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[MafiaSubs Update] Jay's movie, Themselves, subbing process

Hi Guys! @jean22s (Jean) here!

I just want you guys to know that Jay’s movie will be a week or two delay due to the fact that my dad hid my computer because he thinks that my computer was the cause of me going to the hospital.


So…. I wish you guys won’t get mad at these unkept promises I’ve been making for the past 2 weeks.

I hope you guys understand.

I’ll make up an excuse so that he’ll give me back my computer.

I promise it’ll be out before February ends.

(or I’ll give it to you guys as a Valentine’s gift *wink*)

Sorry again!

- Subbing Coordinator Jean

The Boss & X-5 Video Support Message Project

Hello Masters! We are finally able to release our own support project for The Boss alongside X-5 fans and also working with the Korean fans from the Fan-cafe!

We plan to put together a video filled with photos sent in from members and fans from all over the internet and all over the world to show our support, love and care for the boys after the hard time that they have been through recently. If you would like to take part that’s great! Please follow the simple rules posted below before using the form at the end of this post to post your submission.

Deadline: May 20th


- Only 1 picture may be submitted per person.

- You may take your picture with a sign, poster etc. that you have made, it can also be written in any language.

- Do not add any personal details/information to your photo and please do not edit your photos.

- You may take pictures as groups. i.e. If you have a group of friends who are fans of The Boss you may take it together but it counts as 1 submission per person.

- You MUST submit your photo here or by sending it to before the deadline given above or you will NOT be included in the project.

- You can take your picture absolutely anywhere you like so as long as you or your sign is visible!

Submitting your photo

If you are a member on the forum you can sign up in this thread to submit your photos:

If not you can send your photos straight to our email at

If you have any questions or problems, be sure to let us know! Use the form below to send to us in an e-mail so we have your information if needed.

Real Name:
Link to Photo: 

Not all fans of The Boss are members on our forum so please help promote this to your friends in Tumblr and in Twitter! The more people that join the bigger and better we can make this project! If you want to promote this project please use the following tweets below!

Please note that the exact same project will be running for X-5 fans as well but to submit your photos for x-5 please contact the International Forum at @xfivestar on Twitter or send your submissions to them by e-mail at

- Join us in the Video Support Message Project for The Boss! 

- AstroMAFIA & Korean Fans have opened their Video Support Message Project for The Boss. 

You can also help us by retweeting on Twitter and reblogging on Tumblr and translating so that fans from your country can also join! 

Thanks guys!