The signs as cats
  • Aries: The cat that grooms itself for hours
  • Taurus: The cat that meows when their food bowl is half empty or there is something floating in their water bowl
  • Gemini: The cat that runs around crazily in the night like a demon
  • Cancer: The cat that follows you around meowing for attention
  • Leo: The cat that refuses to eat dry food
  • Virgo: The cat that licks you affectionately
  • Libra: The cat that really likes the shower/bathtub
  • Scorpio: The cat that must thoroughly explore each new box, bag or item set on the floor
  • Sagittarius: The cat that locks eyes with you as they knock something on a table over
  • Capricorn: The cat that you constantly catch giving you a hard side eye
  • Aquarius: The cat that eats your plants
  • Pisces: The cat that sleeps on their back in the sun, and gets up to move as the light shifts
boy group aesthetics
  • exo: shiny stuff, glass vases, sky high
  • bts: fire hydrants, not voting, kate kane
  • shinee: white birch trees, revamping old abandoned buildings, musicals
  • monsta x: sledgehammers, teeth, secretly preferring dnce to the jonas brothers
  • super junior: dress shoes, cool teachers, being out of milk
  • seventeen: 2000s disney channel movies, pop art, good puns
  • got7: watercolors, dogs drinking out of puddles, loose change
  • day6: life is good shirts, happy vibes, your coworker's significant other not remembering who you are
  • astro: bad puns, liking cats and dogs equally, father & son improv groups
  • vixx: the vampire diaries, belts, instagram

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Wrong Number

Pairings: LawLu, ZoSan, MarcoAce, Saboala

Summary: “Why do you care? We don’t know each other.” – Torao
“Of course I know you, you gave me your number and your name, Torao!” – Luffy
“Wait, what? No, it was a mistake. And my name is Law, not ‘Torao’.” – Torao
“Torao is good too.” – LuffyLaw only wanted Bepo to help him at the hospital, he never asked to have this “Luffy” guy as a SMS penpal, all of this because he typed a wrong number!

Warnings: Humor, Wrong number, phone texts, SMS discussions, Fluff, Romance, Crush, AU, Friendship, Nakamaship, Meatloaf’s great cat, Teasing, jokes & puns, Light Angst, introvert & extrovert characters, Social Issues

I. DID. IT! I posted this chapter. I wrote it. WooOow. 
Now, I really hope you’ll like it, but I can’t promise you will. You decide.
Thank you all for your comments on AO3/ff, your support on Tumblr, and especially to @lululawlawlu who’s always telling how much they like what I write (let’s be honest I drew a lot for 6 months instead of writing and really thought I would never go back to writing and wasn’t really happy about that).Okay I’m gonna stop now. I’m just so excited. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 =[AO3 - ff]=

“[Picture MMS]” – Luffy

“Meatloaf’s such a lazy cat” – Luffy

“I’m bored and he doesn’t want to play!” – Luffy

“Honestly when are you NOT bored?” – Torao

“Sometimes I’m not. When I talk to you for example!” – Luffy


“Hey I just realized!” – Luffy

“I never asked you if you had a pet!” – Luffy

“I don’t recall you asking yea” – Torao

“And??” – Luffy

“I… don’t have a common pet.” – Torao

“[Picture MMS]” – Torao

“OMG SO COOL” – Luffy

“WHAT’S THIS?” – Luffy

“Iguana.” – Torao

“That’s its name??” – Luffy

“… No. The name of the species.” – Torao

“What’s the name then?” – Luffy

“I didn’t give it a name.” – Torao

“W h y” – Luffy

“щ(ºДºщ)” – Luffy

“… Because I didn't” – Torao

“No, you must.” – Luffy

“Does it breATHE FIRE?” – Luffy

“CAN IT FLY?” – Luffy

“It looks like a DRAGON” – Luffy

“No. It can’t. It’s a freaking Iguana.” – Torao

“Call it Komodo” – Luffy

“I was expecting anything related to food I’m kinda surprised.” – Torao

“Komodo dragons aren’t iguanas Luffy-ya.” – Torao

“Well you must give it a name!!!” – Luffy

“Why is it so important?” – Torao

“Because it’s your daily friend!” – Luffy

“Call it Lizard.” – Luffy

“That’s just a widder name of species.” – Torao

“Saying no to Reptile right now.” – Torao

“Okay fine!” – Luffy

“Just find a name yourself then!” – Luffy

“You’re not gonna let it go are you” – Torao

“Nope.” – Luffy

“I’ll think about it.” – Torao

“°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°” – Ace

“(☆▽☆)” – Luffy

“໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७” – Ace

“ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ” – Luffy

““(ง ͠ ͠° ل͜ °)ง" - Ace

“(ง •̀ゝ•́)ง" - Luffy

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Astro as dogs ~ 🐶


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