NORTHSTAR!!! Jean - Paul Beabier, The mutant brother of Aurora is the first openly gay superhero in mainstream comics. He married his longtime partner in Astonishing X-Men Vol. I #51 June 2012. He was a professional skier in his teenage years but when his mutation kicked in, he dropped the sport because there was no longer any competition for him. He and his sister were members of the Canadian super team, Alpha Flight until years later, he joined one of the X teams.

Powers: Superhuman speed and durability, flight and the manipulation of light energy.

First appearance Uncanny X-Men Vol. I #120 April 1979. Created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne.


Looking for a great comic full of incredible, badass ladies and queer characters? Then look no further! I present you with: ASTONISHING X-MEN!

Astonishing X-Men volume 3 is responsible for the creation of Abigail Brand and Hisako Ichiki, as well as the Northstar/Kyle wedding special. It’s a great book full of great stories and now you too can read it!

Issues included in this masterpost:

And remember, if you like this book? GO OUT AND BUY IT! Apparently it’s ending soon, which is a huge bummer, but if you support it despite that, Marvel will hopefully get the message that this is the kind of stuff we want to see!

One of the guiding lights of my generation, one of the great creators of my generation is Joss Whedon. I’m a big admirer of his but I’ve only seen like two episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer; the TV show that made his reputation is not really how I know him. I know him from his work in comic books and from Firefly and from The Avengers. I think the thing that Joss Whedon recognized and has exploited is people want to love a character and then see those characters have great moments. To be forced in a box and have to punch their way out. To be confronted with their worst fears and to have their fondest hopes snatched away from them. He’s really great at that. He’s really great at finding these characters that you just want to spend time with every week, or as much as possible, and see them experience everything. I think that’s the job, to create those characters and then give them their chance to be recognized as hero, coward or clown.
People talk a lot about giving the reader what they want, but I’m also a big believer in what Joss Whedon says about the job is actually to identify what the audience wants and then to never give it to them. To seriously deny it as much as possible.