Vlad is a young man who experiences Hag Attacks, night terrors that come to him during the 3am hour. But he soon learns that those attacks occur during the day. Balancing life, love and his terrors, we look into the mind and heart of a man who’s dreams and reality merge into one.  Available now for digital down load here:  Reasonably priced for just $1.99.

Exciting tantrums.

it’s the powder keg trick
and soft incense
i just needed to loosen up
when jesus came out as god
the world destroyed him
troubled outsiders forever
that’s scary
hearing your name around
i want to be quiet so much
and have quiet
quilt kilt spilt milk built
igloos with my bare hands
all lines are long
we used to measure things in stone
plumbs of perfection
sweet dialect
and spiders
i collect them in a jar
they have billions of eyes
what the fuck is that all about

sometimes i astroplane
watch myself sleep or
sneak away
there mountains and a baby
a desert made of guitars
that man bothered me
the clapping hands and the spiders again
i think that i lie
i’m so weird and right now
light and feathery
rather than disintegrating
which if dwelled upon sounds pretty cool
better than slamming disgust
slamming disgust