deep, rooted fear

Aries: powerlessness, losing a sense of their own self, never achieving their goal, losing their  flame, being seen/described as incapable and being underestimated, life being dull, plain and grey - and they are a part of it

Taurus: losing what is most important to them (materialistic/security/loved ones), never being able to expand themselves and being stuck on something they don’t want/think they don’t deserve, not reaching a higher level and worries A LOT about the future and how it might look like 

Gemini: being ‘caged’ in their own mind, being seen as stupid or of unsound mind, having no real connection to anything and anyone, being scattered and all over the place (internal), being judged for their words/intellect

Cancer: the future, never forgetting past trauma/overcoming sadness, not being able to let go, being used, showing their soft side, showing their real selves and coming out of their shell, having no home

Leo: being exposed to every flaw and insecurety they have, never being able to shine and show their true self, being lost, having no energy/optimism to go on, trusting the wrong ones too easily, not having the life they always wanted/admired

Virgo: being a failure to themselves and anyone else, losing control over their life, not being able to go on anymore, paranoia of everything that could go wrong, exposing themselves too early/easily

Libra: never finding the one, feeling no fulfillment deep within, feeling like a ghost/having no real face, not being satisfied themselves,giving too much, being hurt/forgotten, being completely alone

Scorpio: being hurt/exposed, letting the wrong ones in, (past) trauma, never healing scars, love (loving oneself and being loved), opening up, becoming the demon and the demons of the world/life, losing

Sagittarius: being trapped and caged, never being able to feel life, being exposed to their feelings and showing their caring/loving side, never being able to win (due to running away from their problems), never being truly content

Capricorn: being stuck on lower grounds, always losing, never winning, their hard built up reputation being shattered, losing what’s most important for them, inner conflicts and hidden emotions - not being able to express them and compensate for it, 

Aquarius: being the madman and not the genius they wish to be, being lost in the world, an inner standstill, having no one by their side, being alone, being judged for what they are inside, not knowing the answer/being completely hopeless

Pisces: never being able to truly love/be loved, being lost in their own mind/trauma, afraid of being hurt and used, an inner trance that they can not escape, a martyrer that is shamelessly sacrificed and will never be recognized, no understanding for their view/opinions

Zodiac Signs + Running Away from Relationships

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Why Aries might run away from a relationship: There isn’t enough passion or true chemistry with the person.

Why Taurus might run away from a relationship: It feels too unstable or they are extremely suspicious of their partner.

Why Gemini might run away from a relationship: Too boring, lack of stimulation and variety, or became distracted.

Why Cancer might run away from a relationship: Lack of reassurance/security or no emotional depth.

Why Leo might run away from a relationship: It isn’t big enough for them.

Why Virgo might run away from a relationship: It doesn’t meet their standards.

Why Libra might run away from a relationship: Found someone they think is better or unsure feelings.

Why Scorpio might run away from a relationship: Lack of depth/intimacy or lack of passion.

Why Sagittarius might run away from a relationship: Feeling trapped, someone who can’t keep up with them, or one trying to control them.

Why Capricorn might run away from a relationship: There’s no real feelings in it or too concentrated on other areas of life.

Why Aquarius might run away from a relationship: It got stale, they want more independence/space, or no real mental connection.

Why Pisces might run away from a relationship: Too depressed or unsatisfied in it, became disillusioned, or mesmerized by another. 

Zodiac signs as children

Aries : Original problem solving children of the world . Energizer’s, brave, bossy, innocent, bodacious, sophisticated  and our world problem solvers, try to be as smart as the adults, shy, independent, likes to express themselves, free spirit, can be very opinionated, very adaptable, active many things will interest them

Taurus : Stubborn children of the kingdom. Quiet, introvert, affectionate, cuddly, goofy, adorable, thoughtful,sophisticated and strong, can be anti social, tries to help other’s if they can, 

Gemini : Curious children. communicative, smarty pants, needs a lot of chances to explore if they don’t have a path they build one, enjoy’s pretty much anything, charming, loves information, love learning new things, learns to communicate better than most children at times 

Cancer : Cancer children are such dreamer’s. sensitive, psychic, sweet, imaginative, ethereal beings, wild ideas, tends to be frustrated easily, very observant, may cry a lot, don’t like being ignored for a very long time, but just try to play along with them

Leo : Royal children. animated, light hearted, friendly, a bit shy, adventurous, generous, loves sharing with anyone, regal, restless, will be the bigger person when need to be, smiles, and laugh a lot, maybe bossy, don’t mind being the leader of something

Virgo : Are true nature lover’s. selfless, softhearted, smart, they are the healer’s of the world, calm,and quite peaceful than other children(Most likely if they are born in sep), reader’s, talker’s, can be very fussy, get’s easily upset if they don’t get things right, embarrassed easily, some shy around stranger’s, need a lot of encouragement

Libra : Visionary children. peace making, kindhearted, fair, tend to come out mature sometimes, they tend to be very understanding, and sweet, bubbly, enjoy’s a lot of creative subject’s, can hold some grudge’s

