@dancerrose101 i didn’t get to all of em, but i can sorta tell ya the ones not pictured (and the ones here)

Astrid was a spy/assassin like black widow, raised from a little girl to now, endless training and alterations have made her not only a good shot, but she can def kill you with her pink/anything in a room

Hiccup is sorta like iron man though def not a playboy (eh who knows) and he not only has his reactor thats keeping him alive, but he also lost his leg and its probably one of the coolest prosthetic ever, i kinda want him to be the scotsman

but inside i know hiccup aint that way

Fishlegs has the bruce banner thing going on, a biologist until some experiment affected a dormant mutation, hence he does yoga and meditates and snotlout gets punched a lot from astrid cause he’s gonna make fishlegs lose it and then theyll have to declare a state of emergency, good things snots made of metal cause other wise he’d be dead. Hiccup and Fishlegs prob had a love at first conversation moment when they first met and now theyre total bros and hiccup prob talks to him about his horrible experiences and things he’s gone through and fishlegs is like “i do not have a phd in this- please know that” he worries for his friend a lot, and vice versa

snotlouts like colossus, who by the way is my husband, go see the new deadpool movie, its amazing, anyway, he’s made outta metal but he can change to be “normal looking” but being metal is super cool and totally rad and he weighs so much, but he can bench so much so it balances out

Tuffnuts deadpool, when i drew him i gave him hair but honestly itd prob have fallen out when his mutation kicked in, again, go see the new deadpool movie, it was so gd good, he prob cuts off pieces of himself as grotesque pranks and its disgusting and only he finds it funny

hmm i haven’t decided for ruffnut, mostly cause she’s related to tuff but i don’t wanna give her the same mutation. hmm maybe i will, who knows.

imma just call this part of my mutant au cause basically theyre all mutants technically, i do wanna make a deadpool au, just using the movie, but i’ll prob wait until more people see it cause i dont wanna spoil it ya feel

also you should read my commentary on the pictures

Ari (@walkingnorth) and I did this collab!!!!

I cannot get over about her coloring style! It’s soooo gorgeous!!!

My sketch of Astrid and Hiccup looks so amazing with her coloring *——*

Context of the drawing:

It’s a HTTYD and Percy Jackson crossover!

Hiccup is son of Athena and Astrid is daughter of Bellona. 

They have known each other since childhood, but they didn’t know that the other was a demigod.

[Please Ari explain this better XD]