Signs while hanging out

Aries - laughs at your jokes
Taurus - always has problems
Gemini- makes you laugh
Cancer - makes you cry
Leo- listens to your problems
Virgo - complains to you
Libra - wants to do something exciting
Scorpio - Netflix and chill
Sagittarius- exploring !
Capricorn- shows you memes
Aquarius - photos!
Pieces - concert or listen to music

The Signs as Mythical Creatures!

Aries: Hippogriff

Taurus: Dryad

Gemini: Pixie

Cancer: Nymph

Leo: Unicorn

Virgo: Pegasus

Libra: Mermaid

Scorpio: Siren

Sagittarius: Phoenix (cause I really didn’t want to use centaur; that’s cheating)

Capricorn: European or Chinese Dragon

Aquarius: Elf

Pisces: Fairy


Hever Castle by Jason Ballard
Via Flickr:
Childhood home and possible birthplace (Blickling Hall in Norfolk is also a contender for this honour) (c 1501-1507) of Anne Boleyn (aka Bullen)