Scorpio : Children of wisdom. clairvoyant, consuming, commanding, wan’t truth,and justice, is highly suspicious of stranger’s, learn from what they see, have an strong hypnotic stare, loves constant cuddling, and affection, need to be taught early to respect people, like’s to play mind games with stranger’s(Mainly adults)

Sagittarius : These children are true hunter’s. Optimistic, energizer’s, friendly at a young age expect everyone else to do to do so, love activities, adaptable, focusing on important things in life, competitive, funny, and very honest about there feelings, express there dreams, and goals a lot

Capricorn : Earth keeping children. Old souls, steady, sage, generally introvert, keep to themselves, enjoy’s reading, very mature for their age, have the maturity beyond there years, mild temper, can be pessimistic

Aquarius : Eye opening children. Can be a puzzle, very energetic, playful, will likely progress faster than other children, soft, affectionate, adventurous, highly inquisitive

Pisces : The children of magic. Sensitive, good with words, very good with stories, and story telling, very affectionate, have an vast of imagination, have a lot of imaginary friends, passive, likes being around adults than other children, respond’s to people softer side than anything else, overly active imagination, there wisdom is as big as there imagination

Moon Signs

Aries Moon- “I feel my emotions purely and uninhibited.”

Taurus Moon- “I feel my emotions steadily and with control.”

Gemini Moon- “I’m so full of mental rapport it’s hard to pinpoint my emotions.”

Cancer Moon- “I listen to my emotions and make decisions based on them.”

Leo Moon- “I feel emotions grandly and with vigor.”

Virgo Moon- “I analyze my emotions and criticize them.”

Libra Moon- “I romanticitize my emotions.”

Scorpio Moon- “I am at war with my emotions.”

Sagittarius Moon- “I freely feel my emotions expansively.”

Capricorn Moon- “My emotions are hardened as to not be a burden.”

Aquarius Moon- “I feel my emotions uniquely and with hidden depth.”

Pisces Moon- “I feel everything so deeply, it’s hard to tell my personal emotions.”

Advice For The Signs

Aries: You can’t hide in trauma forever. I know, it’s tempting. Calling your name out to you. Begging you to use it as an excuse to go back to every hold habit you tried so hard to kick. Eventually you have to stop hiding under covers and face what your world looks like now.

Taurus: You’re not invisible I promise. People are watching. Ever vigilant should the dark thoughts come back. All you have to do is ask for us, and we will come. We will come even if you don’t ask, but we see the smoke of everything burning. It’s okay. You have not been forgotten.

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The signs as teachers

Aries: The pe teacher who always pressures you to RUN FASTER! YOU CAN DO IT!

Taurus: The teacher who has a never-ending supply of food in their desks

Gemini: The fun teacher who plays games.

Cancer: The really sweet teacher who always wants to help you succeed.

Leo: The really hot teacher who goes viral for their looks.

Virgo: The librarian who always tells people to shh

Libra: The detention teacher who is really nice and lets you go early.

Scorpio: The really scary intimidating teacher who acts like they’re really strict and scary but they really just like memes.

Sagittarius: The teacher who plans all the school trips

Capricorn: The headteacher who is really strict and issues harsh punishments. Likes all the good submissive students.

Aquarius: The crazy English teacher who shouts random words that they want you to spell, then gets into really heated debates and starts telling you that aliens exist and all of the theories why.

Pisces: The lunch lady who gives you extra food if you’re polite.

Venus in Aquarius loves connecting to other people on an intellectual level, rather than an emotional one. They do not feel like they need a romantic partner to be complete, but a multitude of friends and experiences with all kinds of people. That is partially why Venus in Aquarius prefers connecting with everyone mentally, because you can give away your mind to many people but not your heart.

Childhood Heroes Astrology

“Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat!”

Sharpay Evans - Leo, Aquarius



“My life is over. I’ve been a good girl… I’ve never lied… Except when necessary. I’ve always bought my parents expensive gifts… Using their credit cards, of course!”

Troy Bolton - Taurus, Scorpio

Bet on It


“Sometimes I don’t wanna be the “basketball guy.” I just wanna be a guy. You know?”

Kelsi Nielsen - Cancer, Virgo

You are the music in me

Just Wanna Be With You

“If you guys wanna rehearse, I’m usually here during free period and after school and even sometimes during biology class. You can come and rehearse with me any time! Or you can come to my house for breakfast, I have a piano, we can rehearse there…”

Ryan Evans - Gemini, Pisces

I Want It All

What I’ve Been Looking For

“Sharpay Evans: When did you turn into one of….them?
Ryan Evans: I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Gabriella Montez - Libra, Capricorn

Breaking Free

I Gotta Go My Own Way

“Did you ever feel like there was a whole other person inside you just looking for a way to come out?”

Chad Danforth - Aries, Sagittarius

I Don’t Dance

The Boys Are Back

“Mr. Danforth, this is a place for learning, not a hockey arena.”

Rising Sign Conditioned Persona

*The persona of the rising signs typically come from how they were raised or brought up.*

Aries: Conditioned to be independent, tough, and straight-forward.

Taurus: Conditioned to be steady, calm, and reliable.

Gemini: Conditioned to be sociable, humorous, and enthusiastic.

