the signs as assholes
  • Aries:the asshole that turns everything into an aggressive competition
  • Taurus:that asshole that refuses to accept they're wrong so they just ignore what you're saying
  • Gemini:says something really mean and bogus and just laughs about it asshole
  • Cancer:the "i'm in a bad mood so now i'm going to put you in a bad mood" asshole
  • Leo:that asshole that turns your story into a story about them
  • Virgo:the asshole that criticizes everyone
  • Libra:that asshole that acts super nice and won't admit they're being an asshole
  • Scorpio:that asshole that destroys your life over a little incident
  • Sagittarius:the brutally honest asshole
  • Capricorn:the "i'm always right" and bosses you around asshole
  • Aquarius:that god-complex asshole who thinks they're the greatest person ever
  • Pisces:tries to seem macho af to hide their sensitivity asshole

What someone says: I’m anti-SJW

Some of the things that they could actually mean like 90% of the time when they say this:

  • SJWs have heavily harmed and co-opted a community/safe space I was/am part of.
  • Tumblr’s SJ community has acted abusive and bullying towards me and/or someone I am friends with, either directly or indirectly.
  • I believe SJWs are making it harder to actually reach progress.
  • SJWs have made it hard for me to state my grievances towards Tumblr’s SJ community without the fear of being attacked.
  • My friends sometimes act like SJWs, and I’m afraid to call them out due to fear of them turning on me. I believe Tumblr factored into this heavily.
  • Some people seem to be using the movement to act like bigots, such as TERFs.
  • I rarely see said bigots be called out because “not all SJ people,” and that makes me feel unsafe.
  • I’ve been harassed by someone popular in the SJ community, and they turned it around to make it look like I’m the abuser.
  • I feel my problems are unfairly ignored by the SJ community/I feel as though the SJ community isn’t focusing on the bigger issues.
  • Tumblr’s SJ community has left me confused about who it is and isn’t okay to be friends with, and I feel bad/conflicted about who to side with and/or what to agree with.
  • I believe SJWs trivialize a lot of issues, which can be harmful.
  • I see a lot of people in Tumblr’s SJ community turn on each other rapidly, leaving many people emotionally and socially hurt, as well as disrupting any important discussions to focus on drama.
  • SJWs have made a fandom/community/safe space I was/am part of very unwelcoming and nasty, sucking out all of the fun and relaxation I used to experience there.
  • People in the SJ community who are out of college are harming minors whenever they make mistakes.
  • I have seen people in the SJ community encourage followers to harass other users, sometimes even to the point of doxxing.
  • SJWs won’t let people they disagree with have a say, even if the people’s views differ only slightly.
  • I have seen the SJ community tear a lot of people down, making them feel paranoid, confused, and/or unsafe.

What a lot of SJWs hear: lol lmao I’m just a huge bigot who HATES FUN AND JUSTICE!!!

It really disturbs me how people can think bisexuals are just as privileged as straight because part of our attraction is to the other gender.

• We still face homo/biphobia, bullying, hateful parents, rejection for being different, and so on.
• We can still be “in the closet” as much as any other sexuality(Though at times it can be easier as the attraction to the other, it is still a part of ourselves we are forced to hide).
• We still face high depression/anxiety rates. Just as any other sexuality.
• We end up told that we aren’t gay enough and have no reason to be proud.
• We are told it’s not real, that its for attention, that it’s just a snowflake identity, that we are just confused. 
• We face stereotypes like “Bisexuals will most likely cheat!” and “Bisexuals like more than one gender, so they are going to sleep around” or that we have no standards because we are attracted to more than one gender.
• We face exclusion from non-lgbt due to being different, like other sexualities, but we also face exclusion from the LGBT+ community itself. 
• We are told that we don’t belong at pride events, that it’s not for us(They make it obvious too, seeing as many have faced discrimination at pride events, myself included).

If anyone truly believes bisexuals are just as privileged as straight, please go eat an ass

(Note: any groups I talk about, I don’t mean all of them. Just the ones that do)

So yesterday I saw a link to this article floating around. A chick I follow reblogged it and essentially agreed with all the things that the lady in the article is saying, about the boys potentially causing trouble in town etc. and arguing that she was justified in her fears. 

