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Please note: This comic contains discussion of sexual assault, rape, and rape culture

This guy, this fucking guy, still sticks in my brain. It’s been years since I’ve been online dating. It was an interaction of messages that culminated in this exchange over about 2 weeks.

He’s so forgettable in every other way, but I am just still so aggravated by this weird smug privileged obliviousness around constant social demands on women and femmefolk to be both constantly available to men and at the same time perfectly take all necessary steps to prevent their own rapes. 

It is STUPID and AWFUL that we are expected to constantly be smart, aware, strong, reactive, proactive, and sober enough to prevent our own assaults. It is STUPID and AWFUL that if we do anything, ANYTHING, like have a glass of wine, or walk home, or smile at someone, or not smile at someone, that we are somehow in that way shouldering responsibility for someone deliberately, maliciously harming us. 

And it is ridiculous to ask someone to shrug all of that social pressure and blaming and responsibility off because it’s vaguely insulting to you that someone has to think about the possibility that you’re not a great person. 

Dude, thanks. You saved me a lot of wasted time with that message. I mean it. 


This is a 9 year old kid in Sweden getting assaulted by a security guard. The child went on a train without a ticket, He doesn’t know better since he can’t understand Swedish. 

Loads of people are watching and no ones doing anything. According to the witnesses you could hear the guard smashing the kids head on to the stonefloor if you were in the same building. 

The guard takes it so far, that the child thinks that he’s gonna die and does the shahada whereas he says a prayer that says “There’s only one God and mohammed is his prophet” 

Bryan sutter is a rapist

Bryan sutter, weareunitedbyhaircuts is a serial rapist and sexual assaulter. Not only had he assaulted me, he has assaulted many other women over the past 11 years. Bryan was sleeping off a drunk at my house and I woke up to him fondling me and using my hands to masturbate. I am not the first person he has assaulted. In 2003 he raped my friend in his car after a show. She was 15 and he was 17. Bryan sutter is a photographer for Eleven magazine and the Riverfront Times, along with working at teavana He’s chubby, generic looking white guy with glasses and a beard. He usually has a camera and goes to a lot of shows here in stl. Be safe.

Bıçakla kemik arasında
Susmakla ağlamak arasında

Cemal Süreya, Nehirler Boyunca Kadınlar Gördüm

—Bir kadın, 20 yaşında..
. Baba-oğul tarafından tecavüz edilip, bıçaklanıp öldürülüyor, yetmiyor yakılıyor. O da yetmiyor sonra denize atılıyor. Evet, burası Türkiye. Hatta yeni Türkiye..

Kadının kahkasına, etek boyuna, kaç çocuk yapacağına, nerede çalışacağına karar vermeye çalışan yüce iktidarımız ne buyur edecek.

Mersin Çağ Üniversitesi’nde Psikoloji bölümünde okuyan 20 yaşındaki Özgecan Aslan tecavüz edip yakanlar mahkemede takım elbiseleri giyip iyi halden faydalanacaklar mı onlarca kişinin tecavüzcüsü ve katilin de olduğu gibi?!..

Tecavüzcülerin kadınlar tarafından cezalandırılmasını isterdim, tabi ki onları (katilleri) koruyan indirimli yasalar var iken bu bir hayal.. Çünkü; “burası bizim değil, bizi öldürmek isteyenlerin ülkesi," olmuş çoktan.

             “Bu dünyada yaşamak can sıkıcı bir şeydir baylar.”

France had the largest exodus of Jewish people since WWII.

Four Jewish people were murdered in France today and three others are currently hostages.

A Muslim woman in France was assaulted and kicked in the stomach until she miscarried by two men.

Three mosque’s have been bombed in the past week.

Mosque’s and Synagogue’s are being vandalized and bombed.

But I see atheists who want to sit here and talk about ‘religious privilege’ as if every person who believes in a deity of some kind is privileged over them. Please. Explain how disconnected you have to be from current events to believe that Jewish or Muslim people have any sort of privilege over atheists when they still lose their jobs but are also murdered and the victims of brutal assaults and terrorism. Explain how disconnected from history you are to believe remotely that they have ever been privileged in any way.

You are not wrong for refusing to report your abuser. Your abuser was in the wrong for doing something worth reporting. 

You are not weak for not fighting back. Your abuser was wrong for doing something to make someone so scared they froze up.

