Greg Gianforte, GOP candidate in Montana election, allegedly assaults reporter Ben Jacobs

  • On Wednesday, Guardian political reporter Ben Jacobs claimed the Republican candidate in the 2017 special elections on Thursday, Greg Gianforte, “body slammed” him — resulting in law enforcement being summoned to the scene.
  • According to audio of the exchange posted by the Guardian, Jacobs was asking about a recent CBO analysis of the Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act before Gianforte flipped out, slamming him to the ground and breaking Jacobs’ glasses.
  • “I’m sick and tired of you guys,” Gianforte yelled. “The last guy who came here did the same thing. Get the hell out of here. Get the hell out of here. The last guy did the same thing. Are you with the Guardian?”
  • “Yes!” Jacobs responded. “You just broke my glasses.”
  • “The last guy did the same damn thing,” an angry Gianforte shot back.
  • “You just body slammed me and broke my glasses,” Jacobs said. Read more (5/24/17 9 PM)

When Ameneh Bahrami rejected a man’s marriage proposal, he turned bitter and threw acid into her face leaving her with extreme disfigurements. She went through 19 agonising operations and is permanently blind, but this didn’t stop her wanting justice on the man who ruined her life. In court, the judge wanted the accused to serve a lengthy prison sentence and pay full compensation to Ameneh, but she had different ideas: She asked if she could have exact revenge, by injecting acid into the man’s eyes. The court allowed it as a capital punishment, and arrangements were made for Ameneh to inject 20 drops of acid into her attacker’s eyes to blind him.

However, in a last-minute act of peace and bravery, Ameneh decided to pardon her attacker. Strapped to a bed, he kicked and spat at her while he awaited the injection, but she could not ruin someone else’s life, no matter what he’d done to her. She told everyone: “I couldn’t do it, I knew I could not live with it until the end of my life. I knew I would have suffered and burned twice had I done that.”


LGBT community center in Washington, DC, vandalized, trans staff member assaulted

  • A window was smashed and a transgender staff member was assaulted at Casa Ruby LGBT Community Center in Washington, D.C., on Sunday afternoon, according to posts from the center’s Facebook.
  • Ruby Corado, executive director of Casa Ruby, broadcasted live on Facebook twice from the community center on Sunday after the incident. 
  • In a follow-up broadcast on Sunday night, Corado called the vandalism “another example of hate” meant to “intimidate the LGBT community." 
  • Corado told FOX5 that this was the third instance of vandalism on Casa Ruby’s property in two weeks. There is a donation page here. Read more (3/13/17 2:40 PM)

Trans women DJ Jasmine Infiniti and London Jade assaulted in Brooklyn

  • Up-and-coming DJ Jasmine Infiniti wants the world to know what happened to her and her friends on Saturday.
  • The 33-year-old trans woman of color had planned to spend Monday and Tuesday preparing for her first multi-country European tour. 
  • Instead, she’s spending her third and fourth day in Manhattan’s Bellevue Hospital preparing for reconstructive surgery to fix a broken jaw.
  • New York Police and Infiniti say she and her younger transgender protégé, Florida rapper London Jade, 22, were brutally assaulted in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood around 1:45 a.m. on Saturday by a group of up to 10 suspected Hispanic men and women who were outside Bushwick Liquors, at 459 Bushwick Ave.
  • No arrests have been made yet, but the incident is being investigated by the NYPD’s hate crime task force, a department spokesperson said. Read more (6/13/17)

Pictured top is a snapchat sent by Canadian teenagers Lynnae Cook and Chrissy Jacobs (pictured) within hours of killing 19 year old Serena McKay. Her face, hands and jacket are seen to be covered in their victim’s blood. There had been a dispute between the three girls due to a rumour that Serena had been in contact with Jacobs’ boyfriend, which turned out to be completely unfounded.

Pictured below is a conversation between Cook and Jacobs after Serena’s body was found, indicating that although they had no meant to kill her, they had still beaten her severely. During the ordeal, one of the assailants live streamed the attack onto Facebook where it allegedly remained for around 4 hours. The graphic footage shows Serena lay on the ground being kicked and punched repeatedly whilst crying “I’m sorry” for an offence she hadn’t committed. However, despite claiming they hadn’t meant to kill her and appearing terrified throughout the personal conversation in the image above, one of the girls was heard to say “I don’t want to fucking see her alive” during the video clip posted online.

Since Serena’s body was found on 23rd April 2017, both girls have been arrested and are facing murder charges.