Now, I don’t talk about this too often because I know it will sound like I’m fishing for sympathy and that isn’t what I want. But I’ve been in that position - I became dependent on some pretty hard drugs around age 17/18, when my ‘rents kicked me out for being gay. I ran up debt that I, as an unemployed teenager, could not keep up with and so my dealer essentially started whoring (please feel free to censor that word if you want to) me out to keep up with my payments. 

I was stuck in that position for years. I was very rarely in a clear mindset when I was sleeping with people for drug money, and when I could think straight I rarely consented. And yet I had to stay. I had no choice, really; at this point, I was living with my dealer/pimp, basically my whole family had disowned me. I had nowhere else to go. Of course, homelessness was an option but not one that was a promising prospect; at least living there I had a roof over my head, relative safety and access to the chemicals I was so dependent upon. 

After around six years of this living hell, I heard that there was a shelter opening up for abused men in my area and I cannot tell you how excited I got. The prospect of a safe haven where I could potentially get clean and be safe from the trafficking was a dream. I cried the first time I heard about it because I was so happy about the thought of getting out of there. All I had to do was wait a while. 

So I waited. And I waited. 

For a further two and a half years I waited, and nothing. I assumed it had just been some kind of rumour that I’d heard, that there was never to be a shelter. Then I got told something that probably upset me more than it should’ve; the shelter had not been opened because people had complained that it was “unpleasant” and “frightening” to have “that kind of man lurking around the area." 

I was heartbroken. I stayed in that place for a further three years until I finally got in touch with a wonderful charity and managed to get out of there. 

I just can’t bare the prospect of other men going through what I did  - having no choice but to stay in an abusive/dangerous situation. Men deserve somewhere to go every bit as much as women do, and I have to question the ideology of the "feminists” who argue against that. 

The lady in this story is what scientists label a “scumbag dick.” After plowing down a 17-year-old kid on his bicycle, this lady did have the wherewithal to pull over, but only long enough to tell her victim she couldn’t help him because his bloody face was going to scare her kids. The lady then explained to her victim that the kids were upset and late for school, so she had to go, at which point the kid she hit probably groaned in pain or some such, but the implication here is also that these kids are at least 6 or so, probably. They’re old enough to realize mom is some kind of magnificent asshole and that they seriously just ran someone over and left him on the side of the road.

The 5 Worst Excuses People Actually Gave For A Hit And Run

i am better and healthier without you  i am better and healthier without you  i am better and healthier without you  i am better and healthier without you  i am better and healthier without you  i am better and healthier without you  i am better and healthier without you  i am better and healthier without you  i am better and healthier without you  i am better and healthier without you  i am better and healthier without you  i am better and healthier without you  i am better and healthier without you  i am better and healthier without you  i am better and healthier without you  i am better and healthier without you  i am better and healthier without you  i am better and healthier without you  i am better and healthier without you

Tumblr user: How could anyone ever say racism is over in the US? It’s so obvious that there still is hate based on race here and it’s racist to imply otherwise! I just don’t get how anyone can be so evil and so dumb to deny the existence of racism, what reason do they even have for this? Do they just wanna be bigots? Don’t you dare say people don’t experience racism and refuse to listen to their point of view, you can never know what they’ve been through!

Same Tumblr user: Of course you can’t be racist against white people wtf are you saying


If you feel the need to bash cisfolk to alleviate your “oppression” (although in this case it sounds more like your personal anxiety than anything else) you should probably get off tumblr and go see a doctor and/or shrink. It’s just not a healthy mindset and it only makes you look bad to everyone else.

And personally, I won’t stop supporting trans peoples all because you feel the need to bash me, although I will think twice the next time before I choose to support certain trans individuals if they feel the need to rag on my gender identity (What, you’re allowed to “feel better” while I get put down by your insult? Sorry, but it’s not going to happen).

Just keep in mind: the people who make the rules and laws tend to be cis, and sending blind hate their way doesn’t exactly make those lawmakers want to get up and help out in a relatively quick fashion.