You are not to blame for anyone else they hurt. Your abuser was wrong for deciding to do that to more people. 

You are not bad for deciding to drop the charges. Your abuser was wrong for leaving you so traumatized. 

You are not pathetic for not being able to tell anyone. Your abuser was wrong for doing something that felt so shameful. 

Remember to give blame to the person who CHOSE to hurt you.

Victim blaming is not okay, and that includes when the victim is yourself.


When a fourteen-year-old girl refused to go in the pool during gym class in August 2014 at Edison High School in Stockton, CA, her physical education teacher reacted in a disturbing way.  

The girl did not want to get in the pool because she had gotten her hair done earlier in the day for an event she was attending that night. When Garcia did not comply with the PE teacher’s requests to get in the pool, the teacher used physical force to try to drag her into the water. The PE teacher, Denny Peterson, has been with the school district for ten years, and there have been no previous complaints against him. Regardless of his decade-long clean slate with the district, what you will see him doing in this video is terrifying. He grabs the young girl and proceeds to drag her across the floor as her legs and arms flail. What’s even worse is that he ignores her cries as she says “Stop! My top is falling down!”and struggles to keep herself covered as he pulls her toward the water. Another student saw the altercation and began filming. When Peterson would not let up, other students tried to intervene to help Garcia, even throwing water at Peterson. 

Garcia’s attorney, Gilbert Somera, says that Garcia was left with bruises and scratches after the struggle. As he points out in the video, Peterson’s behavior is absolutely unacceptable, stating that “no means no,” and that a grown man should never put his hands on a child like this.  Peterson was charged with a misdemeanor count of corporal injury to a child and subsequently placed on administrative leave. (x)

This is seriously fucked up. Why dude?!?! WHY?!?!?

anonymous asked:

Can I just say that a majority of the quotes on that anti-50 shades post you created were not even in the book. Like at all. Not remotely close to the dialogue shared between Ana and Christian. Not to mention Ana was a consenting adult who held every bit of power in her BDSM relationship. If one word was uttered from her mouth, whatever physical contact between her and Christian stopped. Please stop shaming safe, sane, and consensual BDSM relationships. Thank you.

"Well, if you were mine, you wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week after the stunt you pulled yesterday. You didn’t eat, you got drunk, you put yourself at risk." - FSOG Chapter 5

“Christ, Ana!” He bangs his fist on the table, making me jump, and stands so abruptly he almost knocks the dining chair over. “You have one thing, one thing to remember. Shit! I don’t fucking believe it. How could you be so stupid?” FSF Chapter 20

"No, please. I can’t do this not now. I need some time please." "Oh Ana, don’t over think this." FSD Chapter 15

"No," I protest, trying to kick him off. He stops. "If you struggle, I’ll tie your feet too. If you make a noise, Anastasia, I will gag you. FSOG Chapter 12

"Alaska is very cold and no place to run. i would find you. I can track your cell phone - remember?" FSOG Chapter 17

He narrows his eyes, and then seems to remember himself. Releasing my hand, he takes my elbow and leads me out of the room. “This conversation is not over,” he whispers threateningly. FSOG Chapter 19

"You need to learn to manage my expectations. I am not a patient man." He’d probably like to bear 7 shades of shit out of me. The thought it depressing. FSOG Chapter 17

"So you felt demeaned, abused & assaulted – how very Tess Durbeyfield of you. I believe it was you who decided on the debasement if I remember correctly. Do you really feel like this or do you think you ought to feel like this? Two very different things. If that is how you feel, do you think you could just try and embrace these feelings, deal with them, for me? That’s what a submissive would do." FSOG Chapter 17

Gee look at all that. I guess there’s always next time.


Holy fuck, guys.

Why the hell is Tumblr not spreading this shit like wildfire? These three ‘fashion vigilantes’ are literally running up to total strangers and cutting their fucking hair off.

This isn’t some innocent ding-dong-ditch prank, this is legitimate assault, targeted at individuals who dare to wear their hair in a way that these three bastards don’t like.

They have literally filmed themselves attacking innocent people. This is every bit as bad as that Sam Pepper shit.    #stoptheassault


I don’t usually post stuff like this… but I came across this video and felt the need.

This cartoon was made in 1933. It’s not like the ’90s cartoons we grew up with, because there are more regulations on what was considered appropriate and what was not (and so on.) At the time this was made, it was still perfectly normal to both create and air blatantly racist cartoons, because it was the norm and wildly accepted. 