NYC taxi passengers rip off Sikh driver’s turban and assault him

  • The New York Police Department is investigating a possible hate crime against a Sikh cab driver who was allegedly assaulted by passengers, the New York Daily News reports
  • On Sunday, Harkirat Singh, 25, was driving a woman and three men in their early 20s from near Madison Square Garden to the Bronx, when the drunk passengers began to physically assault him and rip off his turban.
  • The incident began when Singh took them to their requested destination, but was then told it was the wrong location. 
  • The passengers then started shouting racial slurs and banging on the plastic window separating them from Singh.
  • “They’re using bad words, also. They said, ‘Ali Baba, f–k you,’” Singh told the New York Daily News.
  • Singh then pulled the cab over and told the belligerent passengers to pay their fare — $41.76 — and find another cab to take them to their final destination. 
  • At first they refused, but after threatening to call the police, the female passenger paid for the cab.
  • Then one of the male passengers got back inside the cab, according to Singh, and tried to smash the meter and then punched Singh in the arm. 
  • The passenger also tried to rip off Singh’s turban — a sign of disrespect for Sikhs — and steal his phone. Read more (4/18/18 12 PM)

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Man charged with hate crime in beating of 2 transgender women at NY McDonald’s

  • A Long Island man who beat two transgender women Friday outside a McDonald’s in Queens, New York, has been rrested and charged with a hate crime.
  • According to DNA Info, 38-year-old Patrick O'Meara was reportedly heckling passersby at random before he spotted the women, who were entering a McDonald’s in Queens’ Jackson Heights neighborhood late Friday afternoon.
  •  O'Meara allegedly called them “bitches” and “faggots,” throwing one woman to the ground before proceeding to punch and kick her.
  • DNA Info reported O'Meara “briefly left the scene and returned with a cane,” which he used to hit the other woman, cutting her hand. One of the victims also fractured her ankle during the attack, per the report.
  • Upon his arrest, O'Meara told the police the women had “assaulted” him, but one witness disputed that account. “He was harassing everybody that was walking by, but when the trans women walked by he clearly was infuriated,” Maria Munoz told DNA Info. Read more (3/19/17 6:36 PM)

On March 6, 2002, 19-year-old James (Jimmy) Carwile and 18-year-old Derek Faxlinger met up with 20-year-old friends Jonathon Cockerill (pictured) and Travis Payea, and his 19-year-old roommate Christina Lumm at the house those two shared in Flint, Michigan. Also present was newcomer Danielle Taylor, 19, and they spent the evening drinking and watching movies. After several hours, Payea grabbed a video recorder and focused the tape on Taylor, instructing her to say hello. She complies, then he asks, “If you had one thing to say, if this was your last day on earth, what would it be?” Jokingly, she responds, “fuck you,” as Cockerill appears behind her with an outstretched cloth in hand. Taylor darts to the side when she spots him, while he follows, joined by Carwile, and they wrestle her to the floor, binding her hands behind her back. Meanwhile, Payea taunts her from behind the camera, asking how she’s doing, then he says, “I take it it’s been better, huh? Just think, you’re better now than you’re going to be in half an hour, that’s for sure.” Later, when she complains of it hurting, he replies, “Hey, it hurts, right? Well, think about it. Half an hour from now, you’ll never feel another thing.” The group prepares to leave and Payea threatens, “If you scream and you fight we put a gag in your mouth and throw you in the trunk,” adding, “If you relax and accept death and what’s coming to you and take it like a real woman would, then you just accept fate and realize what’s going to happen and stop fighting.” Taylor lets out a whimper and Christina warns, “Don’t struggle.” With Derek Faxlinger left behind, Lumm starts driving the others to a remote wooded area a half hour outside of town with Carwile as her passenger and a blindfolded Taylor in the backseat between Payea and Cockerill. Cockerill holds a knife to her throat, as the taunts by Payea continue, and he allows her to say her goodbyes when their destination approaches. After exiting the car, Payea carries her to a shallow grave, and they begin shoveling snow and dirt on top of her. Payea then makes a slicing motion with the knife across her throat, and she remains slumped over in the grave, as he says, “Congratulations you’re dead.” Cockerill then begins filming the cast, revealing it was only a movie to them.

Two days later, Taylor returned to the house to retrieve the videotape and immediately turned it into police. All five of them were arrested and charged with assault and kidnapping. Since the videotape was the main piece of evidence, every frame was analyzed to prove whether the defendants claims it was intended as a movie and Taylor had known about the details beforehand were true. In their defense, they noted one scene, where she scratches her nose then puts her hand back behind her back, as well as another where she appears to free her hands, as evidence of her acting. Indicating they didn’t plan to cause her physical harm, tape that was wrapped around the sharp edge of the knife was cited too. They had also attempted the scenario with another female friend of Payea’s, but they stopped after three minutes because she became too freaked out. The prosecution countered with Taylor’s obvious terrified reactions throughout the video, as well as testimony from Christina Lumm stating Danielle was never told in advance about the prank. Lumm accepted a plea bargain on a reduced charge of attempted felonious assault and received a suspended six-month sentence pending the completion of probation. On a reduced charge, Derek Faxlinger was ordered to pay a 200 dollar fine. The other three each plead no contest to kidnapping and assault. Jimmy Carwile received a four month sentence, while Payea and Cockerill got eight months, all suspended sentences following the completion of probation.