anonymous asked:

Idk I just really want Ian and Mickey getting caught while fucking??

YES they probably wouldn’t even stop lbr

ians on top of him like fucking slamming his hips into him and mickeys crying out with his teeth buried in his own arm trying to shut the fuck up but hes fucking himself back too just so good

and the front door opens and debbie screams and lip’s like “ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS” and fionas like “hOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU GUYS NOT TO FUCK ON THE COUCH”

but like ian doesn’ t stop? hes like “guys seriously can you stop standing around this is getting weird” and mickey starts laughing and ians laughing too but he hasn’t pulled out yet?? eventually the family just leaves the room muttering about bleaching their eyes out and ian finishes his boy on the couch b y e