for our turn during the Voltron photo shoot.’ There were soooo many good paladin armor cosplay, props, and overall cool people. (о´∀`о) Hopefully we can #formvoltron and have a full group next time we hang out. *-*