The North Tower- New Home

Thank you all for tuning in! I’m just taking a short break from 320 State Street to write something spooky for halloween. I don’t anticipate it to be very long. Hope you all enjoy.

Astrid pulled into the driveway with the lawyer. The trip from the US to Wales had been a long haul, and to say she was exhausted was an understatement.

“Is this it then?” She asked, stepping out from the car.

“Yes ma’am.” The lawyer, Mala Throk replied, a briefcase and a set of keys in hand.

The castle was set upon a hill, and looked over a sizable town on one side, and a lake on the other. It was huge and looked to be mostly intact. Of course, Astrid knew this wasn’t the case as she had visited the castle as a child on Holidays.

“Your Uncle left a very specific set of instructions on what he wanted you to do with the castle,” the lawyer explained, being the one to draft the will. “The South Tower, the one we are going into now is to be used for guests, and they are not to venture farther than the ballroom on the western wall. This is the only part of the castle that is fully renovated for renting out.”

The lawyer unlocked the front door with a skeleton key.

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I’m so sorry about this

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Collab with @ieatpockey, who drew Hiccup, whilst I drew Astrid c:

It was so lovely to adapt to your palette! It’s so different from my light one. Interesting to see how others color! (AND THIS POSE! So cute!! Your style is beyond lovely! Seeing this for the first time made my morning! :D Haha, thank you for collabing with me <3)