Anyway, this was made in 1933. And not much has changed in real life when it comes to how women are treated. Aside from Betty Boop dancing half naked in front of a crowd, Olive Oil (Popeye’s wife) is a married woman and stalked, kidnapped, assaulted, and almost got killed for rejecting an exaggerated masculine character. Popeye and this character try to compete to show who is more tough, more of a man. (Because of course proving one’s masculinity is more important than a woman’s safety.) Instead of reporting this scary stalker to authorities, Popeye acts immaturely in that he wants to prove himself.

It’s now about to be 2015 and women are still being killed for rejecting men’s advances. Not to mention, in this cartoon, one cannot argue “what was she wearing?” because Olive Oil is always dressed very conservatively.

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did you know that in all of the 12 states in the US which have legally protected trans people's rights to use the bathrooms of their choice, there have been NO (read: no, none, nada, null, zero) increases of sexual assault or harassment in restrooms? did you know that already, bc now you do, so you can stop with all the "trans women and cis men will assault cis women in bathrooms" fear-mongering. mediamatters(.)org/mobile/research/2014/03/20/15-experts-debunk-right-wing-transgender-bathro/198533

From THIS post






and that was just the first page of search results on google. i’m sure people have more.

“88% of the trans(women) population, those people who are protected by gender identity and gender expression laws, are, as reported by their own advocacy organizations, males with a psychosexual disorder. (1)

Many men with psychosexual disorders practice their fetish in the privacy of their own homes. But as many as 13,946,348 of them in the US, at the time of this writing, will be free to practice their fetish in public, in front of your children, in women’s locker rooms, in the girls bathroom at school. (2) This will be enabled by current and pending transgender legislation throughout the US. (3).

Transgender fetish is the largest sexual disorder reported in convicted sex offenders.(4) Almost 100% of convicted sex offenders have a documented history of transvestism, crossdressing, free-dressing, Autogynephilia, transsexualism – in other words: TRANSGENDER.

60% of convicted sex offenders have transgender fetish as their primary paraphillia (a parapillia is a psychological sex disorder). Of the remaining fetishists, such as pedophiles, rapists, etc., 60% of those sex offenders have transgender fetish as their secondary parapillia, in addition to their primary disorder. Finally, 40% of convicted sex offenders have transgender fetish as their tertiary (3rd) fetish among multiple disorders.

Transgender sex disorders are the leading indicator of criminal sexual behavior.

This is what transgender does:

rape and kill 6 year old girls http://maleviolence.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/alanna-gallagher-was-smothered-with-plastic-bags-and-had-her-watch-stolen-by-neighbor-17-who-raped-and-killed-her-mail-online.pdf

are sexual predators http://nametheproblem.com/2013/10/06/levandus-gacutan/ and http://maleviolence.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/man-dressed-as-woman-charged-with-sexually-assaulting-of-boy-nbc-10-philadelphia.pdf

T. rape women http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/local-news/crossdresser-cabbie-convicted-of-rape-958087

TW rape women http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10661305

TW rape women http://www.cable-manufacturer.net/disnews.aspx?id=239

TW rape women http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/Cambridge/The-Cambridge-Rapist-is-dead.htm

Dallas: Convicted serial child rapist Paul Ray Witherspoon was reported to law enforcement by a woman who was frightened by him in a hospital restroom designated for use by women and girls. Witherspoon was wearing earrings and a skirt and a large bulky ankle GPS device worn by paroled felons deemed likely to re-offend. His parole had been previously revoked at least twice: in 2007 when Witherspoon was charged with assault and returned to prison until 2010, and again when he was arrested in 2011 for sending out pornographic photos of himself over the internet.


California: Male rapist claiming “transgender” status placed in CA WOMEN’S prison:


David Megarry (“Sandy Jo Battista”), a convicted sex offender who has molested girls, expects tax payers to pay for his feminizing hormones.


Kenneth Hunt (“Katheena Soneeya”), who was trying to get the State of Massachusetts to pay for hair removal and sex reassignment surgery was convicted of murdering two women.


Robert Kosilek (“Michelle Lynn” Kosilek), then 39, was already transitioning when he killed his wife, Cheryl McCaul, during an argument. He strangled her to death, nearly decapitating her in the Mansfield, Massachusetts home they still shared.


Other “transgender” males presenting as women claiming access to women’s restrooms: