Police: Man beat children, set Ten O One Club on fire with children inside

Green Bay police are now calling Sunday night’s fire at the Ten O One Club downtown an act of arson — and the details surrounding the crime are disturbing.

An 18-year-old Green Bay man is facing five criminal charges after police say he lured four children under the age of 10 into the Ten O One Club, assaulted two of them, then started the building on fire.

Jesus Castilloveitia-Quinton made his first appearance in Brown County court Tuesday afternoon.

He faces two counts of child abuse, arson, resisting an officer and bail jumping.

An emergency call came in for the former bar located at Main and Webster streets around 9 o’clock Sunday night. First responders found the building in flames.

A Green Bay police officer say Castilloveitia-Quinton and a couple of kids running from the scene.

The officer and his K9 chased after them, suspecting one of them may have been responsible for the fire.

Using the police dog, he was able to take Castilloveitia-Quinton into custody.

Other officers tracked down the four children who ran from the scene. They said they knew Castilloveitia-Quinton from the neighborhood.

Castilloveitia-Quinton told police the abandoned apartment above the Ten O One Club was his “secret hideout,” which is why he brought the kids there.

The kids say when they went to see his hideout, Castilloveitia-Quinton started hitting them and said he needed to light the place on fire to “send them to a better place.”

According to the court documents, he struck the children in the face, put his hand over their mouths, and started pouring bleach on the floor. Four separate fires were started inside the vacant building with the children still inside.

Police say when he was taken into custody he kept asking them if “the kids were OK.” All of them did get out.

In court Castilloveitia-Quinton appeared disoriented, unable to sit still, and saying out loud, “I need my meds.”

His attorney requested a competency evaluation. The court agreed. Police say a lot of people are going to be affected by what happened.

“This is a situation that is very traumatic not only for those kids but for the neighborhood around the Ten O One Club. That was a very old building, an icon in the downtown area, in which the individual decided to start on fire causing extensive damage, and we really just want the message to the community to be that we located Mr. Castilloveitia-Quinton and he’s going to be held responsible for his actions,” Capt. Kevin Warych, Green Bay Police Department, said.


babes chicken assault vehicle by Paladin
Via Flickr:
Chicken Roundup Assault Vehicle, in front of the Garland, Texas Babe’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant.

When Ameneh Bahrami rejected a man’s marriage proposal, he turned bitter and threw acid into her face leaving her with extreme disfigurements. She went through 19 agonising operations and is permanently blind, but this didn’t stop her wanting justice on the man who ruined her life. In court, the judge wanted the accused to serve a lengthy prison sentence and pay full compensation to Ameneh, but she had different ideas: She asked if she could have exact revenge, by injecting acid into the man’s eyes. The court allowed it as a capital punishment, and arrangements were made for Ameneh to inject 20 drops of acid into her attacker’s eyes to blind him.

However, in a last-minute act of peace and bravery, Ameneh decided to pardon her attacker. Strapped to a bed, he kicked and spat at her while he awaited the injection, but she could not ruin someone else’s life, no matter what he’d done to her. She told everyone: “I couldn’t do it, I knew I could not live with it until the end of my life. I knew I would have suffered and burned twice had I done that.”

I don’t know her specific case personally. But I do know someone who was assaulted for turning a nigga down. And I’ve been trying to think of ways to help combat shit like this ever sense. But honestly, there’s like no way. These women are doing nothing wrong. They are telling these men “NO” and in turn, the boys think they have the right to attack them. And no one please say, “she was wearing revealing clothes” because my friend was wearing sweats. And if she wasn’t, if she denied an advance, that’s her right. There’s really no concrete way to avoid this shit either. So please, if you’re a girl out there, please walk to and from home with at least one friend. That’s all I can think of. Because everything else, well that can’t be avoided. Men are going to cat call and do other rude shit. And these women are going to say “No” and then the cycle continues. If any of y'all have better ideas, hmu

Where Are The Feminists?

Where are they now? Where are all of those feminists? A 14 YEAR OLD girl in a bikini was attacked, brutalized, and dragged around by a grown man. But oh wait. She was of color. That’s not news. That’s not of importance to feminists because they base their values on white privilege. A young black girl in a bikini can be attacked by an adult male. That’s just fine. But lord help us if this had been a little white girl. God Bless America.

The first time a man slaps me on the ass,
I am fourteen years old, bussing tables at a family restaurant.
He asks where I go to college and laughs.
I laugh too but the sound gets caught in my throat.
I haven’t even been kissed for the first time yet.
I have always been told that “boys will be boys”,
so when I come to accept that men will be men,
nobody corrects me.
He wraps his arm around my waist,
hand warm on the place my work shirt rides up
above my khaki shorts—
and frowns when a waitress shoos him away.
I thank her nervously. I’m worried that she’ll think poorly of me.
I trap the word slut in the back of my throat with the laughter.
She tells me that the customer is always right,
so I have to be polite, but I can still say no
if I do it quietly.

When I first learn that no does not always stop
slipping lips and wandering hands,
I am sixteen years old in a plaid miniskirt.
I am told that it is my fault for being tempting;
and it feels like the truth.
I already refuse to wear shorts outside of the house.
It makes me nervous to be alone somewhere with another person
when I have a dress on.
I throw out my miniskirts and I apologize.

By this time, catcalls make me jump out of my skin.
I never figure out how to take them as a compliment.
I always get uncomfortable when men make jokes
about why women go to the bathroom in groups.
Nobody likes to hear that we are taught from the youngest age
that we should never go anywhere

The second time that no does not stop someone,
I am nineteen years old in the passenger seat of a pickup truck.
My date pulls up in front of my house
but hits the door lock instead of letting me out,
wraps his hand around my throat
because I told him I just thought we should be friends.
When I cry later to my mother about it,
she only asks if he’d been drinking
because you know how men can get sometimes.

And I do know how men can get sometimes.
On another date, I am told by a man
that it will be my fault if he ever goes too far
because his brain is wired like an animal.
I want to say that even my dogs recognize the word no,
but I am afraid of how he might react so I don’t argue.
I sit through the rest of the date with a smile on my face.
We even kiss afterwards.
And it is not the last time I try to make kissing into a bandage
for something that never should have happened.

The third time is only a few months later.
The third time is the worst time.
When I first say no, I think maybe he doesn’t hear me
but it has nothing to do with volume.
It takes me years to lay on a hammock again.
Spring might always remind me of bursting instead of blooming.

I carry my keys just to walk to the mailbox at night.
I’m too paranoid to jog down my street alone.
I am groped on the sidewalk,
I am groped on the bus,
and even once at the grocery store.

Newly twenty-one years old,
I am followed all the way to my friend’s car
by a group of men who stand around
laughing and jeering and banging on the windows.
It is the last time I ever let a man buy me a drink at a bar.

I have men in my life who call themselves my friends
who put their hands on my hips and my thighs
without my permission.
There is no question.
They do not think they have to ask.
They laugh when I bristle.
They call me bitchy when I tell them to back off

but it takes twenty-two years for me to realize
only I have a right to my body.

I used to bite my tongue, but I do not say NO quietly anymore.
I bark my discomfort like an old dog,
weary and uncomfortable even in its sleep.
—  “I Spent Twenty-Two Years Trying To Be Nice About It”, Trista Mateer

Trans WOC Keisha Jenkins Assaulted and Shot in Homicide

Black transgender woman Keisha Jenkins was beaten by six men and shot in Philadelphia. Authorities still do not know whether the homicide was a hate crime and motivated by Jenkins’ race or gender. 20 trans and gender non-conforming people have been murdered in 2015, not including Jenkins, and 16 of those victims were black. Jenkins is the second trans woman to be murdered in Philly after London Kiki Chanel in May.

Boy faces assault charges for kissing 14-year-old girl on dare | National & World News | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News

This is assault. The way this gross article is written is part of the problem, like if a grown man kissed a grown woman, also assault: inappropriate and unwanted touching is assault and men need to learn this young.

School officials took a report regarding a 13-year-old boy who kissed a 14-year-old girl during school hours. The unwanted kiss was allegedly the result of a dare made by students.

Police confirm that the boy is now facing a second-degree assault charge as a juvenile. No one was injured during the incident, police say, and disciplinary actions related to suspension or expulsion will be handled by the school system.

Emile Hirsch gets 15 days in jail for assaulting a woman at Sundance
It may sometimes seem like celebrities can get away with whatever they want, but for every dozen or so guys like Roman Polanski who are completely and utterly above the law, there are one or two celebrities who actually get punished when they do something wrong. Surprisingly, Into The Wild star Emil

“Hirsch was reportedly visibly drunk, and when this woman decided to walk away from him after he started yelling at her for being “a rich kid” who didn’t deserve to be at Sundance, he dragged her across a table, jumped on her chest, and started choking her. She said that she felt like the front and back of her throat were touching, and then she started to black out.”

For this a white man gets 15 days, 15 fucking days. Violence against a woman that easily could have killed her is worth a mild inconvenience. 

VIDEO: Texas teacher arrested after being caught on video beating black student

A Texas high school teacher was taken into custody Friday after video was posted online showing her repeatedly slapping a black student as he sat at his desk trying to cover up. According to KHOU, Mary Hastings,63, a teacher at Ozen High School near Beaumont was arrested for assault.

In the video — shot by another student, — Hastings can be seen repeatedly hitting the student as he sits at his desk, calling him an “idiot ass,” then mocking him afterwards when he asks, “Why’d you do that?” According to a statement from Beaumont school district, the video of Hastings was then given to BISD police and school administrators. Read the FULL ARTICLE HERE.

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Yesterday a picture of me was stolen from my Instagram by a complete stranger. The photo is me trying on a dress while out with my friends, but this complete stranger not only posted it to his account without my consent, he also added an extremely offensive and graphic caption, along with similar comments directed to me on either my photos or other accounts which I look through frequently. His account is full of pictures of young girls, I don’t know whether they gave consent but I know for a fact that since I started reporting his account he has targeted people sticking up for me. He also insisted to others that I wanted the pictures there and blocked me so I could not tell them the truth. I am 15 years old and this person is in full knowledge of this. My Instagram can be found in my blog bio, his is g.21.6. Please help me by reporting my picture, which can be identified from my account and reporting his entire page so this doesn’t happen to any more girls, and please reblog to spread the message. This person needs to be taught a lesson. Please reblog instead of liking, and if you must like it then please reblog too