Cancer: Conditioned to be sympathetic, sensitive, and kind.

Leo: Conditioned to be dramatic, confident, and courageous.

Virgo: Conditioned to be realistic, helpful, and analytical. 

Libra: Conditioned to be peaceful, fair, and charming.

Scorpio: Conditioned to be secretive, reluctant, and intense.

Sagittarius: Conditioned to be flamboyant, philosophical, and blunt.

Capricorn: Conditioned to be responsible, mature, and stable.

Aquarius: Conditioned to be unique, friendly, and revolutionary.

Pisces: Conditioned to be creative, intuitive, and compassionate.

Moon in Scorpio 🌑

After Libra, the Moon falls into Scorpio, a mysterious region covered in snow. It’s very dark here, and it’s barely possible for the Moon to actually see her surroundings. A cold wind howls as if it were in pain, and the Moon’s waters freeze slowly. In a few hours, the Moon’s entombed under a most brilliant sheet of ice, glowing faintly in the dark.

Scorpio Moon individuals experience their emotions profoundly and secretly. Other people can hardly see how deep their feelings can be, for everything is covered in a thick and mesmerizing sheet of ice; the waters below are dark and rarely visible, but we can feel it twisting down under. These people are very quiet about their own feelings, which are always extreme and rarely indifferent to external events; they hate or love (and sometimes both) with all of their passionate heart, and for this they’re known for being sincerely loyal and quite good secret-keepers.

Those with Moon in Scorpio are very used to dealing with the overwhelming magnitude and complexity of their feelings, and so they’ve become masters of secretly discovering other people’s motives and feelings as if it were nothing to them. In fact, most of the time this is an automatic process, and because they’re so in touch with other people’s emotions, they’re highly sensitive to their surroundings, drawing unseen and even unwanted energies to themselves. Scorpio is a steep and cold vale, so it’s natural that surrounding waters flow naturally and heavily to Scorpio’s deep bottoms by a simple rule gravity. Those with Moon in Scorpio often are gifted with psychic powers of some kind, and such magnetism usually also manifests as powerful sexual attraction over others.

It is possible that, as children, those with a Scorpio Moon experienced some kind of emotional trauma in their home involving the family or themselves. In their adult life, if any kind of conflict involves their family or very close friends, they become able to summon tremendous waves of violent energy, rising their emotional fronzen lake’s pressure and cracking the twinkling ice on the surface in a cruel explosion. Previously concealed waters come out under a dark moonlight. The relationship to one’s maternal figure was probably very intense, and the maternal figure was maybe too interested in the child’s personal life, unveiling secrets, investigating their lives and exerting a domineering power over the child.

Scorpio Moon individuals may also feel like they’re always going through transformations in their emotional structure. They experience many kinds of crises that seem to force themselves to change radically, and it should be important, in this cases, to accept the nature of their feelings and change accordingly and naturally. All of these transformations will help in dealing with so much psychic, sensitive and profound energies, and may also help in figuring out what is one’s purpose in the world, for Scorpio Moon people tend to worry a lot about figuring out what is the mission they must accomplish on Earth and how they can use purposefully their sensitive abilities.

Heavy and icy, the Moon in Scorpio is reminded, painfully at times, that there is so much more in the world than we’re able to see with our bare eyes… If the Moon in Scorpio individual was to swim till the bottom of their emotional frozen lake, they’d certainly step into another dimension.

Looks can be deceiving.


Capricorn Rising

Celebrities: Zooey Deschanel, Joan Jett, Catherine Deneuve, Pattie Boyd, Megan Fox, Malcolm X, Shirley Manson, and Monica Vitti

Appearance: Melancholy, wistful eyes, Serious, guarded, contemplative expression, sharp, angular features, high cheekbones, tough, hardened exterior, slender, willowy body, looks weary as if they’re carrying the heaviness of the world on their shoulders, fixed stoic stare, timeless beauty

Pisces and Libra placements tend to see life through rose tinted glasses. They want to see the best in people or see only the best, they tend to ignore everything else (Libra tends to see both sides, but prefers the good). They idealize and idolize their lovers or events in their lives, they turn a blind eye to shortcomings or flaws. They love so deeply and so much, but they can in turn love the wrong people due to their idealization of others.

Venus in Virgo likes to sort the people in their life into categories. They associate people by their likes and dislikes. Venus in Virgo understands you can tell a lot about a person by what they love and what they hate. Everything from the type of movies you like to the clothes you wear gives Venus in Virgo insight into who you really are.

zodiac signs as a fall out boy songs that i like

aries: champion,rat a tat
taurus: miss missing you,this ain’t a scene it’s an arms race
gemini: where did the party go,twin skeletons
cancer: sugar we’re goin down,what a catch donnie
leo: uma thurman,the phoenix
virgo: the last of the real ones,death valley
libra: alone together,dance dance
scorpio: novocaine,american beauty/american psycho
sagittarius: young volcanoes,i don’t care
capricorn: just one yesterday,thnks fr th mmrs
aquarius: young and menace,fourth of july
pisces: save rock and roll,the kids aren’t alright